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Maintaining A Potted Garden


Here are a few easy tips on how to maintain your potted garden.

Even though choosing to pot up your plants, trees & flowers is physically easy taking care of them properly take certain actions.  You must be vigilance when it comes to grooming, watering & fertilizing


Grooming tips - Keep floral dead flowers removed.  It not only makes the plant look better but it encourages them to flower again.  If the foliage looks like it is growing out of shape or off on one side, cut back the branches so they look better and not knarly.  Use small scissors to keep any topiary looking trimmed and leaves & stems from poking out.


Watering Schedule -  When it comes to when and how long to water your potted garden it really depends on the weather conditions you find yourself experiencing.  If it's really hot outside you need to water every day.  Soak the potting soil till completely moist and water comes out the drain hole of the planter.  If it's cooler weather you should water every other day or so depending on the weather.  Light colored containers hold water longer.  Terracotta is porous so it seeps out faster and needs to be watered more often.  A poly resin planter holds water longer.


Fertilizing -  It's always easiest to water your garden containers at the same time you water.  When it's warmer and your plants are blooming, fertilize when you water the plants every two weeks or so.  As the weather cools use less fertilizer.  Remember that the potting mix starts out with fertilizer already in it but that will run out eventually, depending on how much you water, how large the pot etc....


Knowing when and how to take care of your potted garden makes the job so much easier and enjoyable.  As the garden season ends you may have to move some planters to a shed or garage for protection.  Cut down the plants that require it and understand that when the season is over for some annuals it's over and all you can do is take them out of the pots and compost them.  Store you garden containers indoors till next Spring when you can bring them out, wash them and plant again.


Good Luck,

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Moving Large Containers


As a very first step to consider before buying, planting & placing large garden containers is where do you want them to be placed.  It's totally practical to place the pots before you fill them with gravel, pot shards, potting mix and plant materials.  The added weight all these items will add make it cumbersome to move the pot after added.  If you have to move your garden pots after then here are a few tips to help.


When it comes to moving large garden pots for whatever reason may arise you can use wooden dollies made for this purpose, they make plastic saucer with wheels on them or purchase a pot lifter that we sell that works very well.  All are great for moving large pots but just make sure they can handle the weight before trying any of these methods.


Sometimes you can use a hand truck to move heavy pottery so that you are not putting all the weight of large planters on your back.  You may need to ask a neighbor or yard person to help out.  If you have to move it up or down steps try using 2 wooden planks to form a ram you can slid the large container down or up on.


We have even seen a piece of cardboard placed under the flower pot making it easier to slide the pot along a patio surface.  All in all the most important point is to place the planter where it needs to stay before you plant it.  And, of course don't water it right before moving so that the potting soil is lighter and not weighed down from the moisture.

Once moved, leave the plant alone so it can climatise to the new location.  This is not the time to trim or cut back a potted plant.  It has already been thru enough of a shock, having been moved.

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How To Propagate Succulents in Winter


Have you ever tried to propagate a plant?  How about a succulent?  Everyone knows that it's easy to propagate a plant during summer. All you have to do is stick a leaf cutting in dirt and walk away.  When it comes to succulents in many cases just a dropped leaf will root themselves in dirt without any help from you.

 8782-Succulents (2)

However, to propagate during winter takes a few more steps.  It's different not difficult.  If you have a window ledge next to a south facing window where succulents leaves can be placed.  It's a cold spot that gets sun and moisture from condensation on the window.  Just lay them on the sill


After a few weeks they leaves will start to put out new growth and the roots become fuller.  These cuttings didn't get any special care.  If for some reason you want them to root faster, try dipping the cut end into rooting hormone before  putting it by the window.


Finally when it comes to taking cuttings from succulents it's really esy.  Carefully break or cut off a piece of the leaf or stem and there you go.

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Thriller, Spiller & Filler Garden Planters

You just hit the local nursery and you now find yourself at home staring at some plants, soil and a garden planter. Now what to do to assure you have the best display in your container?

