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Double Duty Potted Plants

Double Duty Potted Plants


Listed below are a few types of houseplants that can do double duty by coming indoors for Winter and moving outdoors for Summer.  We fondly refer to them as Indoor-Outdoor Plants!

These double duty potted plants add a lively touch to your indoors during the Winter months.  Bring them in and place in a sunny window and they will add a green, pleasing touch to your interior decor.  When summer rolls around it's time to move them outdoors.  This will encourage new growth and help keep the plants healthy and happy.


Listed below are the plants that will do best in this type of dual environment and they are diverse in color and styles.  A few points to remember is to take care when watering.  Once outside the soil tends to dry out faster so you will need to water more.  Once you move the potted plants back indoors be sure to wash each plants leaves to remove pests.


Here is the list:

Ficus - They like large plant containers so there is plenty of room. Use a good potting mix and let the soil dry out between watering. Fertilize in Summer.  Sometimes they may drop their leaves from the shock of moving but they should come back in a few weeks time once stable.


Ferns - So lovely and many different types.  Plant in lightweight potting mix, keep soil moist not soggy.  Mist leaves regularly especially when indoors.  They like a humid atmosphere.  Fertilize in Spring or Summer

Palms - When potted these plants are fetching with graceful fronds and long branches.  Young palms do best indoors to start, and when more mature they can tolerate being outdoors during warmer weather. Use a large pot or planter since they tend to take up space. Lightweight potting soil is best.


Philodendron - The office potted plant of champions.  Don't you see these everywhere?  Well they are tough and have nice big heart shaped leaves that are awesome.  Plant in a large planter to make sure they have room to grow.  Bring indoors in Autumn. It likes the warm house and bright indirect light.  When outdoors potted philodendron like a sheltered location from wind and direct sunlight.


Well we hope this entry gave you something to think about.  Why not decorate indoors and outdoors using the same plants and garden planters.  It saves money & time!
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All Season Centerpiece Project.

 155 All-Season-Center-Piece
This simple centerpiece is easy to make according to  Simply wire together a 12" wire wreath form and a 12" floral craft ring.  Poke kraft paper covered wire stems through each 4" clay standard flower pot and fold over the top edge, then secure at bottom of pot by twisting.

Anchor the
pots on the wire frame by twisting more floral wire around the wire frame.  Alternately angle the pots toward and away from the center of the wreath. Fill the pots with succulents and tuck in moss along the bottom of the wreath.  Cute, easy and fun to make!
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Cold & Warm Season Veggies to Pot

 16026---Warm- -Cold-Veggies-To-Plant-In-Garden-Pots-From-Arizona-Pottery
Planting & potting garden vegetables is fun and easy to do.  There are season that you need to take into consideration because all things do not grow at all times.  Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration so that you have the most success.
Make sure you start with large garden planters, nice potting soil and fresh seeds or starter plants.
 16041-Arugula-Potted-Arizona-Pottery1.  Arugula (Italian) - Tender leaves add bit to salads and other dishes.  For best flavor, harvest them when they are 4" tall.
 16042-Kale-Potted-Arizona-Pottery2.  Curly Leafed Kale - Super ruffled Winterbor is a vigorous potted grower that stands up to cold temperatures.  Leaves turn sweeter after frost.
 16043-Swiss-Chard-Potted-Arizona-Pottery3.  Swiss Chard - The sturdy stalks of Bright Lights come in a rainbow of colors, including gold, pink, red and white; the frilly leaves are dark green.  Perfect Potted.
 16040-Green-Onion-Potted-Arizona-Pottery4.  Green Onion - Both the white and the green parts have a strong, zesty flavor.  These look lovely filling up a planter.
 16044-Savoy-Cabbage-Pots-Arizona-Pottery5.  Savoy Cabbage - Lime green forms tight heads, ideal for closely spaced potting.
 16045-Bell-Pepper-Pot-Arizona-Pottery1.  Bell Pepper - These wonderful orbs are grat for stuffing and salads, the fruits start out green, some mature to red, yellow, orange, and even chocolate brown.  Perfect in size for a large garden planter.
 16046---Basil-Pots-Arizona-Pottery2.  Basil - Always popular, large glossy leaves have a spicy anise flavor, this variety is often used in pizza or other Italian dishes. 
 16049-Bean-In-Planter-Arizona-Pottery3.  Beans - Pole beans are great potted.  Blue Lake variety is stringless and smooth, with a stronger flavor than bush types.  Grow them on a trellis placed in the pot.
 16050-Cherry-Tomatoes-In-Pots-Arizona-Pottery4.  Tomato - Who hasn't grown tomatoes in garden planters?  The cherry type is juicy, sweet and just the right size.  The plants resists disease.
 16048-Zucchini-In-Pot-Arizona-Pottery5.  Zucchini - The ronde de Nice is a french heirloom type with round, tender zucchini fruits.  Harvest them when they are less that 3" in diameter.
 16047-Sunflowers-In-Pots-Arizona-Pottery6.  Sunflower - The Yellow Disk flowers grow 4 to 5 inches across, are perfect when potted and the blooms attract bees.
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Set Plans Now For Next Season In The Garden

 13209 Title
It's awfully cold outside but that shouldn't stop you from planning your garden or patio areas for next Spring.  Now is the time to collect catalogs, magazine photos, online ideas and more.  Get them all together, grab a cup of coffee, a close friend and sit down and's free!
Here are a few guidelines to help get your started:

Start by deciding on the kind of feel or mood you want to project with your garden or patio area.  Choose a theme, such as color, plant materials, architectural focus, pottery type and styles and any decorative statuary you want to use.  Scan thru the latest websites and garden magazines for ideas on new styles of pottery available.  List the types of plants you like so that you can ask your local nursery personal when and if they will be carrying them next season.

Have a point!  Think what is the point of this area.  Are the plants for cooking with like herbs and cacti?  Do you want them located close to a patio door or kitchen entry?  Will the plants be for a cutting and decorating with inside the home.  Will you need your potted plants to act as a privacy screen.  Make sure the size, shape and type of the plants you are using fit the point of use.  Spend time planning it now so that you won't experience a disappointing result next Spring.

One of the most important factors to consider is where the sun is at different times of the day in your patio or garden area.  Make sure that if you use certain types of plant materials that need a considerable amount of direct sunlight that you locate those planters in those spots.  You can change, pots, soil and locations but you can't change where the sun hits at different times of the day.

Decide now how much work you want to put into the project in both prep time and maintenance.  Don't plan a high maintenance plan if you don't want to be bothered once the time arrives for blooming.  The main thing to consider is that at some point we want you to sit down and enjoy all this hard work and effort so don't go for the uber difficult plants to maintain.

Finally draw out the plan on the computer.  Mark where potted plants will go and where you will plant directly into the soil.  Mark where you will place that heirloom statue you have stored in the garage for the last 5 years.  Draw where you will set up a eating area or fire pit
Now is the time to dream....
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