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Compost Made Of What?

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Here are some tips on making compost simple.  Everyone knows that the success of any pottery plants is the foundation or soil used in the pots.  You can purchase high quality potting soil or you can follow some of these easy tips and create your own.  When it comes to successful potted flowers and plants, the soil mix is not the place to skimp.


No frugal gardener would turn down the gift of plant food.  But that is what we do every time we place a bag of yard trimmings at the curb.  Save the cost of store bought fertilizers by turning garden debris into nutrient packed compost.  This is a vital ingredient to successful potted plants and flowers.  The first step is to chop garden clippings by running over them with a mower that has a bag attachment.
Layer or mix green fresh and brown dry materials.  Moisten materials as you add them to make the contents damp, but not soggy.  Once a week blend outer ingredients into the hotter center.  The best compost recipe includes a combo of carbon rich brown materials like dry leaves, plant stalks, pine needles and small twigs with nutrient green materials like coffee grounds, tea bags, eggshells and veggie scraps.

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Carbon is the spark that starts the composting process.  Nitrogen fuels the microorganisms that decompose materials.  Try to add about 3 times as many brown materials as green materials.  Do not compost meat, bones, animal waste, dairy products, diseased plants, seeded weeds, plants treated with pesticides or any inorganic materials.  Keep adding kitchen scraps during the winter months.  They will decompose when the weather warms again.
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Soil in containers should be good mix

When you grow such robust plants in your garden soil, it would lead you to believe that you could use the same soil with success in your potted planters!  Unfortunately that just isn't the case.
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Garden soil doesn't offer enough air, water or nutrients to a plant growing in a garden pot to assure success.  Potting soils used in planters are a special mix that can overcome these situations.  It is so important that the soil provide the root systems of your plants and flowers with access to air so that water can drain away from them and not pool on the bottom of the planter, despite drain holes.  The more compact the soil the less water will drain off.   The the ultimate problem will exist: root rot!


By adding loose fill like perlite, and sand to garden soil it helps to keep the soil from clumping and forming hard clots.  The simpliest way to get the right mix is to purchase potting soil from your local garden center that will contain the right amount of ingredients.  But, if you want to mix your own we have a basic formula that works.  This step is so important for great pottery growth.


Mix 2 gallons of each:
Peat moss, perlite, garden soil
Add 1/2 cup of each:
Dolomite, green sand, kelp powder or rock phosphate.

Sift the garden soil and peat moss to remove clumps.  Then add the remaining ingredients and mix with hands or shovel.


What you are looking for basically, is a positive environment for the plants root system so that you grow the most healthy plants and flowers possible.  Keep the soil in the planters loose and crumbly.  Once it gets packed down at the end of the season you need to re-sift it or replace it. The health of your garden depends on it.

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