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Faux Shrubs In Garden Planters


There are a few times when trying to take a short cut when planting around the house works pretty good.  This time we are talking about the new choices you see every where of fake or faux silk or plastic garden shrubs.  Now we aren't recommending you re-plant your whole yard or landscape. What we are suggesting is that you give them a try and below are the reasons why.

In years gone by we use to see really bad charlie brown plastic shrubs and plants for your garden planters.  We even went thru a pretty ugly stage of plastic fruit.  With today's new manufacturers the plastic and silk industry has stepped up and create some pretty life like plants. You can now find them in all sizes and shapes at most home and garden centers.  They are found in plastic pots that are unsightly. So we want to re=pot them to give them a realistic look and elegant feel.


Since you will be using silks or plastics you can use pretty much any type of garden container you choose.  From bold bright colorful glazed planters to earthy terra cotta and clay flower pots, you get to choose. If you live in an apt or condo we recommend trying a light weight poly resin planter to help with weight. Since the tree is light weight the dirt will be the only part that has some weight to it. 

Why do you want dirt if the shrub is silk?  Well we recommend that you surround the faux shrub with real flowers or trailing vines like ivy or vinica. The real plants offset the plastic making your garden planters look natural and lovely.  No body will really know unless they walk up and touch them.


Fill the bottom of the flowerpot up with potting soil and then sit the faux bush inside.  Surround the bush with more soil and then add the real plants and vines.  Easy and perfect!

Anderson + Grant

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Best Shrubs That Bloom All Year

Right now everyone is thinking about what to pot and contain in their garden, patio or porch areas.  The weather has started to agree with warmer days and nights.  Here is a list of shrubs that will bloom all year, making your garden full of flowers & stunning colors.

If you can plan in advance of what you want for flowering shrubs you are assured that there will be much color, fragrance and beauty to look forward to.  Surround your home, pot some of these shrubs for your patio or porch and keep the beauty around you.


In Spring you will always see colorful azaleas.  They come in dwarf sizes so you can easily pot them in your garden containers to have on the patio or porch.  They come in every color and bloom best with lots of moisture, partial sun and rich, acidic soil. Plant them in cobalt blue garden planters with hot pink azalea flowers for a stunning burst of color.


For Summer we recommend Butterfly Bush.  It's spikes are full of white, purple, yellow, blue, or pink flowers.  It doesn't mind the heat of summer or the drought that can happen.  It starts to bloom in the middle of summer and can last until the first frost.  Make sure you have large garden container so they have plenty of room to grow.


As fall comes around you are trimming plants back to prep for winter but that doesn't mean your garden containers have to sit empty.  Plant up some Kaleidescope Abelia.  This shrub is great because of its changing variegated foliage.  It's colors include fall shades of gold and orange with evergreen leaves in flame shades. Possible white flowers bloom in late summer or early fall.  Use large terracotta flower pots. The natural clay is the perfect compliment to this shrubs green and golds.


When you think of winters garden you don't think of blooming shrubs but we like the evergreen shrub with clusters of fragrant pink flowers call Daphne Odora.  It bloom anytime during midwinter to early spring. Flowers are surrounded by shiny green leaves.  It is easy to grow and the scent is heavenly.  Because of it's pastel blooms we love this in a red high shine flower pot or garden container, the contrast is stunning.

So don't just think of succulents & flowers in your garden pottery. Plan on planting a few flowering shrubs and you won't be disappointed.
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Super Shrubs for Containers

When it comes to potting up plant materials for the home and garden containers you wish to display around your house, you have so many choices.  Many homeowners want color so they go with flowers and bulbs. But, another wonderful option is shrubs and if you want color flowering shrubs.  They are long lasting, durable and beautiful.
Below are a few choices of shrubs that work wonderful in garden containers & all kinds of planters.

Andromeda - This shrub grows in containers similar to an azalea pot.  This means acidic soil and subtropical climate.  It take's a bit of care but can be a beautiful potted addition to any patio or porch.

Aster - When potted the aster shrub is great for cool temperature zones and mild summers.  Because of the variety of colored bloom's it produces, it's very popular.  Easy to grow in both summer and fall.

Bougainvillea - While you mostly see these planted in the grown and growing up the side of homes or commercial building, they were wonderfully in a potted plant.  Their bright hot pink blooms make them popular for containers around the house.  They require very little care which makes them popular.  Full sun, dry soil and good to go!

Boxwood - What we really love is their evergreen look.  Perfect for topiary bushes & trees these wonderful shrubs can be cut into many shapes and look awesome.  It grows everywhere and is a landscaper's dream for potted shrubs.

Camellia - Mild summers lend themselves to productive camellia growth.  Bright blooms and dark green leaves make a wonderful potted display.  Requires rich acidic soil and regular maintenance so make sure you can make the commitment.

Daphne - When you want a shrub that smells heavenly, then plant some Daphne. Areas with extreme winters and cool summers are most suitable.  Keep the pot in the shade and water it well in the summer. It like moist soil.
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Shrubs - Plain & Simple.


Versatile and varied, tubbed shrubs enhance any garden
planter.  Many offer a different look for each season, brightening the patio area with changing leaf color, showy flowers and colorful berries.  Others, by virtue of striking shape or dramatic foliage look like beautiful sculptures.  Even ordinary shrubs when planted in beautiful garden containers can really shine and look quite exciting.  All these shrubs provide a rich, textured background for blooming annuals and perennials

Though slow growing shrubs naturally last longest in containers, almost any shrub can tolerate garden containers in general for many years.  Start out with a container that's a few inches larger all around than the pot that carried the shrub home from the nursery.

You can plant shrubs at almost any time of year, though it's best to plant in Spring in cold weather areas.  Many plants are happiest in standard potting mix but a few can handle a heavier mix.

In general potted shrubs need a monthly application of fertilizer throughout their growing season.  Select containers that you love that add color, texture and design to the area you will place them in.  Watch the root system on the shrubs to make sure that when it comes to time to repot that you are on top of it and the root ball doesn't become to bound up. 

Great shrubs to use are boxwood, camellia, winter daphne, silverberry, Japanese aralia, fuchsia, gardenia, hydrangea, holly, juniper, oleander and oregon grape.  Check these out and find the one that best meets your needs.  Good luck
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