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Eggshell Powder for Bugs


Eggshells as pest control by

Saw this and thought it was a great tip for gardening.  Everyone knows how to use egg shells crushed up and mixed into potting mix as a natural fertilizer.  The nutrients in the shells act like a natural fertilizer for your garden pottery and planters.


Well if you have ever had issues with flea beetles eating your growth then here is a natural and simple way to stop them.  Diatomaceous earth is a known organic pesticide which is basically fossilized remains of creatures that are ground into a fine powder.  It gets under the shells of beetles and acts like bits of glass to cut them up and kill them.

 39 Eggshells-In-Planter

Ground egg shells work the same way.  If you eat lots of eggs and most folks do, this should be an easy DIY garden project.  Prepare shells by cleaning them if they are dirty. If not dirty then donít bother.  Make sure they are dry and donít skip this step.  Just lay them out on a paper towel for a few days.

Once completely dry, ground them into a powder using a coffee grinder.  Once ground use the powder right away. Store the remaining eggshells or ground shells in a Tupperware container in the garage or a cool dark place.  Sprinkle the powder directly onto the leaves and pests.  The bugs may not die away but they will eventually so donít worry if they fly away.


It is recommended that you donít sprinkle all over your garden.  This avoids killing all the beetles even the good ones.  This is where potted plants come in.  You can also sprinkle on the tops of your garden planters surrounding the potted plants and keep the plant healthy without spreading the egg shells all over the garden.  Perfect!

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A Garden In Every Room

Which room will you choose in which to realize your garden fantasy?

This time of year thinking of growing fresh flowers usually has to wait till after the harsh weather has passed.  Outside is just to cold, frozen and unforgiving when it comes to potted plants and flowers.  How about taking a room indoors and making it into a dreamy garden?  The most natural choice would be a sun room or enclosed porch but any room that receives a healthy dose of light can work just as well.

Try to think out of the box!  How about a breakfast nook, a kitchen with a south facing window, a living room with large french doors or a small area off a bedroom where the sun hits just right.  All of these will work great and even create a unique indoor garden area.  Take a table and fill it with potted plants & flowers.  Purchase a wire rack that you can place in front of a large window and stack the potted plants on it.  Use the side of your desk, a table next to the bed or a plant stand in the bathroom.

You can place accessories in this area to really add to the charm.  How about a tabletop fountain for the sound of soothing water flow.  Place a small buddha statue under a large green potted palm for a serene look.  Use birdhouse's indoors and place among the potted plants and flowers.  Pull up a big over stuffed chair with floral cushions to nap in.  Take a rocker and drape a cozy blanket over it for snuggling in.  Place photos of loved ones around you, paint a wall with a floral print or hang a candle chandelier that will add mood lighting


It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and you don't need to fill it to the brim with pots.  Just don't dream of Spring, create your own indoor garden and enjoy the things you love all year round!
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