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Why Should You Pot UP Some Mint?


We all love herbs and Mint is one of the easiest to grow.  Not only does it smell amazing but you can harvest it and use for so many things. With it's dark green leaves and sweet fragrance we think everyone should pot up some.


Potted mint can be easily started from a cutting off a friends plant. So if you don't want to purchase a starter plant then find a mint plant already growing and take off a sprig.


Mint will spread so we recommend you pot it to keep it contained.  If you are looking for something to take over a garden area then just plant it where you desire it to spread.


Potted mint is easy to preserve so you have some for the Winter months.  You can dry it and crush mint leaves or even grind it and freeze.  Mint will stay good for months when dried or frozen and is perfect for cooking with or just in your iced-T.

Mint in garden pottery is easy and fun to grow. Whether you are potting it indoors or outdoors, give it a shot and tell us how you do.

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Marvelous Potted Mint!

Planting and growing mint in a garden planter is easy and fun to do.  Crush a sprig between your fingers and you will smell that heavenly aroma that is so popular and yummy!  It is cool, soothing and it makes your mouth water.  It's heavenly aroma also chases away the blues that can overtake you when temperatures are cold and the days are dark.  Boost your vitality and refresh your senses, plant some mint!


There are so many kinds of mint to consider when planting mint in garden pots.  Each one has a unique flavor and smell.  When you are at the local nursery, check out the seed packets as well as the starts to choose from.  Chocolate mint has grown in popularity and is very commonly available.  Look for Moroccan, Cuban & Egyptian that you can use in food preparation.



Since mint is invasive like most herbs, it is perfectly suited to pottery.  By placing the plant in a garden pot you can keep the roots from spreading and taking over your garden.  Select a large wide mouth bowl.  Since they tend to be shallow it is a great style for the mints root system.


Go with a concrete, poly resin or stone planter so that you won't have to re-pot once the plant takes off.  Terracotta is meant to break down over time but it also great for healthy root systems because it breathes.


Every heard of a Mojito?  Well here is a simple recipe that is great with your home grown mint.
The secret to a good Mojito is lots of fresh mint.  In a 8 oz glass combine 20 rinsed mint leaves & 2 teaspoons superfine sugar.

With a wooden spoon, pound mint leaves with sugar to coarsely crush.  Add 4 Tablespoons light rum, 3 tablespoons fresh lime and mix well.  Fill glass with ice and 4 tablespoons chilled soda water.  Garnish with more mint.

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2/6/2012 10:06:24 AM 
Jennifer Hamilton 2/6/2012 10:06:24 AM 
Love the tips. we use mint a lot at our home and so these tips were really helpful.

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