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Clear the Air At Home


Clear the Air at Home

1.  Open the windows for 10 mins a day:
Doing this every day will increase the air circulation in your home, reducing lung irritating indoor air pollution by 20% or more.

2.  Pick pump bottles for your lungs' sake:
Virtually anything you normally buy in an aerosol can is now available in a pump bottle - and making the switch significantly reduces the number of lung irritants released into the air.

3.  Use an air purifier to banish germs:
Consider buying an air purifier to keep airborne germs - such as a cold or flue bug - from reaching you.  Tests show that even smaller purifiers can filter out as much as 99% of a rooms mold, dust, pet dander and airborne germs.

4.  Decorate with potted plants to soak up ozone:
Of course we think this one is totally necessary.  If you are prone to unexplained headaches, coughing and the like, problem could be ozone, a common pollutant.  Not to worry:  Decorating with colorful potted flowerpots filled with houseplants can keep ozone levels low 24/7, studies have shown.

5.  Opt for healthy cleaners:
Pick products made with vinegar or other gentle cleansers that are free of harsh chemicals that give off gases.  Safe brands to try include Seventh Generation and Method.

You can't avoid all indoor pollutants!  According to researchers eating a few carrot sticks and an apple every day can shore up your defenses again inhaled irritants, cutting your risk of related health hassles as much as 63% So, who wouldn't place a potted plant around your home or open the windows a few minutes a day.  Your health is important to you and we care!  Give these a try!

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Art on the patio or in the garden.


Why do artful objects - such a sculptures, architectural artifacts, and birdbaths or empty garden urns have such an impact in the landscape or garden area?  Well, it's like adding jewelry to a little black dress or a few bright pillows to a tired sofa. Art or ornamentation improve the garden's composition.

Garden decor should provide delight but it shouldn't complete with your plants.  A well placed sculpture adds to the appearance.  They communicate volumes about the gardener's own tastes & styles. While there is no right or wrong in something as subjective and personal, the general rule of scale and proportion, placement and balance are useful guidelines.

Think of scale as the heft of materials, shapes and forms, in relation to your home.  For example a Victorian style home is often feminine in feeling with delicate touches.  A contemporary home is more geometric and bare.  Each of these styles requires compatible ornamentation in our around the garden area.

Where you place your artwork says a lot about it's role in the landscape design.  A blue glazed ceramic garden planter might be fine at the bottom of porch steps, but looks fantastic when place in a shrub area where it's posed again dark green plants.

Stand in the yard, use your eye as a guide.  Is there a bare spot under a green shrub?  Why not place a garden animal statue like a bunny or bird.  You need color by the pool but don't want leaves falling into the skimmer.  How about a tall colorful cigar jar with nothing planted inside.  Displayed as a piece of art it is stunning.

Lastly even though you can fill your garden & patio areas with all kinds of birdbaths, pottery, garden statues or more you also need to pay attention to the types of plant materials you use.  Instead of the usual types of plants try grasses, & bamboos.  There are so many different kinds of unusual items to plant with.  And, remember that smart designs require restraint.  Even if you like a particular plant or type of garden planters keep some restraint.  Try to eliminate clutter!

Well placed objects will enhance your gardens' beauty and reflect your personal style.  
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All Around Garden Pottery Tips


Today we are going to just put together a bunch of garden planter tips that we have come across over the years.  Pick and choose the ones that fit your needs. We just hope you find some that are useful. 
Freestanding planters on stairs.  Whether on the front porch or back patio, where ever you have stairs group your garden containers together, try mixing sizes, but keep the plant materials similar.  When placed side by side all colors with intensify.

Hanging wall planters are a natural way to decorate a bare wall on your patio or in the garden.  Always end by filling the outside edge with trailing ivy. As it grows down out of the planter it adds texture and beauty.

A tabletop planter doesn't have to be anything more than a clay pot bursting with colorful flowers to add so much to the whole conversation/eating area.  Mix up the colors for interest.

Entryway planters can be tall and stately spilling over with flowers or evergreens. We really like topiary here where they look like they are flanking your doorway for a class yet traditional look.

Fireplace mantles can handle many different kinds of containers.  A traditional window box is perfect because they are narrow and wide and can be filled with all kinds of plant materials.  How about an outside fireplace?  Don't leave them empty. Place decorative containers on each end for a finished look.

