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Light up the Night!

Gardening can be addictive.  Obsessive gardeners are known to keep the midnight oil burning.  Here are a few fun ways to make easy garden lighting.  You should notice that your garden is different world at night, when the insects and moths come out and an occasional bat swoops low and flowers start to emit heavenly scents.  You can still appreciate your garden even in the dark.  But with a few simple ideas of sight, sound and scent you begin to realize that when one is diminished another is heightened.
 30053-Mason-JarsHanging jars glisten from above.  Instead of recycling your glass hang them from arbors and branches.  Knot some twine tightly under the edge of the rim of a jars, leaving long, trailing ends on either side to tie the jar to a tree branch.  Fill the jar with sand, rice or bird seed and place a tea candle inside.  Replace the lids when done and keep the rain out.
 30054-Leaft-WrappedLeaf wrapped glasses are fun if temporary.  Take a broad leaf and embellish it with a few smaller sprigs.  Then tie the arrangement with raffia around a straight sided glass.  A lighted tea candle inside will show off the structure of the leaves.  They will dry out in a few hours but will still look beautiful.
 30055-Milk-Glass-VasesLamp globes generate a sphere of soft light.  The large globes from old light fixtures can be balanced on pot feet to create a soft glow ball of light.  Face the opening out of sight and slide in a lighted tea candle.  You can also hang small globes from low lying branches for a more polished look than a canopy of jars.

Milk glass vases are now inexpensive finds at tag sales and thrift stores.  With votive candles inside, they provide beautiful diffused light.  Perfect for little spots of light in out of the way nooks, these charmers add an understated glow to the evening.
We hope you find a few good tips here and create that glowing garden that is stunning!
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A Garden In Every Room

Which room will you choose in which to realize your garden fantasy?

This time of year thinking of growing fresh flowers usually has to wait till after the harsh weather has passed.  Outside is just to cold, frozen and unforgiving when it comes to potted plants and flowers.  How about taking a room indoors and making it into a dreamy garden?  The most natural choice would be a sun room or enclosed porch but any room that receives a healthy dose of light can work just as well.

Try to think out of the box!  How about a breakfast nook, a kitchen with a south facing window, a living room with large french doors or a small area off a bedroom where the sun hits just right.  All of these will work great and even create a unique indoor garden area.  Take a table and fill it with potted plants & flowers.  Purchase a wire rack that you can place in front of a large window and stack the potted plants on it.  Use the side of your desk, a table next to the bed or a plant stand in the bathroom.

You can place accessories in this area to really add to the charm.  How about a tabletop fountain for the sound of soothing water flow.  Place a small buddha statue under a large green potted palm for a serene look.  Use birdhouse's indoors and place among the potted plants and flowers.  Pull up a big over stuffed chair with floral cushions to nap in.  Take a rocker and drape a cozy blanket over it for snuggling in.  Place photos of loved ones around you, paint a wall with a floral print or hang a candle chandelier that will add mood lighting


It doesn't have to cost a lot of money and you don't need to fill it to the brim with pots.  Just don't dream of Spring, create your own indoor garden and enjoy the things you love all year round!
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Determine Your Potted Plants Needs

Of course there are special weather and location considerations to make when planning to grow container plants.  Factors like the amount of sun and wind, the location on a slope, and whether there is reflected heat combine to create conditions at a particular spot that differ from those in the rest of your landscape.

Portability expands the climate tolerance of container plants.  You can bring them indoors for protection from the cold, move them into direct sunlight if they need it or move them into the shade.

Help with Sun & Shade considerations:

When you select a plant you should think about how it grows naturally.  Some like shade and added protection, others direct sunlight without the protection of trees.  Plant materials can be sensitive to bright sun and will have the tendency to burn easily.  Think about the tropical climates where many plants thrive like Mexico, or the Caribbean.  If you place them planted in pots and they are covered in shade, they will grown spindly and not thrive.  Cactus and Zinnias, love the sun and can soak it up all day.

An easy way to think of different light needs are Shade, Part Sun or Sun.  Plants growing in different locations within the same yard will have different light needs.  Think about if the planter will be under a patio cover all day, in partial sunlight during the morning etc when considering where to place the planters.  Some background areas never see direct sunlight but can still get a lot of daylight.  Exposure is key when deciding what to plant and where to place the pots.

1. Northern Exposure is mostly blocked from sun all day.  This is considered full shade for general purposes.
2.  Eastern Exposure is morning sun and shade for rest of the day.
3.  Southern Exposure get the most hours of sunlight.
4.  Western Exposure shade in morning and full sun in afternoon.

If you are placing the potted plants by a swimming pool be sure and take into consideration the reflective light that will occur off the water.
One tip to remember is how the shadows change throughout the growing season.  One month your planter may be in full sun and the next month part shade with your home blocking it.  However, this is where potted plants really shine.  The portability can't be beat when you can move the plants around as needed without much effort.  We sell different tools to help with this like our Pot lifter.

The last tip to consider is wind.  Make sure that the pot is weighted down with soil, place where it can be protected if needed and only plant flowers or plants that can handle the added wind factor.

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Know Your Indoor Potted Plants

Even potted houseplants need adequate light.  Consider things like the direction that the sun comes into your home, what kind of overhang your house has, and the shade from trees or buildings.  All of these things - as well as blinds, ultraviolet window protection, and deciduous trees - can change your lighting situation.  To get the right amount of light, however, yo first have to understand the three basic types of potted houseplant lighting needs:

Low-Light Plants:  will do well in a north facing window as they do not require any direct sunlight.  Potted plants can also be placed in the interior of a room with moderate light from eastern, western, or southern exposures.

Medium or Bright Indirect Light Plants:  like an east or a west facing window or should be placed at least 2 feet away from a south facing window.  A western exposure needs to provide indirect light through the morning and early afternoon.  It it receives more intense light and becomes hotter in the afternoon, place the potted plant farther into the room.

High Light Plants:  should be placed in a south facing window that provides the brightest light conditions for the longest time each day or in an unobstructed west facing window that gets up to four to six hours of direct light in the afternoon.  Make sure to check leaves for sun scald, and rotate the flower pots for even plant growth.

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