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Why We Love Terracotta Pottery


Yep, we can honestly say we LOVE terra-cotta garden planters!  When Arizona Pottery first started that is all we sold.  Nothing but real clay garden pottery and some accessories.  They were and still are the basis of our business.  You may ask yourself why do we love terracotta planters so much?  Well, let us explain.


Plant Health - Terracotta breathes.  This means the clay, which is real and harvested out of the ground is not so compact that it lets air thru it.  This also means water will saturate the pot and seep.  A plants roots like good air circulation and clay flowerpots are know for being healthy.  Once you use real clay you will find that your houseplants will perform better.


Watering - Since a clay pot is porous it will keep water from sitting in the bottom of the pot, soaking the roots and possibly drowning them.  The water will seep into the clay and dissipate.  Unfortunately if you have chemicals in the soil or water they will show up on the sides of the pot as a white calcium line.


Beauty - Because real terracotta pottery is porous it will start to age and show it's wear.  Many folks really like this and will even take steps to age their clay containers by applying yogurt or milk to the outside of the clay pot.  Everyone has a different idea of what beauty is but we love the aged, rustic look of terra-cotta pots and planters.


Selection - Arizona Pottery imports real clay flower pots from Italy, China, Mexico and Vietnam.  Each factory uses their own clay mix or will harvest the clay out of the ground using their own firing process.  Some clays are smooth and silky like the Italian, while the Mexican clay is dark and very porous.  So porous and heavy that it will start to break down the first year of use.  We love the old traditional styles of Rolled Rim Garden Planters as well some of the newer more contemporary styles. There is always something to choose from.


Many Uses - Yes real clay garden pottery will break but that doesn't mean you should toss them.  You can re-purpose them into pot shards to fill the bottom of your larger containers.  The terracotta shards will shield the drain hole and keep soil from plugging it up.  You can stack large pieces into pots and create a fairy garden or elf shelf.  Don't toss those broken pieces.... think outside the box and have fun with them.


So those are a few of the reasons why we love our terracotta home and garden planters so much.  If you wish to share your thoughts we would love to hear them.

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2/22/2018 12:52:02 PM 
Arizona Pottery 2/22/2018 12:52:02 PM 
Hi Elaine, Once you get those calcium and salt deposits on the outside of the garden planters it's next to impossible to get them off. It's best to seal the pots before you use them with Thompsons water seal from Home Depot. You need to keep the chemicals in the potting soil and the fertilizer and water from leaching into the clay.

Elaine stamate 2/10/2018 2:05:24 PM 
What treatment or type of oil do I put on the outside of my pots as they have water marks I do not like. I know there are many home remedies for it but can’t find out what. Thanks

The Power of Colored Pottery

The Power of Colored Garden Planters!

Try this experiment.  Visit a local garden center where there is a large selection of colored garden planters.  Do the blue shades calm you down?  Are you warmed and energized by reds?  Do you gravitate toward greens?  How about the natural appeal of terracotta pottery?

We are incredibly sensitive to color. In face, the human eye can detect seven million unique variations.  We are also very sensitive to the mood and feelings that colors can create.


Psychologist Ayben Ertem, who researches the effects of color on human behavior, says pink tones tend to be soothing and relaxing.  To encourage deeper conversations, she suggest using orange pots around a patio to encourage people to talk and share.  Want to experience a relaxing feel when laying around the pool?  Use lavender or purple since they have a relaxing effect.


When it comes to planning out a color scheme it is best to stick with neutrals. White, Black or Terracotta planters.  These go with all plant materials and decorating details like patio chairs and cushions.  When you want the star to be the plants and not the pots these are great choices.

Of course, your best bet may be to forget about the color "rules" and simply surround yourself with shades and hues you enjoy most. 
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Arizona Pottery New Colored Clay Items for 2016

Moka chocolate garden flowerpots

As we start a New Year at Arizona Pottery, we are already thinking of the next planting season.  This year we have some new items that we would like to tell you about.

White terracotta clay garden planters
New Colored Clay Pottery - What is Moka, white & Grafite clay?  Our Italian manufacturer has produced a line of garden pottery for the person who is looking for something different & unique in looks, similar to traditional styles and updated in technology.

Our new line of garden
containers is made from REAL clay that is colored. We now have milky Moka, white terracotta & gorgeous Grafite grey.  Colors we have never seen before in the pottery industry. Colors that will match your 2016 color pallets and add a pop of color to your decorating needs.

 Graffite Grey Garden Planters

Besides color what else is new?  Besides the stunning new colors of clay we are offering these
planters are so much more.  Frost resistant, eco-friendly all natural materials and new styles & sizes, all add up to a product that you will want to have in your collection.  Squares and rectangle shapes which are difficult to manufacture and ship but still in high demand.  Tall bell shapes with rounded bottoms, rough textures & smooth silky finishes.  We are just starting out with a small selection of new  planters for you to examine but never fear, we will be bringing in much more.
Colored Clay - Eco-friendly materials -  Frost resistant - New Styles - New Sizes
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Arizona Pottery NEW Colored Clay Pottery

Arizona Pottery Colored Clay Garden Planters

We are so happy and proud to introduce a new line of clay
pottery. For years we have been working with the most well know and highest qualify clay manufacturer in Italy. This year they have introduced a new line of clay pottery that is made with colors not normally seen in garden pottery.   New styles and size add to the excitement we feel when presenting this line to our customers. Just look at the photos below to see these wonderful new clays!

