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Start Now To Plant Spring Bulbs

 Plant garden bulbs now in clay flowerpots

Fall is here so now is the time to be thinking about planting the spring bulbs you have been dreaming about all year.

Whether you plant them in your garden or are thinking about trying to pot them up in a garden container, the fact remains that these flowers are stunning. And, so easy to grow! With a little effort up front you will be blessed with a ton of colorful flowers. The best part is that every year they will expand and increase in volume. Who can ask for anything better than that?

 1285-Stack-Bulbs-In-Large-Garden-Pottery-For-The-Best-Color-DisplayThere are a few ways to pot up bulbs but we would like to give you more details on how to stack them inside a garden flowerpotOf course, the first thing you must do is select the container that you will use to pot in. Do you like terracotta, the natural clay pottery that breathes and ages over time? Maybe you prefer a high shine glazed planterJust make sure that whatever planter you select you want to have enough room for the bulbs to stack. The larger the pot the larger display of color you will be rewarded with. Also, make sure that there is a drain hole in the bottom. If it doesn’t then you can read more here about how to drill your own hole.

First, select the type of bulbs you want. Go to your local Nursery or Garden Center or order online. Most bulbs will need 6 to 8 inches of soil at a minimum. Take into account how tall they will grow. Since we are going to stack them, start by putting the larger bulbs on the bottom of the pottery. Did you put the pointed end up? Good! Cover with about 2 inches of soil and then start your next layer putting the smaller ones on top. When you pot them like this the smaller will bloom first next spring and the larger will fill in after. Try to have at least 7 bulbs in a pot and remember that the more bulbs the more blooms.

Lastly always use new and good potting soil. You can’t use dirt out of the ground 1286-Cover-The-Bulbs-With-Potting-Soil-In-The-Planters for many reasons. Fill your pot with potting soil up to a few inches from the rim. Then move the pots inside the garage if they can’t stay out all winter. Your bulbs may like the cold but not all garden pottery is meant to sit outside. Then when the weather starts to warm up move them outside and place in a sunny spot.

Good luck and share with us how you did!

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Seed Saving From Your Garden

At one time or another you are going to consider that you may want to save your own seeds to plant & pot with next season.  The feeling of growing beautiful & healthy plants from seeds that you have collected from your own collection of plants.  And, watching a seed germinate, become a seedling, and then mature give you such joy & satisfication.  It's literally witnessing in the miracle of life!
After a few seasons you will find that many of the potted plants you have with self-seed, even when you would prefer they not.  The two types of seed are open pollinated and hybrids.  Hybrid seed is created by cross pollinating two varieties.  The advantages include uniformity of size and longer life. The pollinated seeds have better germination rates and resistance to pests.
 472-Egg-Shell-SeedsBy saving your own seeds you will save a ton of money.  Especially if you are growing fruits & vegetables.  Whatever you decide make sure you leave the harvesting of seeds until they are absolutely mature.  The best time to harvest is mid morning before the sun becomes hot. Collect the seeds and make sure they are completely dry.  You can hang larger seeds in panty hose and let them air dry.  The best way to store them is using paper bags.  Be sure to label the variety and when you collected them.  Store in cool dark place.
When you are ready to propagate the seeds for planting in your garden 473-Seeds-In-Trays planters try these steps.  Things to consider are moisture, warmth, air and light.  Smaller seeds can be sowed in small containers.  Shallow trays, mini clay pots, empty egg shells, and good potting mix.  Cover and water lightly or mist spray.  Keep  moist till germinate.  Water till plants become stronger and can be transplanted.  Don't give up some seeds take longer than others.  Larger seeds can be planted directly into your selected garden containers.
All in all, growing your own food in containers by saving the seed yourself is very rewarding.  It's inexpensive and healthy.  Follow the directions above and enjoy the process. Isn't that what this is all about anyway?
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Set Plans Now For Next Season In The Garden

 13209 Title
It's awfully cold outside but that shouldn't stop you from planning your garden or patio areas for next Spring.  Now is the time to collect catalogs, magazine photos, online ideas and more.  Get them all together, grab a cup of coffee, a close friend and sit down and's free!
Here are a few guidelines to help get your started:

Start by deciding on the kind of feel or mood you want to project with your garden or patio area.  Choose a theme, such as color, plant materials, architectural focus, pottery type and styles and any decorative statuary you want to use.  Scan thru the latest websites and garden magazines for ideas on new styles of pottery available.  List the types of plants you like so that you can ask your local nursery personal when and if they will be carrying them next season.

Have a point!  Think what is the point of this area.  Are the plants for cooking with like herbs and cacti?  Do you want them located close to a patio door or kitchen entry?  Will the plants be for a cutting and decorating with inside the home.  Will you need your potted plants to act as a privacy screen.  Make sure the size, shape and type of the plants you are using fit the point of use.  Spend time planning it now so that you won't experience a disappointing result next Spring.

One of the most important factors to consider is where the sun is at different times of the day in your patio or garden area.  Make sure that if you use certain types of plant materials that need a considerable amount of direct sunlight that you locate those planters in those spots.  You can change, pots, soil and locations but you can't change where the sun hits at different times of the day.

Decide now how much work you want to put into the project in both prep time and maintenance.  Don't plan a high maintenance plan if you don't want to be bothered once the time arrives for blooming.  The main thing to consider is that at some point we want you to sit down and enjoy all this hard work and effort so don't go for the uber difficult plants to maintain.

Finally draw out the plan on the computer.  Mark where potted plants will go and where you will plant directly into the soil.  Mark where you will place that heirloom statue you have stored in the garage for the last 5 years.  Draw where you will set up a eating area or fire pit
Now is the time to dream....
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