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Maintaining A Potted Garden


Here are a few easy tips on how to maintain your potted garden.

Even though choosing to pot up your plants, trees & flowers is physically easy taking care of them properly take certain actions.  You must be vigilance when it comes to grooming, watering & fertilizing


Grooming tips - Keep floral dead flowers removed.  It not only makes the plant look better but it encourages them to flower again.  If the foliage looks like it is growing out of shape or off on one side, cut back the branches so they look better and not knarly.  Use small scissors to keep any topiary looking trimmed and leaves & stems from poking out.


Watering Schedule -  When it comes to when and how long to water your potted garden it really depends on the weather conditions you find yourself experiencing.  If it's really hot outside you need to water every day.  Soak the potting soil till completely moist and water comes out the drain hole of the planter.  If it's cooler weather you should water every other day or so depending on the weather.  Light colored containers hold water longer.  Terracotta is porous so it seeps out faster and needs to be watered more often.  A poly resin planter holds water longer.


Fertilizing -  It's always easiest to water your garden containers at the same time you water.  When it's warmer and your plants are blooming, fertilize when you water the plants every two weeks or so.  As the weather cools use less fertilizer.  Remember that the potting mix starts out with fertilizer already in it but that will run out eventually, depending on how much you water, how large the pot etc....


Knowing when and how to take care of your potted garden makes the job so much easier and enjoyable.  As the garden season ends you may have to move some planters to a shed or garage for protection.  Cut down the plants that require it and understand that when the season is over for some annuals it's over and all you can do is take them out of the pots and compost them.  Store you garden containers indoors till next Spring when you can bring them out, wash them and plant again.


Good Luck,

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Fairy Gardens and Fun!

Everyone loves secrets!  Wouldn't it be exciting to create a Fairy Garden that is full of tiny secrets?  Here are a few suggestions.
Take a shallow garden pot, like a low bowl or a low cylinder dish and use that as the base for the Fairy Garden.  Make it as large or as small as you like.  We have even seen the top of a birdbath turned into a lovely display.  Filling the base with soil, is the easy part.  Just make sure you use a good potting soil and not garden dirt.  It's better if the container has a drain hole but not totally necessary.

Now comes the fun part.  You can place a layer of green moss around the top of the soil to create a soft cushion for all the "Fairies" to lay on.  Then start adding the fun stuff.  We have seen miniature doll house chairs, clay pots turned upside down for furniture.  Colorful glass marbles and decorative rocks.  Plant mini greenery and small brightly colored flowers.  Create a mystical and magical place for your fairies to come to.  The possibilities are truly endless when creating something so innocent and sweet!

Children of all ages love these types of garden/pottery projects.  Hide the container in a secret place in the yard or garden.  Place it on the patio or outside a kitchen window where you can watch for the fairies to land.  Create a playful place for kids to go to and dream about.  Be sure to take photos to preserve these types of memories.

Arizona Pottery is here to help made those magical moments happen.  Shop our website and find the perfect piece of pottery for the base of your Fairy garden!
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Create Your Own Japanese Garden

 13090 Title

You can love to travel but many people prefer to stay home and enjoy their own garden and patio areas.  If you have ever dreamed of creating a Japanese garden in your backyard, here are few easy tips to help!


A.  Study nature and take special notice of water, rocks, plants, pottery and topography.  The best Japanese gardens create a feel of serenity.  This is not the place for colorful shocking lime green planters.  Try to keep the color in the plant materials.  Bright leaves in fall and dark deep greens throughout the year.  Shoot for a natural organic feel.


B.  Shrubs, trees and flowers are all found in traditional gardens.  Plant by the seasons so that the garden will always be blooming with colors no matter the time of year.  You can bury bulbs deep in pots that sprout during the winter months and have maple trees that bloom lovely in fall.  Flowering trees are wonderful in large black clay rustic pots.


C.  Include water in some form.  It can be as simple as a pot saucer that is filled with water and floating flower petals.  Many garden pots have been turned into water fountains and they are easy to use.  Almost every Japanese garden has water in some manner.  A pond or stream are not uncommon but not always possible.


D.  Lastly, try to connect the garden to your home.  Extend a deck to the gardens edge or use garden pottery on the deck that is also displayed in the back of the garden.  Try to find a similar look or pattern to draw them together for unity and serenity.

