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Let's Repot a Succulent


As we all know most plants will eventually get root bound when grown in a garden planter.  As a plant grows it's roots want to shoot out and expand.  Eventually they will become intertwined, yearning to break free.  Here are a few tips to help with succulents.


Turn the succulent over in your hand and gently loosen from the pot that it is root bound in.  Carefully try to spread the roots a bit so that they are moveable and not bound together in a tight ball. Take the potting soil for the new larger planter and mix it with 1/3 sand. Succulents are desert dwellers so good draining soil is a must.

Once the succulents have been re-potted do NOT water.  Wait a week before the first watering.  This will give them time to adjust to the new pot and soil.  Then water like once a month.  It's tempting to over water but trust us they do not like it.  Just make sure that the pot is placed in an area where there is lots of sunshine.  If indoors put them on a windowsill.  Outside move to a sunny area. 

The main goal here is to let them have lots of room to grow, don't over water and place in a sunny window or area.  Sounds simple so let us know how you do!
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Need Help Transplanting Plants!

Most plants will eventually have to be re-potted.  As a plant grows their roots grow along with them. Since there is only so much room in a pot they will eventually get root bound and the health of the plant will suffer. You want to re-pot before it gets to that stage.  Here are a few tips to consider....

First select a planter that is at least 2 sizes larger than the current pot being used. The transplanting process is not easy on the plants health so you don't want to do it more than necessary.  Use a new clean flower pot or one that has been cleaned and completely dried.

Then start with fresh
potting soil. Do NOT use dirt out of the ground or old soil that is depleted of all nutrients.  Make sure that the pot has a drain hole so that the roots do not sit in standing water. There is nothing that will rot your roots faster.

Fill the new pot half way with the potting soil. Carefully remove the plant from the pot.  Gently loosen the roots from the bound ball they are compacted in.  Center the plant in the new soil and spread out the roots gently.  Then add more soil to fill.  Company carefully.  Water lightly because you want the roots to rest for a day or two before they have to start working again.  After a couple of days water to moisten the soil completely.


You would be good to go for at least a couple of years or more.  A lot will depend on the type of plant
you have and how fast it grows.

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