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Start the New Year Fresh


What's not to love?  It's a brand new year with brand new goals.  Do any of those included gardening?  We certainly hope so. January is the goal setting month and now is the perfect time to dig right in.  As always the winter months turn your garden and patio into a stark area full of colorless flowers and spent blooms.  Take a look at it again.  Look at your garden and patio again.


How did your potted garden planters do last year?  Did the flowers, or evergreens you planted last all season, did you like the way they looked?  Now is the time to look to the past to assess for the future.  Do you think your planters could use some new potting soil?  If so then replace it.  There is nothing that will kill a wonderful potted garden pot faster than old, nutrient depleted potting mix.


How do your garden pottery look?  Are you concrete planters chipped or the terracotta clay garden bowls and pots starting to wear?  Now would be a good time to research new planters.  There are great lightweight pots that will last a lifetime, new sandstone designs and colors.  How about a colorful glazed cigar jar or piece of pottery that looks like artwork?


Then think about what you will plant this year.  More of the same because you had such great success with the plant materials and the pottery look that you have used in the past?  Great then go for it!

Need to upgrade?  Well you know where to look.  At we strive to find unique and well made pottery planters and pot accessories that we believe will help you create a backyard oasis for as inexpensively as possible.


Lastly, check our your garden tools, hand gloves, garbage bags etc.  There is nothing worse then getting into a new season or planting and decorating and find out that everything needs to be upgraded.  You may even find super sales this time of year when planting is out of season.  Don't wait till Spring.

So go outside, take a look around you.  Dream and imagine and make your dreams come true. We are hear to help.


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What is Black Clay Pottery?


When you are searching the web for new and original garden pottery, or maybe the old standby terracotta clay and you see the term "Black Clay" and wonder what exactly that means, then here is the answer!
Many of the garden containers coming out of Vietnam use the term Black Clay. When you look at the photos of the pots they don't look black at all but a dark brown and this causes some confusion.  Well let's start by what it really is.  Imagine when you are standing at a riverbank in Vietnam and you are looking into the running water and the water looks dark almost black.  It's not the water you are seeing it's the soil on the river bed that is a dark brown.  Well, when that clay is harvested off the river beds it looks like a dark brown.  That is where the term "Black Clay" comes from.

Then the clay is formed into shapes or placed into molds to form the planters.  Each one is then moved into a huge mud hut where it is baked over a number of days till hard.  When you see some of these planters and they have darker spots on the side that means they were placed closer to the sides of the kiln where they will heat up more than the pots placed in the middle.  

The pots are then cooled.  And then moved back in and re-fired. This creates a hard finish like a stoneware pot.  It's basically waterproof and will wear like a glazed flowerpot. One word of caution.  If the pots gets chipped or cracked, the water you water your plant materials with will find that defect and seep into the pot.  Now the pot will start to break down from the inside out.  This process is normal.

So, hopefully this helps explain where these beautiful clay containers got their name: Black Clay.
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Need Help Transplanting Plants!

Most plants will eventually have to be re-potted.  As a plant grows their roots grow along with them. Since there is only so much room in a pot they will eventually get root bound and the health of the plant will suffer. You want to re-pot before it gets to that stage.  Here are a few tips to consider....

First select a planter that is at least 2 sizes larger than the current pot being used. The transplanting process is not easy on the plants health so you don't want to do it more than necessary.  Use a new clean flower pot or one that has been cleaned and completely dried.

Then start with fresh
potting soil. Do NOT use dirt out of the ground or old soil that is depleted of all nutrients.  Make sure that the pot has a drain hole so that the roots do not sit in standing water. There is nothing that will rot your roots faster.

Fill the new pot half way with the potting soil. Carefully remove the plant from the pot.  Gently loosen the roots from the bound ball they are compacted in.  Center the plant in the new soil and spread out the roots gently.  Then add more soil to fill.  Company carefully.  Water lightly because you want the roots to rest for a day or two before they have to start working again.  After a couple of days water to moisten the soil completely.


You would be good to go for at least a couple of years or more.  A lot will depend on the type of plant
you have and how fast it grows.

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New Italian Galestro Garden Planters

New Italian Garden Planters

We are so happy with our Brand New
Garden Planters from Italy.

