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How To Make A Fountain Out Of A Garden Pot!

Everyone knows that the sound of running water is comforting & soothing.  You can take a garden planter and turn it into a recirculating water fountain by following these easy steps.
1 - deep 30" pot single drain hole in bottom
1 - 6" pot single drain hole in bottom
1 - 5 gallon plastic bucket, wider than the large pots base diameter
Tin snips
Electric drill with masonry bit
Submersible fountain pump that lifts water at least 3 feet.
1 - 2" square of sturdy expanded steel mesh.
42" of plastic tubing that fits the pump outlet
Silicone caulking
Stone to cover the steel mesh
Step 1:  Dig a hole in the soil deep enough to hold the plastic bucket.  Using tin snips or a drill, create a 1/2" notch in the bucket rim.  Put the bucket into the hole with its rim at ground level.  Set the pump in the bucket.
Step 2.  Using tin snips, cut a square opening about 1/2" across in the center of the mesh square.
 16056-Step-3-Make-A-Pot-Into-A-Fountain-Arizona-PotteryStep 3.  Attach the plastic tube to the pump, then thread it through the center opening in the steel mesh.  Position the mesh square atop the bucket.  Pull out the free end of the pumps power cord, position so it exits the bucket through the cut notch.
Step 4.  Slide the plastic tubing's free end throught the drain hole of the 16055-Step-4-Make-A-Pot-Into-A-Fountain-Arizona-Pottery large pot.
 16057-Step-5-Pot-Into-Fountain-Arizona-PotteryStep 5 - Center the large pot atop the stell mesh and slide it down the tubing until it sits firmly on the mesh.
Step 6 - Put a bead of silicone caulk aorund the inside of the outer 16058-Step-6-Make-A-Pot-Into-A-Fountain-Arizona-Pottery container.  Slip the shallow bowl into the outer container, fitting its drain hole over the plastic tubing, trim the top of the tube so that its end is fluent with the bottom of the shallow bowl.  Make sure the bowls rim has good contact with the caulking and allow to dry overnight.
Step 7:  Put landscap rocks around the pot to hide the mesh and fill the plastic bucket under the fountain with water and turn on the pump.
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Create This Garden Planter!

This metal container is contemporary and useful.  It can sit outside and only looks better as it ages.  We carry this same design in sandstone if you would prefer that material.  Filling this pot with succulents really accents the look.  This type of a display is perfect in direct sunlight because not only the planter but the plant materials can handle the direct heat.  Using succulents like this makes the container basically worry-free.

Below we tell you what items were used.
1.  Minature pine tree. Crassula tetragona
2.  Coppertone Sedum.  Sedum nussbaumerianum.
3.  Crassula.  Crassula pellucida
4.  Silver Spoons echeveria
5.  Trailing jade Senecio jacobsenii
6.  Flower dust plant kalanchoe pumila
7.  Hobbit dwarf jade Crassula ovata

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Make This Chair Garden Planter

We saw this featured in a garden magazine and thought it was a wonderful idea.  Take a plain flea market chair and turn it into a wonderful garden planter.  The steps are listed below.
Materials needed:

Chair, screwdriver, primer paint and paint brush, clear acrylic sealer, chicken wire, staple gun and staples, spanish moss, potting soil, trowel and of course the fun part - garden plants.

 15961- Before-Photo-Of-Chair-PlanterRemove the seat from an old dining chair with a screwdriver.  If the seat is not removable use a jigsaw to cut a large hole into the seat of the chair.  Next you can prime and paint the chair from.  Of course this is a matter of choice and preference.

We love the idea of using a bright bold color to add a bit of pizazz to any garden or patio area where you will want to display colorful plants and flowers.  When dry, finish with a clear acrylic sealer to add durability.   If you can find a sealer with a UV protectant in it then there is a better chance of the color not fading
Form a bowl shape from the chicken wire and staple it to the inside of the seat frame.  Refer to the photos.  Line the chicken wire frame with spanish moss and fill with potting soil.  Now is the fun time where you select and plant colorful flowers or dark green plants.  Include some trailing plants and tuck in moss to soften the edges of the chair seat.  Water well!


