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Cool Weather Lettuce In Flowerpots

Growing lettuce in flowerpots

If you want to try to grow some of your own food and don't have the space to plant a garden, then growing lettuce in a garden container is a great idea. Lettuce is one of the easiest things to grow in a flowerpot and it likes the cooler weather. 

To get started select the containers you will use.  Terracotta clay is great because it breathes and it healthy for any root system.  Make sure it's got some depth to it.  6" of depth and a drain hole is a great place to start.  We also like a generous sized  flowerpot so that you can get a variety planted.   Head to your local garden center and buy the types of lettuce that interest you the most.  Get a six pack of starter plants, and a small bag of potting soil.

When ready to plant make sure the pots are clean.  If not use soapy water and let dry. Cover the drain hole with pot shards so that the soil doesn't wash out.  Fill with soil and then push the plants into the spaces you want.  Make sure they are about 4" inches apart.  Tamp soil down about the starters and give them a good drink of water.

When placing the pots, make sure they are in a location where they will get at least 6 hours of sunshine a day.  Keep the soil moist and fertilize occasionally.

Your lettuce should grow during fall and some winter.
Tips on growing cool weather lettuce in a garden pot
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Summer Mixes In Containers

Have you ever wondered what it must be like to grown you own Mesclun mix of salad greens from seeds in your own garden containers?

We know that today you can find pre-bagged mixes in every grocery store, but nothing compares to the delicious taste, textures and colors of tender baby salads, simply dressed and enjoyed just minutes after they are harvested from your own garden containers.   Not only is mesclun fancy and luscious, it's one of the most beautiful and easiest plants to grow!

Depending on your region and time of year, you may find a range of ingredients in a mesclun mix.  Lettuces are always featured and other components are included like herbs, edible flowers and savory, tender greens.  Start by preparing the soil.

 Make sure it's finely worked and has no clumps.  Fill a large 18" container with potting soil and make sure it's moist before planting seeds.  Pour the seeds into your palm and slowly shake around the top of the container.  Try to space evenly about 1" apart if possible.  Top the seeds with 1/4" soil or potting mix.  Gently water till moist not soggy

Your crop of mixed salad leaves will grow rapidly and be sweet and luscious if you keep the pot well watered.  If you have started from seed, they will come up thickly.  If there are bare spots don't worry because the seedlings will grow to fill them in.
Harvest the crop in 35 to 40 days.  Your baby potted lettuces should reach 4 to 5 inches tall and be ready to enjoy.  If you harvest them by the 'cut and come again" method, they will regrow for several cuttings.

To do this, simply take sharp scissors and shear off a patch of leaves 1 to 2 inches above soil level.  After cutting, water the pot well and feed lightly, the cut crowns will regrow fro another harvest.

In the kitchen, gently wash and dry immediately.  Chill leaves in the refrigerator, either rolled up in a kitchen towel or in a plastic veggie bag.  Enjoy the bounty of your harvest soon after gathering.  Dress with a light and simple dressing like a vinaigrette and add fresh chopped herbs just before serving.
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Let's Grow Lettuce In A Pottery Bowl

Growing delicious fresh lettuce right in your own backyard garden planters or garden bowls, is easy and fun to do.  Now is the time to be doing it because the weather is cooler and fall has arrived.  Of course you can plant in decorative and imported pottery from Arizona Pottery or you can plant in the garden.  Either way you will love the rich colors and textures not to mention outstanding flavors that you can achieve.

Even if you are just looking for a way to fill a few empty planters sitting on your patio, by potting these lettuces you will fill your planters with rich colors of red, browns, bright greens and more.  You can even plant them along side the violas or pansies that are so popular right now.  This is a great way to compliment the flowers already growing.  Most people love the idea of growing their own garden greens.  It sure makes it easy to know where your food is coming from!!!!

If this is your first time then start by purchasing the plant materials that are ready to go right into your garden pottery.  You can buy lettuce as individual or as mixes, which ever you prefer.  Remember just don't plant them to deep and water gently.  If you want to start by seeds instead you will get more variety and selection to choose from.  Follow the instruction on the seed packets and you should have great

Next, select the garden planter or pottery bowl that you are going to pot into.  If you want to grow the lettuce in large garden planters sitting on your deck or patio that is fine.  If you want to add a touch of pizazz to your garden area, then select a 12" or larger planter bowl that is decorating and compliments your decor.  Make sure you have a saucer if it will sit on a table.

Lettuce likes loose, well draining potting soil not garden soil.  Make sure you water regularly and geed with fertilizer when needed.  Lettuce can take light frost but not heavy frost.  During super cold weather, cover with garden fabric or move the planters into the garage for protections.  The best way to harvest lettuce is to pick only the outer leaves near the bottom so the plant can keep growing.
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Video - How to plant our bowl & saucer

A helpful video we found on how to plant this pot!

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