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Potted Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds


Potted Vine that attract hummingbirds.

Who doesn't love looking out a window and seeing those amazing hummingbirds flying around your potted flowers?  They are so small and colorful and they flap their wings so fast they make a humming sound.  They fly right, left, up, down and backwards!  Amazing creatures that everyone loves to see flying around their porch or patio setting.

Well, here are a few tips on plants that attract hummingbirds.  These plants and vines can be easily planted in garden containers and moved to where you can see them from indoor windows.  Or place the garden pots around your patio table so that you can enjoy the hummingbirds while relaxing or eating outside.

Hummingbirds like nectar-filled blooms so here are a few good suggestions:


1.  Trumpet Honeysuckle:  Hummers, butterflies and bees all love honeysuckle.  By keeping the potting soil moist and placing the garden container in full sun or even partial shade will you will the best flowering results.  The bright red flowers will attract the butterflies and hummers.


2.  Mandevilla:  Since this is a drought tolerant vine it's perfect for garden pottery but can also be used in a hanging basket. Put this container in full sun or partial shade with well drained soil.  This vine can climb so place the pot next to a patio pillar or garden fence.


3.  Canary Creeper:  Another wonderful vine that likes full sun or partial shade with moist well draining potting soil.  It can trail so you can put it in a hanging basket outside a kitchen window where you can watch the hummers eat.  If you look at the flowers closely they look like canaries. Potted canaries, who knew! Wonderful.


4.  Candy Corn Plant:  Love the look of these but you can't eat them.  Only the hummers can dive bomb this flower.  Again full sun and moist soil in your planters will work best.  You can move this potted flower indoors during winter and make it a houseplant if you want.

So here are few suggestions on what to pot up on your porch or patio and attract some hummingbirds.  Give one or two a try and let us know how it works out!

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Set the stage for a symphony.

 14513 Set-The-Stage-For-A-Symphony
Wake up to a symphony of bird song, when you set up your garden area the right way.  Here's how.....Attracting birds to your garden.
 14515-Long-BarBegin with a homemade or commercial feeder.  We have a fun and huge selection of birdhouses and feeders.  Then purchase a large bag of wild bird feed.  Birds seem to "find" the food mostly easily when it's about four feet off the ground.  After a while, you may observe that the particular birds in your ara prefer more of a particular kind of seed.  You can also set out chunks of suet in a wire cage to provide high energy food in cold weather.

In cold climates either feed birds consistently or don't start feeding them at all.  They will come to depend on you as a source of food.  Birds love a bit of water to bathe in and drink.  They need places near the feeding area in which to perch or hide from predators.  If you don't have any trees or shrubs for this purpose then plant some in huge garden planters so you can move them where they need to be.

Attract hummingbirds by planting the kinds of flowers they prefer.  Many of them are partial to red and orange flowers, and they like long, tubular flowers such as salvias and trumpet vines.  They also like a moving water source, such as a fountain or waterfall.  Arizona Pottery also sells some beautiful glass hummingbird feeders.

Hang bird feeders and hummingbird potted plants close to your window so you can enjoy the show.  If you hang a lace curtain in the window, you can watch the birds at close range without disturbing them.
Fun and simple!
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Sweeten the POT!

We saw these great tips from Sunset Magazine on how to create a planter pot that will attract Hummingbirds and we thought we would pass it along.  By Debra Prinzing, Photos by Ed Gohlich

It is really easy to pot a special type of plant that will attract certain birds, butterflies and other desired garden friends.  This particular pot has 3 plants that attract hummingbirds.  Fingertips (dudleya edulis), Sticky monkey flower (Mimulus aurantiacus) and Jim Sage (salvia clevelandii).  Each one of these can easily be found at your local nursery center.

Here are easy tips on how to plant them:

1.  Use one or more pieces of broken pottery to cover the drain holes to
prevent soil from seeping out but allows water to drain through.

2.  Fill approximately one quarter to one third of the container with high quality potting soil.  This helps for plant growth.

3.  Arrange the plants listed above in the containers, placing the tallest plant toward the back.  Add soil until it reaches 1/2" to 1" below the pots rim.  Add decorative accents like driftwood, or seashells.  Water thoroughly and watch them grow.

These nectar rich native plants are lovely and the hummingbirds love them.  Give them a try and let us know how they worked out for you!

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