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Small Space Container Gardening


Potting up a flower garden in a planter can bring a lot of happiness to anyone who is limited by space. All you need is a bit of creativity, a wonderful and properly sized pot, great plants, and good potting soil.  Here are a few easy tips.

Many people today are downsizing their homes. This doesn't mean you have to give up growing flowers.  Working on a balcony or a windowsill, a rooftop garden or a small back porch, can be fun and just as rewarding as a large garden area.

Start by finding out how much weight your balcony can handle.  When it comes to selecting your planter
the bigger the better but no if the weight is going to cause issues.  This is not the place for concrete planters.  Go with clay or glazed or even the lightweight poly resin that is so popular right now.  Just find something that you will love to work with that will provide the right depth for the root systems on the plants you choose to pot.


Select colors and fragrance of plants that you love.  Make sure the
pot has enough depth and there is enough soil to support the roots.  Try using a combo of planters in different sizes.  Pick flowers that don't take over the whole soil area and that are willing to share with others flowers.  Pot so that the flowers can be seen from all sides or place the planter under a window that opens so the fragrance will come indoors
If you have space and can support the weight this is a great time to pot up dwarf fruit trees.  All you will generally need is a 10 gallon container.  Make sure the tree gets the sunlight that may be needed.

If you have room use a dolly under the
pot so that you can move it around on the balcony.  This is the time to experiment to find out what works best in the space you have

Experiment, have fun and don't give up.  Just because you are living in a smaller space doesn't mean you can't grow wonderful things in a lovely pot!
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Turn Garden Pottery Problems Into Pleasures!


Here are some winning solutions to typical problems faced by those with limited outdoor space.  Learn how to turn unusual spaces into a potted patio, how to transform a backyard or front yard into worlds of color and how to turn a deck into a splash of beauty and fragrance.
Problem:  Your patio is shapeless and plain.
Solution: Bright & bold colors are the answer.  Turn a small area just off the back of your home into a cherry spot to enjoy an abundance of over sized potted flowers.  Pot up some lush green plants that will accent the color.  Use some bright seat cushions on your chairs or paint them a intense color with lots of pop.

Problem:  A yard of only grass.
Solution:  Prepare different areas with soil & color.

If you find your yard is only green grass and you need to add some character and style then the easiest way is to cut patches into the grass and plant some color.  Remove the sod and turn the soil to aerate it.  Amend the soil with fertilizer and then place the potted flowers in the areas that you will plant them.  That way you can see the pattern before you plant.  Spread the flowers with green plants and add some rocks for added eye appeal.  Place garden art around the plants.  Don't cut sod into straight lines but rather a soft flowing pattern.

Problem:  Deck looks bare.
Solution: Use seating & planters to add character to the patio even during the winter months.  Place patio furniture that can sit out all year long on the patio even during the months when not in use.  The visual effect can not be diminished.  Use large pots to take up empty corners and fill them with plants & colorful flowers.   Flowering plants in bright colors add a lot to any space.
Give these simple steps a try and tell us how they worked for you!
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