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A No-Fuss Garden Planter

Here are instructions on how to plant an elegant and easy care container full of succulents that stand up to heat and drought.

It's so tough trying to keep planters watered during the summer months that planting them with drought tolerant plants makes that process much easier.  This arrangement is perfect for sun-baked decks and patios.  And it's pretty throughout the growing season - especially if you mix annuals and perennials for lots of color and interesting texture.

Start by selecting the planters that you wish to use for this arrangement.  We recommend that you use a "High Fired" garden planter that is meant to hold up over time.  This step will avoid having to re-pot your plants every year or so.  The planters in the photographs shown are the Vietnamese High Fired Black Clay Low Bowls.  Make sure whatever containers you do use have a drain hole.
Photo 1 - shows the bottom of each planter pot lined with landscape cloth.  This helps to keep the potting soil from flowing out the drain hole and it still allows the water to drain off.  As you can see a number of different sizes were used. This helps with adding depth and character to the final display.
Photo 2 - Fill the planters with potting soil to about 2" inches from the rim of the pot.  Set the nursery containers with plants where you want to plant them, on the soil so that you can see the arrangement in advance.  Make sure you take into account that you will want some plants to droop over the sides of the pots. Gently remove the plants and place them in the soil.  Water right after planting with a gentle sprinkle.

Photo 3 - As you can see from this photo, different sizes, shapes and styles make the arrangement of pots more interesting.  The larger the planter the more variety of plants you can use.  Make sure to keep them watered as their roots develop.  Once established, these plants will last up to 2 weeks

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Themed Potted Gardens

When your heart is troubled and the country is at war try planting a peace garden.  Motherwort for its cardiac-strengthening properties and chamomile, vervain, lavender, and valerian for their calming qualities.  Planting a potted garden brings you peace at troubling time.


Want a Southwest Theme to your potted garden?  Fill your terracotta clay planters with poppies, blanket flowers, bluebonnets, ornamental grasses and hardy cacti.  Select plants with colors that are earth tone and muted.  You want it to express a sunny attitude by using orange, rust and green plant materials.  Bright colorful Mexican pottery filled with lively and dramatic flowers give a playful and fun feel.  Add a garden sphere for fun.

Fill the tops of planters with river rock to reflect a dry river bed or use colorful rocks or soil to fill in around the plant materials.  Even the little things make a big statement.


Zen Garden theme anyone?  When you think of planting this type of theme you think of muted colors, organic plant materials, natural pottery and a clean feel.  Well, that is great and works wonderful but another option would be bright oranges and colorful plants to create a invigorating and exhilarating garden where you go to relax surrounded by warm color tones.

Hang a piece of colorful fabric from a patio cover and carry that color theme with cushions, place mats, or napkins.


Seasonal themes are always easy to create.  This fall design shows simple pots with fall plants spilling over the sides.  The dried gourds add a theme that can't be denied.  Use fall grasses, or wildflowers.

For Spring use garden bulbs and deep green plants, summer is easy with lots of flowers and color and Winter can be achieved with boughs from pine trees, holly and dried plant materials.

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What To Do In June.

These fragrant Southern pass-alongs fill summer days with perfume.  Blossoms open white and then fade to gold.  Use these elegant shrubs in garden planters, or en masse as hedges in your garden.  They prefer rich, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter.  Place them along pathways, near windows or around your patio, where you can enjoy their fragrance.  If you don't care for their fragrance, locate them further out in the yard but enjoy looking at their lovely blossoms.

Other tidbits to ponder:

The summer solstice comes on June 21, marking the beginning of summer.  Minimize your exposure to sun.  Work in the yard in the morning and early evenings when the sun is cooler.  Avoid being outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Protect yourself for those times you must be outdoors.

Save money & water by hand watering your potted plants or using a drip systems.  Do not sprinkle during the middle of the day because more water will evaporate than can be absorbed by the soil and plant materials.  Other considerations can help like timers, hose pots & rain barrels.

Add blueberries to the large pots surrounding your garden.  These are some of the easiest berries to grow.  They love heat and grow fast.  Plant two or more selections for lots of fruit all summer long.  Five plants should provide plenty of berries for a family of four.

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