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Winter Potted Indoor Herbs


Keeping Potted Herbs Happy

As the world becomes more health-conscious, people are looking to become more pro-active when it comes to cooking at home and growing their own potted herbs.  By using fresh grown herbs in your food preparation you will use less oil, fat, butter and cream.


Potted grown herbs have a powerful taste and delicious smells that add so much to food.  Donít forget you can use any home-grown potted herbs in all kinds of things from soap to candle making.  Fresh or dried they are simply wonderful and if you havenít tried to grow your own you are wasting your money.  Grocery store herbs are very expensive and unnecessary.


Get some of our small terracotta clay flowerpots and saucers.  Decide on the size dependent on where you will grow them.  A kitchen window, a center island, back porch or patio area are all good places if you have easy access to them.  Clay flowerpots are good because terracotta is considered low fired and breathable which is super healthy for your herbs root systems.  Just make sure you have easy access or we all know what will happen.  You wonít use them!!!


Treat your fresh herb just like fresh flowers.  When you trim your potted plants, place them in a glass of water and refrigerate up to 2 weeks.  Try drying some for adding to soups and casseroles by placing them on a paper towel and microwave for 30 sec intervals.  Turn as needed till brittle.


You can freeze whole springs or chop them and place in a plastic bag for up to six months.
Itís easy to grow your own herbs in garden containers indoors and out, and we have the clay garden planters to help.  Pick up some potting mix at your local nursery or garden center and you are good to go.

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Potted Herbs That Purify Air

Turn Potted Herbs into air purfiers

You love the thought of potting herbs to put into your kitchen so that you will have them to cook with. But, hereís another reason to have herbs in flowerpots indoors & nearby. They naturally purify the air!

Here is a collection of potted herbs that help with indoor pollution, bad odors and help to lower the carbon dioxide around your home naturally. Some will help to repel flies in the kitchen like basil and none will grow too tall if you use smallish sized clay pots.

Rosemary: You all know how great it is to cook with. The needle like leaves when chopped are perfect for cooking or a tea. But did you know that besides itís pleasant aroma a potted bunch of rosemary, purifies humid winter air! Rosemary breathes carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Some of the essential oils will exhale into the air so you donít even need to cook with it.

Basil: A pot full of basil gives off a rich aroma. It will also reduce the carbon dioxide in a room besides repelling flies in the kitchen. It has a wonderful peppery taste that is used in Italian dishes. Pinch off leaves when cooking to add a wonderful fresh taste to a savory dish. The aroma it gives off is heavenly.


Mint: Ok we all know this makes a wonderful hot tea for winter. A flowerpot full of fresh mint makes the air easier to breathe if you have a cold. It has a wonderful soothing aroma. You will rest easier at night with a small pot of mint next to your bed.

Jasmine: Perfect for tea but also when potted and placed around the house will fill the home with fragrance along with purifying the air. A perfect combination! It is an inexpensive for of air freshener and all natural.

So, think about these wonderful herbs when you are looking for air purifiers for around your home. Indoor this time of year in colorful or traditional little pots is easy, perfect & complimentary!
 Potted Herbs for indoors
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