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Decorating the inside of your home with potted plants is just as important as decorating your patio, porch or patio areas.  There are so many fun pottery pieces to try to put together and many of the benefit are not only appearance but function issues.


The best place to start is to decide on the type of houseplant you want to grow and pot.  Then researching on line or talking with the customer service reps at your local nursery.  You need to know a number of things.  What kind of light, water, etc your potted plant is going to need.  How large of a decorative garden container you will need to transplant it into and many other factors.  Once you get this information on the type of potted plant that you think will meet your need you can then move on to selecting a planter.


Choosing a garden planter for a potted houseplant you just purchased from the local nursery is probably the most fun part of this process.  Because the container will be indoors you can go with all kinds of materials, color and sizes.


Terra-cotta pots are always a good choice because the clay breathes and is considered healthy for a plants root systems.  However you will need to put a waterproof saucer underneath to catch any water overflow while watering.  A glazed colorful decorative planter is always fun since there are so many colors and styles to choose from. This is the time to match your planter to your interior decorating with complimentary colors and textures.


Make sure that any container you select has a drain hole so the plants roots are not sitting in standing water. This will cause them to rot which results in one dead potted houseplant. If you can find a glazed pot without a drain hole you can drop the nursery pot into the decorative container and that planter will act like a saucer and catch the water instead. Then you won't need a saucer.


Lastly, make sure you know where to place the indoor garden planter.  That depends on how much sunlight it needs, can it handle being close to a heat register, should you place it by a window that may have a breeze coming thru it.  All of these details will help with the health your potted houseplants will have.  So, have fun using houseplants to decorate your home with.  With a bit of planning you can much success for many years. 

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Pot Tips you can use everyday!


Can you ever really have to many pot tips?  We don't think so!  We believe you can never have enough.  We see hundreds a year and all are good tips that are timeless.  So as in the past, here we go again for some more great pottery tips.

Try putting a raw egg int he bottom of your garden containers when planting each spring.  As the roots grow around the eggs and they break down they will feed the plant giving it vitamins.


Even though you may wear quality garden gloves when planting your garden containers, sometimes your nails and fingers suffer abuse. Moisturize your hands, slip on latex gloves and then put on your garden gloves. By the end of the day of potting you will be amazed.

At the end of the season instead of dumping out the good potting soil you planted in your garden containers, try sifting it thru a frying basket. The openings are exactly the right size, the basket has a handle which you can shake with and you can sift over a pail for convenience.


In large garden containers place a plastic milk jug with the cap on prior to adding soil.  At the end of the season you can dump the soil and re-use the milk jugs.  The milk jugs keep the pot lighter in weight then rocks would do.


Use aspirin to keep flowers blooming. Just drop two tablets of aspirin for each quart of water in the vase. The salicylic acid slows the aging process to cut flowers.

Use Alka-Seltzer to make a vase sparkle!  Have a hard to clean vase? Fill with water, drop in 2 Alka-Seltzer tabs and wait 10 mins.  The effervescent action lifts the grime your can't reach.


So that is enough good tips for now.  We have tons more to share so stay tuned.  Give some of these a try and let us know how it works.

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Pot Up Your Bulbs NOW!

Seems early but it's not - Now is the time to plant garden bulbs.  Below we will talk about a good way and a good enough way to get this job done.  Check it out!

1.  Use a bulb planter and dig to the depth required.  A rule of thumb is to go two to three times as deep as the bulb is tall - just not too shallow, lest the squirrels make off with your bounty.  This rule is the same for whether you plant in the ground or a lovely garden planter that is placed on your patio or front porch.

 Consider spacing and pattern, so you will have a lush flower bed come spring.  Place them an inch closer together than the directions say.

2.  Add bone meal about a tablespoon to each hole as an organic fertilizer.  This step really helps when the bulb starts to grow.

3.  Carefully place a bulb in each hole, with the tip pointing upward - this helps ensure that flowers will grow to about the same height.

4.  Refill the holes with dirt. Add a two or three inch layer of mulch atop the planting area.

1.  Save time and give your garden planters a more natural look.  Skip the fussy bulb planter and just lay them around the top of the pot in a trench.  Make it wide enough for a single line.  Scatter bulbs with a bit of space between them.

2.  Sprinkle bone meal and cover with soil and top with mulch.

3.  Or save the work till spring.  It's the only option in climates that don't have cold winters.  Sort the bulbs in paper bags by variety and stash in a fridge crisper.  Plant immediately after removing from the cooler.
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Cactuses in Containers

Cactus and succulents are appealing, dramatic plants, best shown off in containers.  Collecting them can be addictive - many a sizable garden has been inspired by the purchase of just one whimsical looking cacti.  With rare exceptions, every cactus is a succulent.  Cacti are distinguished from other succulents by areoles or well defined areas on the plant's surface from which sprout tuffs of spines, bristles or hairs.  Cactus flowers always bloom from these areas also.

Planting Tips:  You can buy a special soil mix for potted cacti at garden nurseries and center.  Or you can make your own.  Just combine one part leaf mold, one part peat moss soil mix and two parts river sand or fine gravel.

Pot Tips:  Cacti will thrive in almost any style and type of garden planter.  There is where you can become creative and choose round bowls for combinations of cacti and succulents.  Choose colorful containers to add some brightness to the basic green of most cacti.  Go with deep or shallow pottery because these types of plants have very short root systems.  Make sure if you go with ceramic or poly resin that you don't over water.
When planting make sure and wear garden gloves to protect your hands.  You can wrap folded newsprint around the plant so that you don't come in contact with the spines.

Plant suggestions & care:  These types of plants are easy to grow and don't take much care.  It's best to soak soil completely each time you water and then let it dry almost out completely before the next watering.  Fertilize monthly during the growing season.  Potted Cacti love direct sunlight so make sure they get some especially during the winter months.  Once a year check to see if you need to re-pot into a larger container.

Here are a few of the favorite type to pot:
Aconium - Agave - Aloe - Crassula argentea - Kalanchoe
Opuntia - Schlumbergera - Sempervivum tectorum.
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