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Indoor Tropical Plants


Everyone loves potted indoor plants.  There are so many kinds of plants that do well indoors but today we are going to talk specifically about tropicals.  Potted tropical plants are pretty easy to grow indoors and require little attention.  When you would love to bring a touch of paradise to your home then give these potted indoor tropicals a chance.

Of course it bears repeating that if you have small children or pets in your home you need to research or contact your poison control center to make sure that the plants you pot and place in your home are safe.


Palms:  Palms are stunning when potted and placed in your home. They range from small pygmy size to large impressive sizes that can fill out a empty corner where color, size, and some life is required. Potting them up in colorful planters will add that tropical touch that you may desire.  We like the Miami Vice look of using monochrome planters like white or black with palms to create a contemporary and modern look.  Potted palms like warm air but not drafts.  They like moist soil but not sitting in water.  Don't over water and keep in sunny spot.


Bird of Paradise:  Talk about impressive!  These plants are easy to grow and don't require a lot of fuss but boy are they elegant. With or without the colorful bird shaped flowers these plants have large fan like palms.  Flat, wide leaves bring you back to Cleopatra days where they were used to fan the queen.  Perfect to adding a deep green to your homes interior and a tropical feel to the decor.  Make sure they have lots of light and space.  You will need to repot yearly if you have space because they grow rapidly.  Use a poly resin planter if you prefer to replant every other year.  They are flexible and have some give that will let you extend the potted life of the plant.


Philodendron:  These are pretty common as a potted indoor plant. When the plant gets larger the leaves turn into a split leaf saucer shape that is balancing on the stem.  Just stunning!  Warm without drafts, moist but not sitting water and misting every couple of days will keep these high humidity plants happy.  Wipe the saucer leaves with warm water to keep free of dust and mites.  You will have to transplant every other year so make sure you have the room.  Since these are dark green with huge flat leaves, try using terracotta or tuscany clay planters. The clay will breathe creating a healthier environment for this potted palms root system.


So don't let the fact that you don't live in a tropical climate stop you from creating your own indoor potted paradise.  Do your research, find the perfect spot.  Pick our amazing potted to act like the foundation of your palms and give it a go.    

Potted tropical plants are elegant,amazingly beautiful, large and impressive and will always add a sense of luxury and drama to your home.
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Evaporate Stress with Potted Tropicals

Just looking at colorful, potted greenery is proven to tame tension, boost mood and ward off colds!  Here are 3 easy-care varieties.
 31126-BromeliadBromeliad:  With lush evergreen foliage and huge colorful blossoms that will last two to three months, exotic bromeliads make an instant statement.

The potted plants thrive in bright, indirect light and can withstand temperature fluctuations, making them ideal near a north or east facing window or french doors.

A yellowish tinge means your bromeliad is getting too much sunlight.  Another plus is they need very little water and take in moisture through their leaves.  Just mist them with a spray bottle once or twice a week rather than watering their roots. 

Since the plants are color colorful when in bloom you don't need to plant them in a bright container.  Use earthy terracotta clay or Vietnamese imported black clay pots and create a truly beautiful arrangement with lots of contrasts.
 31127-AnthuriumAnthuriums can tolerate lower light they still need a lot of bright, indirect sunlight to grow more flowers.  To ensure plentiful year-round blooms, place the decorative potted plants in a northern or eastern window, or curtained southern window in a slightly warmer room like the kitchen.

Aim to keep them moist because you never want them to completely dry out.  Water the potted plants once or twice a week or more often if the leaf tips brown or dry out.

Use a colorful container to add depth to the mostly green plants.
 31128-Peace-LilyPeace lilies thrive in lower light even florescent light is enough.  Try placing one in a bathroom where the humidity is ideal for the moisture loving potted plants.

The soil should dry out only slightly between watering, and they will remove chemical vapors like acetone and alcohol from the air in the room.

If your bathroom has no natural light, rotate the potted lily out once a month and place it across from a curtained north or east facing window for about a week to get the fullest year round blooms.

Use a indoor
ceramic container with this plant.  Make sure if there is a drain hole in the bottom that you have a saucer to catch water run-off.
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