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Salad In A Pot


This time of year you are not thinking of planting and growing a garden full of vegetables.  But just because the cooler weather is coming doesn't mean you can't grow a salad full of fresh lettuce in a garden pot indoors.


Who doesn't like fresh lettuce year round.  Well growing your own in a flowerpot indoors is so easy.  Start by selecting the correct garden pot to grow in.  We suggest a garden bowl.  A pot that is wider than higher.  It can be round or rectangle  that doesn't matter. What matters is the depth of the planter.  Try to keep it 6" deep or so.  What you are growing has short roots and doesn't need a need flowerpot full of potting soil.


Next let's talk soil.  Use a new good quality potting mix that is loose and drains well.  Never use old potting soil from a garden plant.  Old soil can have bacteria, bugs and worse living in it and it is never recommended.  Remember that your potting soil doesn't have fertilizer so add your own when planting.


Choosing salad types.  Of course your main focus is lettuce.  There are many types to choose from.  Romaine, Looseleaf, butterhead, spinach, swiss chard and more.  If you want to grow complimentary items you can just use a separate container.  You can grow herbs, onions, chives, basil.  You can choose to start from seed packets or purchase young plants at the local garden center.


Keep your pots in a sunny spot that receives a few hours of direct sunlight during the day.  Keep the soil slightly moist but not wet.  Just check to see how much water you will need. It is not necessary to water ever day.

In 30 days you can start to harvest the
potted lettuce.  Pick leaves when you need them letting the lettuce plants rest and regrow as necessary.  No rules to follow just go with your instincts.

This is a easy project and should be a fun one for you to try.

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Grow Your Own Potted Salad

It's that time of year again when growing fruits and vegetables in garden pots is fun and easy to do.  Instead of buying the over priced bagged lettuce at the grocery store - try to grow your own.  You can purchase the seed packets at any local nursery or garden center.  Plant them, water them and in a couple of weeks harvest them.  It's a snap!


Growing lettuce in a garden planter is not only practical but lovely!  Many exotic lettuce seed packets are available now.  Don't settle for a plain simple variety, try some butterheads like "Dolly" or "Thom Thumb".  Loose leaf like "Lollo Rosso" and "Royal Oak Leaf" are easy to grow and stunning to look at.


You don't have to find a nice plot of soil to plant in - just take a colorful planter that compliments your landscape design and plant the lettuce and other garden items there.  Fill the container with potting mix no yard soil, sprinkle on the seeds, cover with more soil, water and let-er-rip!  In just a few days your salad bowl with sprout.


If you do plant in the grown and desire more that just a few meals worth of lettuce, sow them in rows.  Then every 3 weeks add a new row and you should have new growth to harvest until late Spring.  Be sure and protect the lettuce if the weather gets to warm.

When it's time to trim the leaves, make sure to leave an inch above the grown so that new leaves will sprout.  Snip outer leaves of head type as they grown and harvest whole heads when full size.

The main thing as always is to have fun and enjoy the process.

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