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Winter White Moth Orchid


Winter Whites

We are always searching for plants & flowers that do well indoors during these long winter months.  If you have never heard of “Moth” orchids then listen up.

Potted Moth Orchids are a year-round flower that does well indoors.  With their paper-thin petals and tall erect stems, they can bring elegance, fragrance, and beauty to your indoor décor.  During winter's dark cold days, these potted beauties are perfect to brighten your days.

A decorative container or simple elegant white vase filled with moth orchids are even easy for a beginner gardener.  Most folks can be easily intimated by their sophisticated look but they shouldn’t be.  A potted moth orchid requires little attention and maintenance. 

As new variations in color, size and blooms arrive, even green thumb gardeners are giving these easily potted indoor flowers a second look.

Remove the orchid from the nursery pot.  If the root ball is tight, gently work it free.  Clip off any dead roots or stems.  Spread the roots with your hands gently on a clean surface.  Now all you need to do is select a stunning flower container to repot the orchid in.  Try to make it larger than the existing pot but not to oversize.

Water the planter regularly, but reduce the amount during winter months.  Keep the foliage dry, so don’t splash the flowers and leaves with watering.  Don’t let the roots of the potted moth orchid dry out.  Since you don’t want the orchid sitting in water, make sure your garden container has sufficient drainage.

That’s pretty much it!  These types of potted flowers are impressive and ornate so enjoy all winter long.

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Orchids at Home


Blooming orchids looks like it would be a super hard project but it's not all that you would think and much easier if you follow a few great tips. For the best success choose the right one for your conditions and the watch them grow!

It's hard not to just pick the one potted orchid that you think will look the nicest.  But, it's better to take into consideration the conditions your home has to offer.  Light, temperature, humidity, and more.  Of course, you need to pick a great container to compliment the stunning beautiful orchid.

Keep in mind that they will need re-potting so while you may want to spend big bucks on a beautiful flowerpot maybe hold back a bit.  Clay pottery is still the most recommended because it breathes and is the healthiest for strong root systems.  However, you can use other pots but just make sure you follow some of the tips below.

Light is the most important variable since most orchids prefer high light and streaming direct sunshine.  Some varieties grow in med light which means bright but not direct sunshine.  While others will grow in med low light you will need to have northern exposure to help with reflective light properties.

Temps should be cool, warm and humid if possible.  Make sure you select the correct one.  We all know orchids are considered tropical so grouping them together or placing them on a saucer with stones on it to support the roots up out of the standing water. As the water evaporates it acts like a humidifier for the potted orchids.

Water is tricky because most of what you pour on the orchid runs out the bottom of the pots.  It's best to submerge the pot in a bucket of water for 10 mins so that the mix can absorb as much water as possible.  Using a clay pot will help keep the mix moist.  Fertilizing is easy since most aren't heavy feeders.  But try to delivery fertilized water at least once a month.

What's the easiest potted orchid to grow?  Moth Orchids.  The blooms last for months once they bloom but these will re-bloom.  Care for your potted orchids and they will continue to amaze you with their beauty.

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Orchid, Orchid who has an Orchid?

Potted orchids are no longer the rare exotic plants that they used to be and most garden centers now stock them.  A few inexpensive materials and a little time will create a stylish container to show these lovely flowers at their very best.
 13969Orchids do not like to stand in water but they do like a humid atmosphere.  A layer of gravel underneath the pot acts as a reservoir for excess water which creates humidity.  The potted orchid will also benefit from being sprayed with water with a fine mist.    Plant these lovelies any time of year.
There are many types of planters made specially for orchids.  The sides of these pots have holes in them for air circulation.  These extra holes really help with the root system of the orchid and are the best chance you have of gardening success.

 Arizona Pottery sells a number of orchid pots.  Some in terracotta others in glazed ceramic.  Just go with the one that you prefer for looks and follow a few simple tips
Pour a one inch layer of gravel in the base of the pot to help with drainage and line the pot with moss.  Tip the orchid over in the nursery pot and gently remove it.  Place on the moss in the garden pot and fill in around it with more soil.  Do not pack it down.  Cover the top of the plant with more moss.

You can push a small reed or garden stake into the soil and then use some string or raffia to tie the plant to the stake.  This helps with stability so the orchid doesn't droop off to the side.  Give it a good water and your good to go.  Enjoy!
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