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What To Plant Now!

Below are the top 7 plants that you will want to grow this year. Each one is unique and lovely.  Plan on setting them up in garden pottery and you should have a magnificent yard or patio!
Fuschia x hybrida - Nice ruffled petal swirl like a flamenco dancers skirt.
Phormium Jubilee - It's leaves have cherry hued margins.
x Heucherella Stoplight - Nearly glows in light shades.
Echinacea Purpurea - Petals like royal feathers.
Poodle Skirt Dahlia - Poufs and pets add pizazz in hot pink.
Superb Grevillea - Apricot orange flowers.
Kalanchoe thyrsiflora - Looks like a deep sea creature.  AWESOME!

Make a succulent live bouquet.  For a striking display, arrange echeveria rosettes in a elegant vase or garden planter with other eye catching succulents.  Try the burgundy flowered scabiosa, blue viburnum berries, string of pearls, all pictured above.  Afterward, set the rosettes into decorative containers filled with succulent mix to start new plants.  Dividing succulents is easy, saves money and fun to do.  Give it a go!

Go wild with foliage.  To make an all foliage garden planter like the one show here, combine plants of various leaf sizes, shapes, colors, and textures.  In this Hawaiian garden, the smooth, coffee and apricot hued leaves of ti plant contrast with a blue fan palm's corrugated fronds and elephants ears wavy green leaves.

Mounded red and green tillandsias add punch in the foreground.  Your pots can be subdued and quite like the ones show or go with bold, bright ones to add to the foliage colors.

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Indoor Trees

Since the weather outside is still frightful, we would like to concentrate on what is happening inside!  How do your indoor plants and trees look?  Are they in need of re-potting with an updated planter or a change of color?  Here are a few suggestions for indoor trees and plants like jade, yucca and ficus.

Did you know that you will sleep deeper with a potted jade plant in your home?  The potted jade bonsai evergreen is very low care and it needs moderate direct light (setting it on a south or west facing windowsill during th day provides enough) and infrequent watering.

If leaves crinkle or fall off you may be over watering.  Their leaves are deep green and look lovely in a terracotta pot or a light color planter for contrast.

Ficus tree's main requirement is consistency, so they do well in a living or family room where the temperature, humidity and light conditions remain relatively static.  Put the potted tree near or across from a curtained north or east facing window so it can get the moderate, indirect light it needs while being protected from drafts.

(All potted ficus trees drop their leaves when adapting to a new environment, so don't worry)  Did you know that potted ficus trees filter out toxic formaldehyde, which can be found in furniture glues and cleaning products?

Unlike many trees, the spineless yucca can adjust to drastic changes in temperature, making it well suited for a foyer.  Potted yuccas also prefer direct sunlight like a front hall with a south or west facing exposure can be the perfect location.

These potted trees are drought resistant, so be sure to let them dry out completely between waterings.  Browning leaf tips is a common sign that they are getting to much water.

Studies show that potted yucca trees significantly lower indoor carbon dioxide levels, which help reducs stress and boost focus. Who knew?
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Nobody Makes Custom Garden Pots

Have you ever noticed how many of the planters you see in the local garden centers are all starting to look alike?  We have seen many of the same designs come back year after year and feel a little bored with it all.


On a daily basis we have over seas manufacturers contacting us to see if we are interested in purchasing their pots and planters.  Unfortunately many of those products are the same style and finishes that we have been seeing for many years.  Very few of these manufacturers are delving into styles that are unique and interesting.  Because their methods of manufacturing and their labor costs are very inexpensive, the United States manufacturers can not compete and are almost non-existent.


Years ago we were searching for a US manufacturer that would be interested in working with us to make custom pottery.  We could not find anyone interested.  The labor and supplies it would take to make this type of pottery is to high and they felt they would not be competitive.  It appears there is no market in the US for this type of industry.


Don't get me wrong.  There are American manufacturers that we work with and their products are the best we have seen.  We get concrete pots made for us whose workmanship is unbeatable and quality of product unsurpassed.  We have metal custom made for us that are unusual in design and materials.  This company has been around since 1901!  Our Sandstone pottery is the most stunning we have ever seen and they have an exclusive on the Frank Lloyd Wright Collection that is outstanding in design.  But, when it comes to terracotta clay pots and planters we still import out of the country.   Italian, Chinese, Indonesian and Mexican make up the majority of what we import.  Each method of manufacturing is different the quality differences are huge! 


But, when it comes to finding an American manufacturer that makes clay or ceramic pottery, they just don't exist.  The worse part of this industry is that the established manufacturers we are working with are NOT interested in doing custom work!  So, where does that leave us?  Not in the best position around.  We try to carry as much inventory as possible but when you call us and we are out of a certain style or size, please be patient and try to understand.  We are just as frustrated as you!

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