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Spoon Snowmen In Terracotta Flowerpots

Turn a plastic spoon into a snow man in a flowerpot

Love this crafty idea using our clay flowerpots.  This project is a bit more involved but look how cute they turn out and you will have them for year of year to display.  These would work great for place holders also by writing the names of each guest right on the pot rims.

Flowerpot snowmen DIY craft idea

Supplies for one snowman.

1 - 4" clay flower pot
Plastic Spoon
Blue craft acrylic paint
Blue Felt
Matte finish sealer (American DuraClear Stain Varnish
Floral foam
White tissue paper
White pom poms
Scissors, toothpicks, hot glue gun

Directions:  Paint the clay flowerpots blue with a white rim.  When dry use a toothpick and white paint to decorate the pot with snowflakes.  When dry, apply a sealer.  Use a liner brush to paint an orange nose onto the back of the spoon.  Use a toothpick dipped in black ink to paint the eyes.  Use a black pen to add simile and eyebrows. Cut a 1/2" wide strip of felt and fringe the ends.  Add a dab of hot glue about 3" from the right end.  Place the snowman into the glue, then wrap the scarf around several times, securing with more hot glue.

Cut a small square of floral foam so that it fits snugly inside the clay flowerpot.  Insert a snowman spoon into the foam.  Tear or cut a sheet of tissue paper in half, roll up and fill the inside covering up the floral foam.

There are 4 different hat options so if you want more detail click this link.
To finish the flowerpots off, top them with sparkly pom poms to look like snowballs
Craft idea for Christmas Snowman flowerpots
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Create an Autumn Porch

Now is the time to transform the porch on the front of your home and create a wonderful and cozy place to enjoy this time of year as the weather cools off.  All summer long you used the porch as an oasis from the heat.  Because fall has arrived and you move inside, don't neglect this important area that you can still use.
 14843An easy way to transform any area, whether it's a porch or patio, is by adding garden planters.  They can be colorful to compliment the fall leaves or traditional terracotta containers with it's warm sun baked color tones.

Make sure the planters are large enough to handle the type of plant materials we will suggest.  Plant items like green & purple cabbage.  These grow large and have bright colorful leaves that spread out.  Plant marigolds and chrysanthemums.  They both have bright bold orange and yellow colors
 14840Take empty garden containers and fill them with straw.  Top the straw with gourds and squash in colorful shades.  Fill a planter with fall leaves and top with pumpkins that have been carved and filled with twinkle lights.  Remember that the items will be protected on a covered porch so they will look lovely for a longer period of time.  Most of the plants recommended are meant to stand up to this type of weather and have good results. 
 14841Other fun ideas:  Pillows in fall colors and great textures always add warmth and comfort.  Try covering your seat cushions on the chairs with a fall fabric in leaf patterns or wheat colors.  Use re-purposed items in varying heights and eye levels.  Wire plant stands, shallow trays, small side tables filled with apples & plums.  Line porch railings with small potted planters of mums, use pumpkins everywhere to add color. 
All of these ideas using pots are easy to do and not expensive.  Try to use things you find laying around your garden or yard, this makes it fun and creative.
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A Wonderful Garden Display To Re-Create

This is the perfect bowl shaped garden planter to set next to a pool.  The low bowl shape will not block the view and the plant materials are great for their long lasting appeal and ability to fare well in the summer heat.  If you like this potted planter, we can show you how to duplicate it!
First get a nice sized container to plant in.  Make sure that it has a drain hole for good drainage.  Then fill with potting mix that has a fertilizer mixed into it.  We like the look of a high shine glazed pot for this type of planting materials.


1.  Lemon Symphony African Daisy (Osteospermum 'Seikilrem', annual is bright, colorful and durable.

2.  Sunny Serena African Daisy (Osteospermum 'Sunny Serena', annual has small buds that are bright with hardy greens that are lush.

3.  Butterfly iris (Dietes grandiflora) Nice and spiky adding a bit of texture and height to the arrangement without blocking the view. 
Try these plants and potting container and create a lovely display like the one show above.  Be sure and let us know how it worked for you.
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Fun Pot Ideas

 13129 Title
There are many fun things you can do with simple terracotta clay flower pots.  We have a whole section on Pinterest of craft project divided into sections for holidays, birthdays, teacher gifts, Valentines Day, & much more.  Check it out if you haven't looked at some of these easy and fun craft projects.  In this blog entry we will just highlight a few fun tips.  Enjoy!

Ever thought of using a clay saucer to hold a SOS pad?  It will keep it from rusting.  Just leave it besides the kitchen sink and place the damp pad on it and the clay will absorb the moisture and keep the pad dry.  Honest!


Use a clay saucer as a coaster.  Line the bottom with felt to protect your tables and glue it on. Paint the any color you want but make sure you use a waterproof paint.

Decorating for a holiday party.  Valentines Day, 4th of July, Christmas?  Paint clay pots in the colors that compliment the theme.  Fill with napkins, silverware, candy or colorful flowers that match.  They make great center pieces on the tables of any kind of function.
Fill terracotta saucers with sand and set around a garden party to be used for ashtrays.  Plant tomatoes in when you have no yard to grow in.  Fill with cotton balls, toothbrushes, potpourri or treats and use indoors.  Children love projects.  Have them paint them with any decorations, stickers or items they can glue on and then plant in them.  Fun!
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Pet-Friendly Potted Plants

Many people simply love gardening and working with exotic plant materials.  We also love having pets like cats & dogs.  But, unfortunately they don't always mix and can cause animals to be sick if they snack on un-friendly plants.  Here are some good tips on mixing pets with plants.


Begin with research.  It's best to know well in advance if a plant is toxic to your pet.  An example can be "Azalea" bushes, which are so colorful and popular this time of year.  They can cause stomach pain and abdominal pain for pets.  Or, "water hemlock" which causes convulsions, seizures and even death.  But don't despair.  There are hundreds of plants like blue eyed daisies and Jasmine that are not only non-toxic but colorful and bright.  Yard and garden centers have experienced staff that can answer questions about your concerns, so don't hesitate to ask.

When you pot a plant, try to make sure that the fertilizer is below surface level so it doesn't come in contact with your pets paws.   Don't use chemicals in your water supply either since pets might drink from the standing saucer water.  We carry a faux stone that you can cover the top of the soil with that keeps pets from digging.  check it out here.....


Don't let your pets out if you don't have fence to keep them safe.  You don't want your pets digging in a neighbors yard and making themselves sick.  They shouldn't be "gardening" in a neighbors flower beds either.  Many pesticides a neighbor may use can be harmful to your animal so plan ahead and keep them safe, for their own protection.

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