Start with the basics.  Make sure you garden planter has a drain hole. If it doesn't you will need to have the pot drilled.  Don't skip this set but it's really important that water drain off and not sit in the bottom of the pottery.  Next make sure you have some good potting soil. This really is important. You don't want to use soil from the ground. This simply will not be a healthy start to your new plants and it will inhibit the growth


Now design.  Well here is the big tip - Make sure you have a thriller, spiller and filler.  Sounds simple enough right!  The thriller is the main, eye catching plant.  It usually has some height to it like a grass or spiky plant.  You want it shooting out of the garden planter and looking dramatic.

Now what is a spiller? Well this is the plant that will drape down the side of the garden planter or yard container. Like a vinica, or ivy.  It will spill out over the top of the planter and add interest and depth. You don't not want all your flowering plants and grasses to be just on the top layer.  Add some length and another level.


Lastly is the filler.  These are the colorful flowers you want to plant that will fill out the pot and give it a dome shape.  Geraniums are a great choice along with marigolds and verbenas.  They last, have lots of color and will fill out your garden planter beautifully.

Once you make sure you have all 3 pieces of the container puzzle it's really easy to do.  Plant the thriller in the center of the pot.  The fillers around the middle pot and the spillers around the outer edge of the container.  As they grow they will blend beautifully and give you the more stunning flower pot display.  

Place on a patio, porch or in a garden area where it can be admired for many months.  Good luck!
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Starting Plants from Seeds

Getting a head start on your garden with seeds Just Makes Cents.

As the economy sputters, you may find the idea of starting plants from seeds taking root.  But, then you might wonder if it's too complicated or difficult.  Not to fear - seed starting is amazingly easy, consumes little time, energy and money and brings you a whole new level of gardening enjoyment.


First make wise choices:  As you page thru a seed catalog, make a wish list.  Pay attention to two important dates.  Your last spring frost and days to maturity.  Start seeds too early, and you will have unwieldy seedlings indoors too long.  Start to late, and your plants may produce flowers later than usual, making them more vulnerable to summer's heat or early frost.

Create a spot for seedlings:  Seed companies get busy in early spring and fill orders on a first come basis, so order early for the best selection.  While you await their arrival do some basic prep work.


Find a room to grow in - if you don't have a greenhouse find a room indoors that is warm and free of drafts.  A basement, sun porch or spare room are good options.  Even the top of the fridge is a great place.

Provide sufficient light.  Seedlings require 12 to 16 hrs a day.  Sunlight from a window is not ideal because it is limited in late winter and early spring.  Instead us artificial light.  Grow lights are best and use a time.


When seeds arrive, plant them.  Begin with a damp sterile seed starting mix.  Fill containers 2/3 full.  Tamp down to surface level and identify. Read packet for instructions.  Don't over sow.  To many seeds produce a forest that is too thick for easy thinning.

Cover with plastic to hold in warmth.  Check daily.  It usually takes a week or two for the first little leaves to emerge.  When they sprout two sets of true leaves it is time to move to more space.  Don't pull them. Carefully pull apart.  Place in a small clay flowerpot and fill with more sterile soil. Move back under the grow lights.


You will know when to move them outside depending on the weather.

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Tower of Plants

We saw this DIY project on how to make a tiered planter from terracotta saucers and had to share it here.  Because the instructions are a bit detailed, not complicated we will share a link below on the complete instruction sheet.

When you entertain in your home and are always looking for new and clever ideas, we think this one will fill your need.  By taking a few clay saucers and some nuts and bolts you can create this multi tiered pot stand.  Placed in the center of a dining room table, on a buffet table or a garden table it is stunning and commanding.

Place some plants
potted in terracotta on the stand and create different looks to compliment the different seasons.  Use this for Halloween and fill the pots with treats, use as a cupcake stand, and during Christmas fill the pots with candy canes and red & white plants.  Stunning!

Remember all you will need are terracotta clay round saucers, clay flowerpots with flowers and a few other items.

Complete instructions here:
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Houseplant Pests

We all know how frustrating it can be to bring a lovely potted houseplant into the home and then find yourself fighting houseplant pests.  The last think you want to do is spend your time fighting those bugs all winter long.

Once the season changes and winter approaches, houseplants go dormant.  This will make them more prone to pest attacks.  The best way to approach this issue is to follow a few easy steps which can help your potted houseplants and control this pest issue.