Each generous sized garden planter has slightly rounded edges and a hard to find square shape.  From the heart of Tuscany comes our Copenhagen Italian Pottery. Made of Galestro earth which is a prized clay coming from the Tuscan hills, and is particularly resistant to frost and with excellent breathability.

The pyrite it contains enriches the surface of each piece with fascinating irregularities, making each pot unique and precious.  This planter is hand finished.  Made of Eco-friendly materials.  With it's simple lines and unusual clay, it's a treasure.

Stamped with the Italian manufacturers name on it for authenticity.

Looks lovely filled with evergreens, colorful flowers, succulents or cacti.  Perfect for patio or garden area when only the very best will do!
Available in Latte (left) or Grey (right)
 2496-Clay-Finish 2497-Grey-Finish
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Arizona Pottery New Colored Clay Items for 2016

Moka chocolate garden flowerpots

As we start a New Year at Arizona Pottery, we are already thinking of the next planting season.  This year we have some new items that we would like to tell you about.

White terracotta clay garden planters
New Colored Clay Pottery - What is Moka, white & Grafite clay?  Our Italian manufacturer has produced a line of garden pottery for the person who is looking for something different & unique in looks, similar to traditional styles and updated in technology.

Our new line of garden
containers is made from REAL clay that is colored. We now have milky Moka, white terracotta & gorgeous Grafite grey.  Colors we have never seen before in the pottery industry. Colors that will match your 2016 color pallets and add a pop of color to your decorating needs.

 Graffite Grey Garden Planters

Besides color what else is new?  Besides the stunning new colors of clay we are offering these
planters are so much more.  Frost resistant, eco-friendly all natural materials and new styles & sizes, all add up to a product that you will want to have in your collection.  Squares and rectangle shapes which are difficult to manufacture and ship but still in high demand.  Tall bell shapes with rounded bottoms, rough textures & smooth silky finishes.  We are just starting out with a small selection of new  planters for you to examine but never fear, we will be bringing in much more.
Colored Clay - Eco-friendly materials -  Frost resistant - New Styles - New Sizes
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December - What To Do?

 13118 Title

This is not the time of year to give up on your garden area and patio planters.  We would like to make a few suggestions on some simple things that need to be done and should be done to help keep things looking lovely.

Start by filling existing planters or new containers with succulents and cacti.  Pick from the wide variety available and create some interesting displays.  The local nursery in your area should have plenty to choose from.  Remember to mulch the top soil with fine gravel, faux rocks or garden mulch to help them survive thru the cold winter months.  Do not plant in a terracotta clay pot that will absorb moisture and crack if exposed to freezing temps.

Order pre-cooled bulbs that are shipped this month or next.  You can order them online or check with your local landscape company to see if they supply them.  You can force them to bloom by the holidays or store them in soil, a garden pot and in the dark so that they are ready to go next Spring.  They come in so many different color and styles that it's fun to experiment with different looks each season.  The paper whites are the most popular for the holidays but check out the suppliers to see if something new has arrived on the scene.

Christmas Cactus with orange, pink, red, white or yellow blooms, will flower this month.  Grow this long lived houseplant in bright indirect sunlight.  When it's flowering, water and feed it weekly with liquid cactus and succulent fertilizer.  Always start with a stunning glazed container that will compliment the blooms and add color and warmth to your home, especially during these cold, dark winter months.

Because it gets dark so early in the evenings, now is the time to line walkways and garden paths with outdoor lighting, garden luminaries or lanterns.  You can even use paper bags, filled with sand and place a tealight candle inside for special occasions or holiday celebrations.  Also, think about giving gifts that are alive and lasting.  Potted herbs, topiaries and terrariums are all popular and easy to do.  Browse your local book store garden section.  There are many new coffee table books this time of year and idea packed books for next season.  Collect some fresh ideas for containers, and plant materials to try out next year.

Decorate with natural materials collected from your own yard.  Branches, cuttings and twigs make great swags, and wreaths.  Combine silvery foliage and add depth and beauty.  Lots of pods, pine cones and nuts are great for filling empty garden plants with and they look decorative and festive.  Plant butter head and romaine lettuce seedlings for salads thru winter.  Use clay pot and keep in a sunny indoor window.  Easy and fun!
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