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Why Plant Bulbs In Fall


Why should you plant garden bulbs in Fall?

This is a good question. This time of year when everything is starting to slow down when it comes to your garden, landscape and garden pottery.  You should be thinking about cleaning out all your home and garden planters, washing them up and storing them for the winter if they can't handle the freezing temps and cold.


But, now is also the time you should pot up your garden bulbs for next Spring.  Sounds strange doesn't it?  Well potted bulbs need time in cooler weather conditions for several months in order for them to bloom come Spring.  Basically it's the coldness of winter that encourages the bulbs to bloom.  You can plant them directly into the ground of course but we feel there is nothing more beautiful come Spring then large flowerpots bursting with color and fragrance.  

Garden containers are also the way to go if you live in an areas where animals can get to them for food.  The containers will keep them safe and comfy till they bloom in Spring.


Potted bulbs like well draining soil or they will rot.  Use our Pot Filler to fill the bottom of your planters.  It will let the excess water drain off, keeps the soil from draining out the hole and provides better air circulation.   A garden planter of bulbs also like 5 hours of sunlight during the growing season so make sure your planters are placed in a nice semi sunny spot.


Once the days get shorter and cooler you should be shopping the bulb catalogs for the ones you one to plant this next year. You want the soil in your planters to stay cool but not freeze. Leaves are changing color and dropping from trees.  It's a beautiful time of year when nature says FALL is coming.  This is the time to pot up your bulbs.


Either use existing garden
planters or shop for some new ideas in pottery, pots and yard planters.  We are not going to go into the planting etc of bulbs. This blog is to address the fact that now is the time to start planting.

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Bulbs - Plant Them Now or Never!

 13203 Title
You are asking yourself - "Why are they talking about Spring bulbs right now?" Well, it's because if you don't get them into the ground before it freezes they aren't going in.  "And what does that have to do with Spring Color?"  Well, it's because if you don't plant them now they won't be blooming next Spring!!!!!
Here's a few tips to help.

 13204 Bulb1.  Put color up front.  Bright tulips like the pink Debutante shown below demand a close look.  Planting brights along a pathway gives you a front row view of their changing blooms.  And with them in a such a lovely border there is always something new to see.  If you decide to plant them in the bottom of a large garden pot, make sure it's on a front porch where they will be noticed, or on a patio area where there are chairs nearby.  Try placing them in a staircase pattern.  What does that mean?  Well, in any vibrant border, it's important to use plants that offer a new color at every height for a visually interesting display.

 13202 Colored-Tulips
 13204 Bulb
2.  Use the 3 in 1 rule.
  You can buy and plant the tulips at the same time so completing the border takes only one planting.  To do that start with one 3" wide free form cluster of tulips by using about 5 bulbs per square foot, then surround it with a 1" wide cluster of supporting bulbs.  White tulips like the Mount Tacoma, shown below look most striking when planted in the backyard or on your property edge

 All white color schemes are really beautiful when viewed from a distance.  No color reads better from faraway.  Pairing tall white tulips which grow between 18" & 30" inches with shorter plantings, like the hosta 12 to 15" inches enhances the elegance of an all white border or planter pot.  Each tulip shows about 6 inches of stem, which gives them an especially airy, graceful look.

 13201 White-Tulips
When is the perfect time to plant tulips?  Right now!!! Just remember a sunny border or garden pot - go bright or a shady border or planter pot - go white!
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