Keep your containers and potting mix clean and sterile.  If you are using a pot that has already been used then run it thru the dishwasher.  And, never recycle potting soil from another plant.  Always start with new potting mix.  Check the plants when you purchase them and make sure they aren't already infested.  If you find any then wash them with a mild soap and water.  If you find that later after planted you potted houseplant, it gets bugs then move it away from your other plants so it doesn't affect them also.

Don't let the plants get dusty or cobwebs.  These things will attract spider mites. Use a damp paper towel or soft cloth to wipe the leaves off on a regular basis.

So as you can see it's not as tragic as you may think. And please don't just toss the poor houseplant out without trying these steps.  It's a situation that nobody wants but one that can easily be dealt with.
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How To Moss Cover Clay Pots

Nothing is more lovely than aged terracotta flowerpots.  But sometimes you just don't have the time to wait for it to happen naturally.  Here are a few tips that will help speed along the process.

Start by locating a few handfuls of live moss. Most local nursery or landscape companies will have live moss to sell. Put it in a blender with 1 cup of buttermilk and 1 cup of water.  Blend till it looks like a brown milkshake.  It will smell kind of bad but just ignore that.  Now take a artist brush and paint this mixture onto the clay  flowerpots that you want to have covered with moss.

From small to extra large, this formula will work on all real clay garden planters.  Even if the mix is chunky that is fine.  Those chunks will turn green in 24 hrs.  Lastly, mist the outside once a day to keep the moss growing.  Just make sure that you
plant something that can handle daily watering.

That's it. Not much to do and the final effect is stunning.  
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Let's Repot a Succulent


As we all know most plants will eventually get root bound when grown in a garden planter.  As a plant grows it's roots want to shoot out and expand.  Eventually they will become intertwined, yearning to break free.  Here are a few tips to help with succulents.


Turn the succulent over in your hand and gently loosen from the pot that it is root bound in.  Carefully try to spread the roots a bit so that they are moveable and not bound together in a tight ball. Take the potting soil for the new larger planter and mix it with 1/3 sand. Succulents are desert dwellers so good draining soil is a must.

Once the succulents have been re-potted do NOT water.  Wait a week before the first watering.  This will give them time to adjust to the new pot and soil.  Then water like once a month.  It's tempting to over water but trust us they do not like it.  Just make sure that the pot is placed in an area where there is lots of sunshine.  If indoors put them on a windowsill.  Outside move to a sunny area. 

The main goal here is to let them have lots of room to grow, don't over water and place in a sunny window or area.  Sounds simple so let us know how you do!
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How to Pot a Succulent

Potted Succulents in Arizona Pottery Garden Bowl

You would think that potting up some recently purchased succulents would be super easy and it basically is. But, if you want to make certain that you are starting off the most successful way then read below for easy but foolproof tips.

The first thing you want to do is get all your supplies together.  Collect your container that you are going to use.  It's doesn't have to be deep because a succulent has a short root system. So, this is a great place to use a garden bowl or even bonsai planter.  The more succulents you plant on planting the wider the garden bowl should be.  Make sure they aren't going to be cramped together.  Then select the succulents, get succulent potting soil and some pot filler & pot topper.

Now is the time to place a small piece of pot filler in the bottom of the garden bowl. This will keep the soil from coming out of the drain hole but let's the water drain thru. Then fill the pot almost to the top with succulent soil, but leave room at the top for roots and to add more soil once you place your succulent.

Remove your succulent carefully from the nursery pot being careful not to damage the roots.  Place it in the pot and tuck the roots into the soil slightly.  Now is time to top off the pot and make sure the plant is covered with soil but no leaves are buried.  Press down slightly to make sure it stays in place.

Once done planting all the succulents, then top dress the pot.  This not only gives the pot a decorative and finished look but it helps protect the roots from wind and sun.  Use a bright colored rock or something clever like aquarium rocks.  Now is where you really have fun.

Leave for a couple of days before watering to let the roots rest before they start soaking up water.  Easy Peasy and So much Fun!

 2498-Succulents-In-GardePotted Succulents Arizona Pottery
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