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Your Indoor Potted Ferns Need Help


We have all heard how healthy it is to have indoor potted houseplants because of their ability to purify the indoor air.  The color and beauty of a living plant brought indoors canít be stressed enough.  It brings life, smell, and color to your surrounds in a healthy, natural way.


Today we are talking about that potted fern you have that is looking a bit worn and weathered.  You have always loved the look of a fern and the feeling of being in the tropics when you look at it.  Well, maybe you donít live in the tropics but want to grow a potted fern indoors.  Here are a few tips to help with new growth.


All indoor potted ferns need light.  They donít like direct sunlight but a north facing window is good.  Donít place the planter in a dark corner or you will have issues but make sure in the winter months that they get as much sunlight as possible.


Water the pot once the top inch of soil is dry.  If you have them placed in a humid environment like a bathroom window they will do much better but a light misting will really help a lot if necessary.  The best fertilizer to use is a liquid formula.  Apply at the base only so you donít harm the fronds.


When it comes to re-potting your indoor fern you will only have to do it if you want it to grow bigger.  Otherwise, keep it in the same container and trim off the old, large and spent frons.  You can always divide it into 2 garden containers and keep it growing.

Worth mentioning are other things to keep your eyes on.  Pest & Disease can sometimes happen. If you experience either of these just google how to handle it and move it. Itís not the end of the fern by any means but it must be attended to.

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3 Great Ferns to Grow Indoors.

Ferns as indoor houseplants
When it cold outside it's hard to think about garden pottery & what to plant.  So, we found a few suggestions at BHG that we would like to pass along.  It's all about the top 3 ferns to grow as houseplants.

Indoor potted maidenhair fern
Starting with Lemon Button Ferns - these make perfect indoor houseplants with their cute, golden green fronds and rounded edges that give it a button like appearance.  It's easy and fun to grown a potted fern for indoors that fits in well with a lot of decorating styles. Med to bright light, high humidity, 3 feet tall, 4 feet wide.

Maidenhair Fern - among the most loved ferns, maidenhairs offer a fine-textured frond on black stalks.  The arching fronds emerge light green and darken a bit with age.
Med to bright light and high humidity, 2 feet wide & tall.

Rabbit-foot Fern - is a slow growing fern that offers dark green, fine textured fronds and fuzzy stems that creep down over the pot.  These stems are what gives this potted fern it's delightful name.  Med to bright light, high humidity, 2 feet tall & wide.

Staghorn Fern - among the most spectacular of ferns, staghorns don't need to be grown in soil so you often see them mounted and grown on walls & posts.  Green, antlerlike fronds that make a statement in your home.  Med to bright light, high humidity, 6 feet tall & wide.

Potted Rabbit Fern for indoors
Just a few great ideas that you can easily grow this time of year. Pick out a colorful container or go with a more traditional clay flowerpot. Either way you will add life, color, & earthy decoration to your home.
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