Seems like a fun and easy to do project.  Let us know what you think.
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Easy Vertical Garden Ideas

Vertical gardening has become the rage.  There are so many ways to achieve this type of gardening but we found this one where they used a garden trellis to get the effect that is desired. 
They are showing you how to build your own trellis and create a focal point in your yard or planter pots in one afternoon.
 14674A trellis is a great solution to hid an eyesore or divide a space.  Hardware stores carry the pre-made latticework and post uprights you will need to construct a simple garden trellis.  Cedar, redwood, and pressure treated lumber are the best choices of wood for outside use.  Remember to only use galvanized steel screws and nails to secure the trellis frame.  Plan before you make cuts, and follow all safety precautions when using tools.
 14675Use a post hole digger to dig deep enough to safely support the trellis through all weather conditions.  Pour a few inches of gravel at the bottom of the trellis or the garden pot that you may be planting in.  Set the trellis posts in the hole.  Make sure the posts stay level as you tightly pack the holes with a mix of dirt and gravel.  Once the trellis is secure, place your climbing plants in the ground and use biodegradable string to tie up and train your plants growth.
Instead of planting directly into the ground you can use a garden planter as the base and place the lattice inside.  Place the pot and lattice along a bare garden wall or anyplace that you need to add color and decoration.
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Make your own Japanese Garden


Create your own Japanese Garden by following these tips.  They bring the culture and character of Japan into your landscape.  You might not be able to travel to Kyoto to visit its famed public and private gardens but there are more than 300 public Japanese gardens in North America.  The quantity alone points to the popularity of Asian style gardens outside Japan, and visiting one in your area should be a first step in learning more
 14570Study nature and take note of the innate beauty of water, rocks, native plants and topography.  The best Japanese gardens evoke natural scenery.

They try to capture natural patterns and distill them into a small space near your home.  Start by selecting foliage plants.  Flowering trees and shrubs are present in traditional Japanese gardens, but the primary use of broad leaf evergreen and coniferous plants ensures year round texture and interest.  A really well done garden will look good in all four seasons.  Mix in some glazed garden planters and fill with smaller versions of green plants like palms or rubber trees
Include a water feature.  Almost every good Japanese garden has water in 14569 some form or another.  Some have ornaments with water or a basin of water.  Larger gardens have a pond or stream.  A lot of the most natural patterns involve water,such as the way a river curves or the flow of water over a boulder.

Many garden planters can be turned into water features.  The sounds of bubbling water is soothing and lovely and you can fill the planter with river rock giving it a natural affect.  Fill a pond with koi and float lilies.
Connect the landscape to your home.  The most important thing about a  14571Japanese garden is to integrate the house and the garden together.  Add a sun room or seasonal room with an indoor - outdoor connecting and extend the deck almost to the water's edge.  Fill the garden with Japanese lanterns with a soft candle glow.  Place a birdbath or bird feeder where you can attract local wildlife and hear the pleasant sounds.  Always have a bench of some type to sit on for meditation or just a peaceful visit.
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FishPondSealant 4/19/2017 11:11:16 PM 
It is not limited to make a garden or pond too necessary is keeping it up. The pond is lined with Pondpro2000 can protect your fish and pond too. But for keeping it clean and maintain you have to get rid of all filth and fish that are not healthy.

Make This Planter - I am easy!


This foliage based, classic rendition of the thriller, filler, and spiller design included an upright architectural eye catcher, its billowy surround, and its cascading skirt, each with leaves distinctive in color and form.

This container is very large and made of real terra-cotta clay.  Fill the bottom with pot filler and then add the potting mix soil.  Start in the middle with the tallest plant then the sides and last the drape. 

This project is easy to do and stunning in size and effect.

The tallest center plant is:  Australia Canna
The middles greens are: Fishnet Stockings coleus
The cascading plants are:  Dichondra Silver falls

The best conditions are full sun to partial shade.

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A Trellis Hoop For Any Planter!!


When these willow cages are set into terracotta pots and planted with colorful flowers, they provide a focal point all season long in your garden or patio areas.  This cage takes about 2 hrs to make, and all the materials are easy to come by.  Give it a go and let us know how you did.
Pencil thick willow switches make up the hoops.  You will need two 42" long, four 36" long and four 26" long.  The cage looks best when it is a bit taller than the pot it sits in.  The measurements here are for a 11" terracotta clay azalea pot, which is wider than tall.  It also has nearly vertical walls, which help the cage sit in it snugly.
 14535Peel the leaves and snip off the side branches from the switches.  Cut the two best looking 42" long for the main hoops.  Cut four thick switches 36" for the middle and found 26" for the lower.  Mark the inside of the pot at the 12 o'clock spot and again at 3,6 & 9 o'clock spots.  Put the two main hoops inside the pot at right angels to each other so that each end sticks 3" into the pot.  Use a twist tie to hold the marked centers together.  You can tape the inside of the pots to hold them together.