Graffite - grey clay
White Terracotta - a lighter shade of red clay
Moka - chocolate brown clay
Terracotta - our usual red with new styles

Graffite is a light shade of grey. Perfect for a contemporary setting where you want something unique instead of the red clay you see at every garden center.  These planters are frost resistant, made of eco-friendly materials.  We introduce new styles and sizes all done in this stunning graffite color.

Graffite Grey Clay Garden Pottery From Arizona Pottery

Moka clay:  This chocolate brown clay is very different and a best seller already.
Moka lends itself to a traditional and contemporary setting.  Its rich color is a great compliment to any green plant or group of colorful flowers. This line of planters come in rectangles, squares, and standard shapes.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant makes these a superior product for planters.


White terracotta
:  Have you ever heard of this?  It's a clay that is much lighter than the typical red clay terracotta but still have the same color hues.  New styles and sizes in this line make it even more exciting.  Eco-friendly and frost resistant also makes them in high demand.

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How To Create A Faux Weathered Flowerpot

DIY How to create a faux weather clay garden pot

Have you ever wondered how super crafters can turn a plain
terracotta clay pot into a weathered looking planter?  Well, we found this on and had to pass it along.  It looks like one of the easiest projects that you can do and the results are outstanding & beautiful.  Tag along and we will share what we learned.
What you will need:
Clay garden pots of any size (yes we have them, click here)
2 paper plates
Small-medium sizes paint brush
Pure white primer or flat paint
Furniture wax
Plastic spoon or knife
Sanding block
Faux weathered DIY garden pottery

First, dust the pots off and dry rag them to make sure no clay dust is present.  Pour the primer on one paper place, and add a little wax. Mix well with a plastic spoon until smooth.  Dip your brush lightly into the paint, just enough to barely cover the bristles, then swipe it several times onto the clean paper plate to remove excess.  You are going for a dry brushed look and don't want to saturate the pot with paint.
Brush paint all around your garden pot.  Since you are using very little paint, the pots will dry quickly. Take a sanding block and sand all around the pot in the direction of the paint. Use both heavy and light pressure to leave some spots with more paint than others and where the clay shows though.

Turn clay garden pots into weather faux pottery
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Flaming Red Windowbox.

 16139 Windowbox-Planter-Ariozna-Pottery
The intense red flower of the potted pelargoniums, verbena and nasturtiums are emplasized by a few yellow nasturtiums and the variegated ivy, but cooled slightly by the soothing blue green of the nasturtiums umbrealla shaped leaves.  Since nasturtiums are prone to attack by blackfly, treat at the first site of infestation with a suitable insecticide and the plants will remain healthy.  Plant in late spring or early summer for greatest success.

 16137 Windowbox-Reds-Arizonapottery
 16138 Clay-Windowbox-Planter-Arizonapottery
What you will need to complete this project is:
1.  20" terracotta clay windowbox garden planter.
2.  compost
3.  slow release plant food.
4.  (2) red zonal pelargoniums
5.  (2) nasturtiums 1 red, 1 yellow
6.  Red verbena
7.  Variegated ivies
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A No-Fuss Garden Planter

Here are instructions on how to plant an elegant and easy care container full of succulents that stand up to heat and drought.

It's so tough trying to keep planters watered during the summer months that planting them with drought tolerant plants makes that process much easier.  This arrangement is perfect for sun-baked decks and patios.  And it's pretty throughout the growing season - especially if you mix annuals and perennials for lots of color and interesting texture.

Start by selecting the planters that you wish to use for this arrangement.  We recommend that you use a "High Fired" garden planter that is meant to hold up over time.  This step will avoid having to re-pot your plants every year or so.  The planters in the photographs shown are the Vietnamese High Fired Black Clay Low Bowls.  Make sure whatever containers you do use have a drain hole.
Photo 1 - shows the bottom of each planter pot lined with landscape cloth.  This helps to keep the potting soil from flowing out the drain hole and it still allows the water to drain off.  As you can see a number of different sizes were used. This helps with adding depth and character to the final display.
Photo 2 - Fill the planters with potting soil to about 2" inches from the rim of the pot.  Set the nursery containers with plants where you want to plant them, on the soil so that you can see the arrangement in advance.  Make sure you take into account that you will want some plants to droop over the sides of the pots. Gently remove the plants and place them in the soil.  Water right after planting with a gentle sprinkle.

Photo 3 - As you can see from this photo, different sizes, shapes and styles make the arrangement of pots more interesting.  The larger the planter the more variety of plants you can use.  Make sure to keep them watered as their roots develop.  Once established, these plants will last up to 2 weeks

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