Garden urns come in many sizes. Small urns are perfect on a fireplace and larger urns flanking an entryway. But we love them tucked into a garden where they create a traditional English garden vibe.  They can be displayed empty like a piece of garden art.

Color planters are best when you need a burst of brightness.  Desert landscapes really need a colorful planter and plant materials.  All green landscape can use a pop of color and mountain natural-scapes can use some colorful garden pottery to break up the repeatitive look.

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Grow Rosemary For Indoor Plants


Wouldn't it be wonderful to not only bring your Rosemary indoors but to pot it up so that it looks decorative, adds life to your indoors & smells wonderful?  Here are a few tips to help.
First select a container you want to plant in.  Do you want a decorative urn or a natural terracotta clay container?  If you are putting this potted rosemary in your kitchen pick up the colors you are already using. Red, Yellow, bright Orange, glossy or matte finishes.

Make sure your
container is large enough to hold a cluster of potted rosemary but no so large that it takes up needed space.  We prefer you use a pot with a drain hole which means you will need a saucer to catch water run-off.  Have fun here and take some time to decide.

First, fill the pots with potting soil.  Then use a starter plant from your local garden center or take a stem off of your existing rosemary plant outside. Remove the bottom leaves, place it in moist soil in a garden pot and in a couple of weeks it should sprout. Now place the pot where you need and want it the most.

On a kitchen island where you can clip off pieces to cook with, how about on a living room mantle where the fragrance will fill the room with heaven.  We even recommend placing one
pot in the bathroom.
Last tip: Don't over water.  People tend to over water indoor potted plants. Keep the soil slightly moist but not damp.  Look at the leaves and make sure they are staying deep green and not yellow.   

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Keep Containers Beautiful


Here are a few tips on how to get the most from your potted planters!

A.  If possible, place containers within reach of a hose.  They are in a sunny location, water at least once a day during the hot summer months.  This is the most important step when it comes to successful potted planters.

B.  Assemble your planter pots where they will be displayed.  That way, you won't have to move them from one end of your garden or patio to the other.  ARGHHHHHHH.....

C.  Use a potting mix designed for containers.  We know we keep harping on this one step but it is so important to successful and beautiful potted planters.  Don't fill the pots with just regular garden soil or compost.  Check the label for ingredients.  The best mixes include lime to balance the PH, controlled release fertilizer and water retaining polymers.

D.  Mulch the top of the containers with shredded bark, faux rocks, gravel or even small pine cones or seashells.  It will dress up the pots and also reduce moisture loss.

E.  When you select several different types of plants for one pot, make sure they all have the same sun and water requirements.  This really does help to eliminate further problems.

F.  Lastly, check the plants regularly to nip problems in the bud.  If a plant or container is harboring pests or disease, remove it immediately.

These are basic steps but can easily be forgotten.  Hope this helps!
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Contain your Garden


Containing your garden is easy and fun to do.  All you have to do is plant your live materials in pots.  Whether your containers are on a porch or patio, a balcony or rooftop, follow these guideline to get you growing!

Start with selecting a fantastic planter.  One that compliments your landscape design and takes into account the look and feel you want to project.  If you are planting on a rooftop or balcony - pay attention to the weight of the planter.  There are so many kinds of garden containers to consider that sometimes it can feel overwhelming.  Poly Resin, Concrete, Metal, Ceramic, Terracotta, Stone & Sandstone, to name a few. 

Purchase a good oil mix and add water saving gels.  Do not use soil from the ground in your yard.  Many times that soil is depleted and may contain infectious materials.  Try plants you think you can't grow.  Pay attention to special needs such as light exposure, soil conditions, and water requirements.  Use saucers to keep decks and patios clean.

Fill containers to about 2" from the rim with moistened soil mix, then scoop out individual planting holes.  Start with the tallest plant, then place mid level plants around it.  Tuck low growing and cascading plants around the edge of the pot.  After planting tamp down the soil, then water.  Mix annuals & perennials, even bulbs into the planting scheme.  Crowd the plants more closely in the container than you would in the garden for greater impact.

Group containers of various sizes and shapes.  Make sure one or two pots are larger than the others, or raise some up higher than the others.  Water at the rim of the pots so flowers and foliage don't get wet.  Feed plants  and then protect them with cold weather comes. 

There are more tips but these are the most important.  Just use some common sense and you will create stunning displays of color all season long!

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