Then curve one of the middle hoops and place the ends on each side of 14533 one of the main hoops. The top of the curve should rest about 1/3 of the way down outside the main hoop.
The lower hoops are placed in the same way.  To make the cage more stable weave the lower hoops in front of and behind the middle and main hoops where you can.  Fasten the remaining intersections with twist ties.
 14534Traditionally these cages are planted with carnations but many different types of plant materials look good in them.  Try to select plants that bloom for a long time or that have nice foliage over several seasons.  You can always plant bulbs in them and they look fantastic.
Place the pots on a patio or deck, or even in a mixed garden border.  Stick them right into the bed.  These are easy to do and lovely once made.
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Make This Garden Planter!

A planter bowl of mixed plants almost always looks better than the same number dotted around in individual pots.  Garden center and florists often sell mixed garden bowls, but you can probably make on more cheaply using a container that you already have.  Or, you can enhance the process of creating one by purchasing a new bowl from Arizona Pottery.  It's always fun to find new plants to use.
What you will need to create this look:
* A large ceramic or clay garden bowl with drain hole.
* Bark chippings or pot filler.
* Compost
* A collection of mixed foliage and flowerling plants.
 14507 Steps-Showing-How

Step one is easy.  Cover the drainage hole with crock pieces, bark chippings or pot filler, which we sell in our pot accessory section.  Partially fill the container with compost.

It is a good ideas to have a showy centerpiece plant - then insert an empty pot temporarily in the center so you are sure to leave enough space of other plants.

Place the other plants around the centerpiece pot, rearranging them as necessary while still in their pots.  Do not start planting in the compost until you are happy with the results.
Then remove the plants from their pots and plant.  Finally, insert the centerpiece.  If it is going to be there for some time, remove it from the pot and plant directly into the soil.  If you are likely to have to replace it after a few weeks - as is common with flowering plants once they finish blooming - keep it in its container.
 14509 Plants-And-Flowers-Used

Here is a great tip.  for a lively, varied mix use a combination of small bushy, vertical and trailing plants.  Tradescantias are a good choice for the last category, particularly since they come in a wide range of bright colors, including greens, creams and bronze.
Plant any time of year.
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Decorate your own pot - here

Here is a simple and fun project.  By following these simple steps you can create your own inspirational containers for your home or garden areas.  The brilliant colors of the Mediterranean are recreated with these painted terracotta pots.  While the plants thrive in the climate of the Mediterranean, they also perform perfectly in less predictable weather conditions.
Materials you will need: 14420
4 Terracotta clay pots of various sizes
Paint Brush
Selection of bright colored acrylic paints
Masking tape
Loam based compost
Prostrate rosemary
Golden Thyme
Large Red Pelargonium
Step 1.  Paint the pots with solid colors or with patterns using two coats if necessary.  The terracotta absorbs the moisture from the paint, so they will dry very quickly.

Step 2.  Paint the rim of one pot with a contrasting color.

Step 3.  Create a zig-zag pattern using masking take and painting alternate sections.

Step 4.  Fill pots with compost, then position the plants, firming them in place with extra compost.

Step 5.  The aloe does not need a large pot.  Plant it in a pot just slightly larger than the one you bought it in.

Step 6.  Plant the thyme and pelargonium in separate pots.  Finish the plants with a top dressing of gravel, water well and place in a sunny window.
For commercial reasons the plants you buy will probably have been grown in a peat compost, although they prefer a loam based compost.  Gently loosen the peat around their roots and mix with the loam based compost before potting up in the new mixture.  Plant in late spring or early summer.
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A Wonderful Garden Display To Re-Create

This is the perfect bowl shaped garden planter to set next to a pool.  The low bowl shape will not block the view and the plant materials are great for their long lasting appeal and ability to fare well in the summer heat.  If you like this potted planter, we can show you how to duplicate it!
First get a nice sized container to plant in.  Make sure that it has a drain hole for good drainage.  Then fill with potting mix that has a fertilizer mixed into it.  We like the look of a high shine glazed pot for this type of planting materials.


1.  Lemon Symphony African Daisy (Osteospermum 'Seikilrem', annual is bright, colorful and durable.

2.  Sunny Serena African Daisy (Osteospermum 'Sunny Serena', annual has small buds that are bright with hardy greens that are lush.

3.  Butterfly iris (Dietes grandiflora) Nice and spiky adding a bit of texture and height to the arrangement without blocking the view. 
Try these plants and potting container and create a lovely display like the one show above.  Be sure and let us know how it worked for you.
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