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Late Winter Potted Primrose


Available for sale at most Garden Centers this time of year, the Primrose plant is colorful and a welcome sight.  After long cold month's of winters cold and grey these delightful flowers are a needed lift.  It's still a bit early to pot them outside in some areas but you can still grow them indoors until the weather warms up by following a few simple tips.

The first thing to remember is that a primrose plant is not meant to last and last.  They usually last a few weeks outdoors in garden planters, showing their colorful flowers and then die off to be replaced with other seasonal plants.  So if you decide to try them indoors just keep this fact in mind.


As with most plants a potted indoor primrose does not like to sit in water.  Their roots will rot if the soil is kept too moist.  Once the soil starts to feel dry you need to water them and then give them a misting.  They love humidity.  Don't let the soil dry out completely or they will die quickly.


As with most plants a potted primrose likes sunlight.  So make sure they are getting as much direct or indirect sunlight as possible.  When it comes to fertilizing any indoor plant including a potted primrose they like to be fertilized once a month except when in bloom.  Don't fertilize when in bloom.


are pretty inexpensive to purchase so if you fell like giving this a go with trying to grow them indoors you won't have a lot of money invested and the outcome if successful is well worth the beauty and color that you will experience.  Purple, White, Orange and Pink are all favorite colors.  That's about it.
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Potted Houseplants Tips & Tricks

Temperature - Indoor plants don't like drafty areas.  They don't behave like outdoor plants and most common types of indoor potted plants are not adaptable to all situations.  A new indoor gardener might place the potted plant in a sunny window thinking that the sun will help with growth.


However what usually happens it the plant dries up from the rising temperature change and then gets cold at night from sitting on a cold windowsill.  The best action to take for a potted plants health is move the plant into a morning sunny window when the sun is less intense.  Then move it out of the sun after a couple of hours.  Check the plants leaves for signs of burn or if more sun is needed.


Pottery selection:  Select a pot that fits your plants needs and your rooms decorative desire.  Make sure the pot is large enough to accommodate root growth but not so large that when watered it saturates and drowns the poor plant.  Many garden pots have drain holes which is most healthy for any plants roots system, so buy a saucer to protect the surface you place the potted plant on.  This is a time to be creative and match your homes decor.  Have fun!


Watering & Soil:  Go with sterilized garden soil that can be purchased from a garden center or nursery.  It is not recommended that you dig up dirt in your yard and use that since it may contain pests or disease.  A good rule of thumb when watering potted indoor plants is to keep the soil moist, not dry or wet.  Don't drown your plant, make sure the water run off is emptied and check regularly that the soil doesn't dry out.


Fertilizer:  Don't feed the potted houseplant to much because it can burn the plants roots and use a fertilizer made specifically for houseplants.  Their nutrient needs are different that garden plants.  So do not overfeed but make sure they get something every couple of weeks.

If you watch the temperature, get some natural morning sunlight, feed the soil with nutrients, water when needed, you should have lovely and healthy houseplants that you can be proud of.

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