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Decorate your own pot - here

Here is a simple and fun project.  By following these simple steps you can create your own inspirational containers for your home or garden areas.  The brilliant colors of the Mediterranean are recreated with these painted terracotta pots.  While the plants thrive in the climate of the Mediterranean, they also perform perfectly in less predictable weather conditions.
Materials you will need: 14420
4 Terracotta clay pots of various sizes
Paint Brush
Selection of bright colored acrylic paints
Masking tape
Loam based compost
Prostrate rosemary
Golden Thyme
Large Red Pelargonium
Step 1.  Paint the pots with solid colors or with patterns using two coats if necessary.  The terracotta absorbs the moisture from the paint, so they will dry very quickly.

Step 2.  Paint the rim of one pot with a contrasting color.

Step 3.  Create a zig-zag pattern using masking take and painting alternate sections.

Step 4.  Fill pots with compost, then position the plants, firming them in place with extra compost.

Step 5.  The aloe does not need a large pot.  Plant it in a pot just slightly larger than the one you bought it in.

Step 6.  Plant the thyme and pelargonium in separate pots.  Finish the plants with a top dressing of gravel, water well and place in a sunny window.
For commercial reasons the plants you buy will probably have been grown in a peat compost, although they prefer a loam based compost.  Gently loosen the peat around their roots and mix with the loam based compost before potting up in the new mixture.  Plant in late spring or early summer.
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Plants for Window Boxes


Below are listed some easy to grow window box plants.  They are colorful, hardy and fragrant.  Give them a try and let us know how it works out for you
(Portulaca grandiflora)
This low growing succulent like annual, stands up to the heat and bright light.  It's long lasting lovely flowers, which open in the morning and close in the afternoon, are shaped like tiny roses.  They come in single hues, including bright and pastel shades, as well as color mixes.  These are great for terracotta or black clay pots that are mono-tone in color and can use a splash of color.  Water moderately and allow the soil to dry out between watering.  Blooms appear in late spring through late fall.   
(Viola tricolor)
This herbaceous perennial puts out miniature pansylike blooms in a purple, yellow and white combination.  A profuse self-seeder it is ideal for bringing color into your planters in winter and spring.  We advise planting these in a glazed, polyresin or high fired piece of pottery.  That way it can hold up to the harsh elements of winter without breaking down.  Try to place the planter in sun or partial shade and use rich soil.  Remove spend blooms to prolong flowering.
(Calendula officinalis)
Also know as pot marigold, this annual has aromatic leaves and produces daisylike leaves and flowers in bright shades of yellow and orange.  It is self seeding and make a long lasting cut flower.  When you fill a window box planter with just this type of flower it offers striking color and grows in a mass of blooms.  This is a garden favorite and can be planted in any type of planter.
(Aptenia cordifolia)
Often referred to as hearts and flowers, this hardy succulent with heart shaped leaves blooms from spring through fall in colors ranging from bright red to pinkish purple.  This baby is hardy and can be propagated from cuttings that usually take root in about 3 weeks.  Outside a kitchen window is stunning.  It adds bursts of color that will decorate your window box from the inside & outside.
Water only when dry and fertilize as necessary.
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