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Small Space Garden Center


Right now the trend is "Little Houses" or Miminalists.  Our younger generations no longer want the mega mansions with lots of upkeep and unused space.  So today we are talking about the little space garden bench.  Proving that you don't need a ton of space to get organized and grow a garden.  Here are our tips


Get Organized:  Whether is a small house or a small garden bench you need to be organized. There is no room for items not used or taking up space.  A hardworking potting bench is to gardeners what a well stocked pantry is to a chef.

Start with a seed planner.  Keep a small notebook or a collection of empty seed packets to remind you of what you tried, what worked and want you want to give a go of.  There is computer apps for your cell phone that will also help with this step.  The point is to keep a small record for reference.


Organize your small garden tools in empty flowerpots, burlap bins or metal cans.  This keep them all in one place, out of the way and can be a decorative touch to your garden bench.  Woven baskets also work so you can fill them with gloves, hand lotion, whisk brooms, garden tools and scissors.  Get creative.

If your garden bench doesn't not have shelves built in then place it next to a wall so that you can hang shelves on the wall.  These shelves can be used for holding the flowerpots and bins talked about above, they can also have hooks on them so you can hang hand tool, watering cans and lightweight pots from.  Try to offer as many ways as possible to keep items organized.


Use small garbage cans with lids for potting mix and other storage containers for fertilizer, straw and other items for pottery toppers.  Keep your garden hose in a large ceramic pot come winter.  Stack all your clean garden planters at the end of each season by the bench so that they are ready to go come Spring.

When it comes to how much space you set aside for a potting and planting area it can be as small as a shelf on blocks, a folding table you can take down, a piece of furniture like a dresser you can turn into a gardening and planting bench or a card table.  Get creative!


Lastly, organize all the items above in a decorative way that shows your artistic taste.  Paint the bench in bright bold colors, keep the natural wood look that you love so much or use 2 or 3 colors to match the porch or patio area where it will be displayed.  The point of this is to get organized and have fun. 

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A Gardeners Play Station

How many of us dream of a place to exercise our green thumbs?

Here are a few simple ideas on setting up different types of potting benches!
For someone who can only dabble, you want to have a compact set up. Something that is fairly portable but yet a dedicated place to place your garden pottery while you create new planter ideas.  A place to store some simple hand tools and maybe a bucked of potting soil.


Make it a casual place that is basic, possibly movable and has just enough space to work in comfortably.  Create it out of old crates, barn wood, or a counter top and maybe concrete blocks.  Paint it or leave it natural and rustic.  This is for fun not for impressing people so don't sweat the small stuff.
A few tips to consider for the casual set up is make sure the area is 25 inched deep and 40 inches wide.  This is the minimum work area that is most useful.  Place a bucket for potting mix and another for water if a hose is not handy.  Store a watering can if you need one.  Attach some cup hooks to the sides of the table top to hang small garden tools, a pair of gloves, or a tiny whisk broom for clean-up.  Keep a basket handy to move things around with and stack your garden pots to keep them neat and out of the way. 

For the devotee, there are supply houses that make kits for professional looking bench's.  Or you can have a carpenter build one under a patio top that can sit out all season long.  Go for cabinets with deep shelves for storage, small drawers for garden tools and large stainless tops for potting.

Include a permanent water source like a sink with a faucet that has a hose attached for watering small potted plants.  Overhead shelves and racks are a most for added storage if it is in your budget.  Dream big and go big.  You won't regret it.

When storing garden pottery make sure that the unused pottery isn't exposed to the elements.  Slip newspaper between the pots when you stack them to prevent sticking and clean them with a wire brush before storing.  All simple tips that make a big difference when next Spring rolls around.

This photo to the left, shows a built in area in a garage.  It looks stunning yet not all that complicated.  Placed right next to the door that goes from the garage to the backyard is great for convenience and it fits perfectly.  A couple of build in cabinets with a counter top and overhead open shelves is all it takes but the addition of the garden sink is fantastic and so useful.


We really love the muted green paint color and white sink and counter tops.  Simple, elegant and useful. 
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Keep Landscape Clean Around The House


Give the planters that surround your house a makeover.  It's a common mistake to find the perfect planter for the front or back of your home, fill it with dream plant materials and then leave it alone.  Eventually the plant materials crowd each other, making the whole display look disorganized and untidy.

You should be looking at your garden pots at least seasonally and making changes.  Here are a few tips to consider.


Start by planning carefully in advance.  It is easy to buy a bunch of mis-matched pieces of pottery,
filling them with random plants and having a hodge podge look that is unsightly and unmotivating.  Or how about planting the pots, and then leaving them alone to grow and become over bearing, making the pot look under sized and the plant materials old and in need of replacing.

Walk around your neighborhood and check out others displays.  Stand in front of your home or on your back porch and take a look at the area and see it before you place pots in the way.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Don't block windows.  This makes the view from the inside unsightly.
Choose a variety of plants.  A selection of different plants is more interesting.

Plant low maintenance varieties if you don't have the time or desire to keep them looking fresh and lovely.

Prune and trim the plant annually.  Don't let them drape over and climb along the patio or porch.  Keep them contained!  This looks messy and unattractive.

Try planting with dwarf trees and bushes or a look that will stay green all year long.
Planning in advance, keeping it simple if you don't have time and keeping your eye on the container seasonally are all easy and simple things to do.
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Organize Your Potting Supplies

Stack wooden crates for a storage base.  Use small shipping crates because they are the ideal size for holding stacks of pots.  Keep inexpensive pots on hand for when you have a project that requires one or you are in the mood to plant something.  Just stack the crates on top of each other - 2 high - and then top with a piece of wood from the local lumber yard.
This is easy, portable, and no tools required.

Maximize space with an overhead pot rack.  Whether you have a green thumb or are completely green at gardening, having all your must haves in one place let's you confidently accomplish any task.  A wall rack that keeps supplies in an easily accessible spot.  You can use it to dry flowers on and the pot hooks always come in handy.

Clip up a gallery of inspiration:  To sidestep pottery block keep your ideas just a glance away with a photo gallery or flower arranging idea.  Surround your space with images that speak to you, motivate you or just makes you happy.  Picture of plants you like to pot someday or flowers you hope to buy all go on the clip boards.  Plant combinations for planters are hard to create but easy to copy.

Hang essentials on a cup hook:  A little whisk broom and gardening gloves are always on hand when you optimize the space underneath your work surface with cup hooks.  This often over looked area offers a bonus:  If your potting area is outdoors, the overhand keeps soft items from getting damaged by rain.  The hooks are easy to install with no tools necessary.  They just screw in.

Transport pots with a push:  Say goodbye to lugging around planters thanks to your own clever assistant - a wooden glider.  This rolling base can hold up to 88 lbs, letting you move the heaviest pots with your fingertips.  Don't want to make one then try the "Pot lifter" we sell that can lift up to 200 lbs.

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