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Growing Pumpkins In Flowerpots


Let’s grow a pumpkin in a flowerpot!

If you find yourself limited to a deck or patio and no yard in sight then we have the solution for how to grow your own pumpkin.  Put them in a flowerpot.  It is not that difficult and really a fun thing to do.


Of course, as with anything you are going to grow in a garden pot start by picking the container.  Pumpkins need and like room, so think big.  The larger the better.  If you want to grow mini pumpkins you can get away with a smaller container but honestly they need room to grow.


If you are a apartment dweller and only have a balcony you should use a long rectangle window box as big as you can manage.  Try to get one that is 36” long if possible and make sure whatever you use that there are drain holes in the bottom.  As with other plants the roots of these pumpkins do not like soggy soil.  Drill extra if necessary.


When selecting soil pick a potting mix that is good for containers.  Mix equal pots of mix and compost.  The compost improves the water’s retention which pumpkin vines like.  Add in a slow release fertilizer to the soil and fill the container up to 2” below the rim.


Time to add the seeds. We recommend following the seed packet directions.  Make sure to water frequently since pumpkins are thirsty. There are many varieties you can grow but we suggest you start with smaller varieties or mini pumpkins.  Get your feet wet with the little ones and then get bigger from there.


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Great Fall Pottery Decorating

Finding ways to decorate this time of year is easy and inexpensive.  Just select a clay garden pot, metal garden urn, or concrete garden planter,  fill with edible plants, herbs, leaves, branches, gourds and pumpkins.  It's so fun to do and we have a few cute ideas.

Vertical displays are making a big splash on patio walls and porch decorations.  We love the idea of stacking pumpkins between layers of branches & leaves.  To create topiaries, sandwich bay wreaths between pumpkins stacked in a sandstone urn, and top with a small pumpkin.  You can carve the pumpkins with different designs, you can then add candles or electric lights to help illuminate them.

Take a low garden tray or plant saucer, and fill with pre-moistened soil mix and fill with succulents.  Add them closely to each other so there isn't a lot of space between each plant.  Fill crevices with moss which thrives in well drained soil in sun or part shade as do the succulents.  Top with pumpkins for weight and interest.  Water when the soil dries out and leave outside until it freezes.  This looks lovely on a garden table.

Take garden planters and fill with the ever popular Mums.  Each fall all nursery and garden centers are full of them.  Use deep dark bright colors in red, orange and yellow.  Fill in around the containers with gourds, pumpkins and evergreen plants.  At seasons end transplant them to the yard or other smaller planter pots.  Enjoy for several more seasons until they outgrow their containers and then re-pot.
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Use Pumpkins In Your Fall Displays

We thought this would be a great time to share a few projects that you can easily create with pumpkins, squash and garden pottery.  Have fun!

There is no need to greet guests with sad, empty exterior planters just because the weather's turned.  Once flowers die off, create a lush, welcoming display with cold-hardy foliage and decorative gourds.  Start by planting a backdrop of evergreen dwarf spruces as well as kale, which should survive the first frost.  Then pile on gourds and squash like the ones shown in the photo.  Keep in mind that edible varieties will last only a few weeks.  Sprigs of eucalyptus and fir supply the finishing touches.


Another alternative to a inexpensive and creative container can be squash or gourds.  A buttercup squash can serve as a stunning cachepot for succulents.  Fill it with crassula and echeveria to re-create this arrangement as shown.  Just trim the squash's stem, then position a small pot of succulents on top and trace around it with a marker.  Cut along your mark and scoop out all the pulp, then insert the pot.  Easy!


Gourds come in all sizes and shapes and colors and easily become seasonal vases.  Cut a hole big enough to accommodate a couple of florist tubes.  Insert flower stems for a unique bud vase and use to decorate inside or outside your home.  Lovely!


This last project is neat because it uses a pumpkin as a planter and it makes a lovely display that can be used indoors or out.  Cut out two top quarters of a pumpkin, leaving the stem and a narrow strip as the basket handle.  Zigzag the bottom edges, and hollow out the base.  Place a block of west floral foam inside.  Position two glass votive holders in the foam and surround with a bevy of fall blooms and leaves.  Place on a table in the dining room or living rooms.  This makes a festive fall display of color that is inexpensive and easy to do.  Have fun!
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