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SMORES In A Flowerpot

How to make smores using a flowerpot

Donít have a fire pit?  Not located by the beach?  Donít camp?  Well that doesnít mean you can have some smores right in your own backyard.  Itís so easy and fun to do!

First get a clay terracotta flowerpot that is big enough to hold your charcoal.  We recommend using a 12Ē pot.  Itís smaller than shown but big enough for a group of people.  Line the flowerpot with foil wrap.  Fill with BBQ charcoal.  You may need lighter fluid.  Light the charcoal and get the coals going. 

Hand out sticks, and smores fixings and get started.  When all is done, let the ash cool, wrap the foil up, and toss away.    No mess and lots of fun memories!

Use a terracotta flowerpot for a smores bakerWe also like the idea of making individual burners. Each person will get their own flowerpot and fixings and you make a party out of it.  You can also decorate the flowerpots for the occasion.  Paint the containers for sport team colors, holiday colors, or just decorate them for fun and a creative touch.

This is the time to have fun and most of all enjoy!

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