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Movable POTTED Feast!

Above a trough shows off the bright white stems of bok choy.  This is a perfect shape of garden pot for this type of plant.  Bok Choy is great in salads and stir fry dishes.  You don't need a large planter to get this job done.
Plants in this container will stay fresh through early frosts.  Mustard and kale fill out the pot with soft greens and purples.  The orange pansies highlight the container color.  The textures of fall edibles are great in garden planters and you can use the flower colors as accents.  Terracotta pots are great for the root systems of all garden plants & veggies.  The clay breathes and the roots love it.  The orange color looks lovely in this type of pottery.

A group of simply salad greens slips easily into a clay terracotta pot.  The alfresco mix includes leafy lettuces and arugula, endive, and radicchio.  Snip a few leaves from each, give a quick rinse, and a salad is ready.  How easy is that!  Leave on a patio table or place on a kitchen counter with sun exposure.  Use this bowl to decorate indoors and outdoors the greens are stunning and tasty.

Here are a few general tips to consider when potting vegetables.  Buy transplants - the larger the better - rather than starting from seeds.  You will be able to snip for salads as soon as you take them home.  Use edible flowers as cheerful accents.


Pansies and violas add punch to
containers and they are pretty tossed into salads.  Pack plants close together.  Autumn is short and you will be harvesting leaves, so the plants shouldn't outgrow their pots. Lastly,  include herbs in the pots.  As fall winds down, transplant them to a bright interior windowsill.
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Food Scraps Potted


Growing plants out of food pits
, that are potted in a simple container, are easy and fun to do.  You won't have to even purchase any items if you choose, therefore making this a very inexpensive and easy project.  Because of the simplicity of growing these kitchen scraps in pots, it makes a child friendly and creative project.

Most fruits and vegetables have some part that can be potted and grown.  Just save the pit from a avocado, the top of a pineapple and a whole uncooked sweet potato and you are ready to get started.  These are the most common and well known kitchen foods but don't forget to dig a bit deeper.

Try popcorn kernels, garlic cloves, squash seeds like pumpkin or acorn, melon seeds, beans, lentils and even lemon & orange seeds.  All can be potted and grown with ease.
Don't be concerned if your first attempt isn't successful.  It could be the condition of the pit or seeds and not your handling of them.  Since they are easy and inexpensive to work with just keep it up and you will achieve great success. 


AVOCADO PIT:  The next trip to the store, purchase a avocado and keep the pit.  Dry it out for a few days and poke 3 or 4 toothpicks around the middle.  This helps to support the base of the pit above the water level while trying to grow roots.  If the pit is tough or very hard, poke the holes first with a small nail, then place the toothpicks.  Take a glass jar or water glass and fill with fresh water.  Suspend the pit over the water making sure that the bottom of the seed is covered with water.

Make sure to keep the water level filled and the pit covered.  After a few weeks you should see white roots sprouting from the base.  The the top of the pit should split and a green stem will sprout.  Wait till that stem is approx. 6 to 8" tall and then plant the pit in a container filled potting soil.  Do not use garden soil.  You can choose one as decorative as you desire or a simple clay pot works fine.  Set the pot in a sunny spot, keep the soil moist and you will soon have a plant starting.


Growing a sweet potato vine is easy but you must make sure that the uncooked potato is fresh and doesn't look like it's been stored for months.  Stick the toothpicks around the body of the potato and suspend in water just like the avocado above.  Try to make sure that a at least half of the potato is below the water level.

Watch for similar white roots to sprout on the bottom and a green stem out the top.  Once this happens, place the potato in a suitable container of your choices, in potting soil and keep soil moist.  These are slow growing so be patient!


Lastly, the pineapple plant.  If you save the spiky green top from a fresh pineapple, and plant it in a clay pot filled with potting soil, you should grow a lovely plant.  A few tips:  cut the top off about 1" below the leaves.  Let it dry for a couple of days with the cut end up. Stick the top in the soil like the photo at top.

Place the pot in a sunny window and the soil moist.  Give it a few weeks and then look for new roots and green leaves coming from the top.  This one is really slow to grow and takes approx a year so be patient.  It eventually may grow a flower or even a tiny pineapple.

How fun!
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