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DIY Christmas Tree Planter

DIY Christmas Tree Stand from Sweet Something Design Blog


We saw this clever idea on how to make your own Christmas stand using a garden
flowerpot and a few other items.  It's a very natural, almost rustic look that is perfect for most home or patio areas.

20" large terracotta flower pot
Manila rope (3 bags/rolls)
Plastic Utility Bucket
50 lb bag of concrete
Hot Glue Gun
Jig Saw


Place the pot on the kitchen counter to make it easy to work with.  Of course if you have a work bench or green house they work also. Starting from the bottom of the garden planter, begin gluing on the rope, keeping it nice and tight.  Just glue randomly, every few rows or so. Keep going all the way to the top.


If you want to possibly use this pot like this then don't put the concrete directly into this pot.  Use the utility bucket instead so you can use this rope covered garden pot for other purposes later.


Take the bucket and cut the top off it if sticks over the flowerpot opening.  Mix the concrete right into the bucket.  It took a whole bag for this one.  Stick the legless tree with pole right into the mixture. Cure over night.  The add the top pieces of the tree with the branches on them.

It makes an artificial tree look real.  Now you get to trim it.  Good Luck Everyone!

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Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

 DIY Decorating a Thanksgiving table with garden pottery

Add a colorful touch to your holiday gathering with these tips.

Wondering what to do this year for your holiday decorating.  With family coming for Thanksgiving you want to add a touch of color and warmth.  They key is to surround your home and create a tablescape with warm colors & terracotta tones.  Add burnt orange blooms, petite pumpkins, and rustic touches with plain clay flowerpots

The terracotta pottery has a warm tone to it that compliments the orange and rust colored flowers.  Line your table with pots of mums and geraniums so that after the holiday they will still last and you can enjoy the pots for months not days.

Turn Flowerpots into a Thanksgiving tablescape

Use clay flowerpots as place-cards, to hold crayons for children to use and have them decorate a picture you can all share.  This is not the time for bright spring colored planters or plant materials.  Rust, orange, wine, forest green, deep reds, terracotta, browns & burnt tones.

Try to sprinkle a splash or two around the house.  Place flowerpots on side tables on the entry hall. Of course, adding a few pumpkins or gourds always decorates things up.    Don’t forget to put pots, pumpkins and mums at the front door so that your guests will be welcomed with a splash of color and a touch of the Thanksgiving holiday. Fill pots with candy corn and sweet treats. The point is to have fun, come up with clever ideas and enjoy the holiday.

 Thanksgiving table decorations using terracotta flower pots

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Celebrate America!

Create an effortless salute to red, white and blue blooms with these clever combination strategies!
 31352-Deconstruct-PlanterInstead of mixing colors in one pot, try a stepped skyline of containers, each holding a single color bloom.  The radiating shape of these daisies makes them feel like they are bursting out like fireworks.  Use different sizes of planters and heights.  It really adds to the character of the pots and creates a wonderful and colorful look.
 31354-Hanging-PlanterTo successfully marry plants in a hanging basket, do what the pro's do.  Combine one type of large flowers like the red petunia shown in the photograph with smaller scaled trailing accent flowers like the cobalt blue lobelias, periwinkle verbenas and white bacopa copa.  Create the perfect blend of impact and drape all inside a terracotta hanging planter or ceramic pot.
 31353-Color-Block-ContainerA bright patchwork of red marigolds and blue campanulas reads patriotic when planted in a shllow white pot or ceramic bowl.  The low bowl shape draws attention to the vibrant blooms rather than the container.  When placed on the ground near the door, the arrangement is the pefect way to greet guests!
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Stunning Floral Salute

This independence Day floral designers are giving red, white and blue blooms a boost with fresh herbs.  The herbs add surprising texture and fragrance to this arrangement of asters, salvia and zinnias.  Plus the touch of yellow from the fennel adds a modern twist to the classic patriotic palette.

Cut 24 garden flowers, 8 each of red, white and blue to 10" in height.  Hold one red, one white and one blue stem in your hand, twirling the bunch as you add the remaining flowers once at a time, alternating colors. Set the bouquet into a water filled high glossy blue garden vase or planter. Let the stems fall naturally and then start filling in the gaps with fennel and sage.  The spiky buds of the fennel and fuzzy soft leaves of the sage not only add color, texture but a delightful fragrance that is lovely.

Garden blooms often have soft stems that will droop in the vase over time and during summers heat.  If your container's bouquet starts to look faint, simply slip three skewers into the heart of the arrangement, angling them to create a tepee in the center. This triangle framework provides a makeshipf trellis that will prop up the leaning flowers.
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Patriotic Pizzazz!

 31343--PotsGrouping a trio of unexpected kitchen containers is a simple way to transform common flowers into an eye catching accent.  Here we used a red colander, white roasting pan and a blue ice bucket.  All simple things most of us have around the home.  Each one is holding petunias, lobelias and daisies, inexpensive plants available at most nursery and landscape centers.

For the most balanced display, match the proportions of the blooms to the size and shape of the pot!  A domed container like the colander looks best with a rounded mound of flowers, whereas a cylindrical container like the ice bucket requires a taller, narrower planting!
A ladder display is best for a small area!  Stepladders are great for displaying potted 31344-Ladder plants & flowers because they take up mostly vertical space.  You could place one on a deck or balcony without feeling crowded.  To prevent hiding too much of the A-frame try staggering the potted plants right to left, leaving the top two steps bare and choosing smaller, upright plants like geraniums shown.

And for a small scale
display, skipping white ensures harmony.  In a tighter space, the stark contrast of white can be overwhelming. 
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Holiday Decorating


It's that time of year again, where everyone is shopping, eating & decorating.  We are sure the inside of your home is stuffed with greens, candles and twinkle lights.  All done in the holiday spirit.  However, this time of year also finds your home being visited by many invited guests.  So, look at this as a friendly reminder to create a warm and welcoming entry.  How do you do that?
Start with the garden planters you already have. Maybe you have two identical planters standing guard beside your main entry.  By now you know that you should have them filled with evergreens boughs, evergreen bushes or innate objects like bamboo or reeds.  Don't leave them sitting empty. They look lonely and uninviting!  Surround the top soil with pine cones, oranges, red holiday glass balls, or decorative rock.  This little touch really adds a lot.

What we like about the photo above is the use of evergreen wreaths and pine cones balls.  How simple is that and decorative to boot! 
Metal garden planters tend to be simple in design with clean line and not a lot of decoration.  This look is simple and lovely at the same time.  As always we ask you to draw on your imagination and create the kind of entry that you are proud of.  Believe us, your guest will comment!
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Pot an Amaryllis NOW!

We know it's a bit early to be thinking about holiday gifts or decorations but if you follow these simple instructions NOW, you will have some really lovely items to work with.  It's very easy today and only requires a bit of early planning.
A cheerful amaryllis makes a wonderful holiday gift and you will want to plant some for yourself to enjoy and decorate with.  Below are the easy steps to follow so that you have great success.


Choose the container:  Measure the bulb or bulbs you are planning to pot and make sure that the size of planter is big enough.  You should go at least 2" larger in diameter than the size of the bulb and 2 inches deeper than the bulb with the roots.  You can plant in a glazed colorful container, a poly resin durable pot or the wildly used terracotta pot and saucer as shown.  Just make sure whatever you pick that it has a drain hole. 
2.  Add an inch or so of potting soil in the bottom of the pot.  Place the bulb in the container and add the mix around it being careful not to damage the roots.  Leave the top third of the bulb exposed.

3.  Moisten the soil and press it down gently to eliminate air pockets and make sure the bulb is sitting correctly and not leaning to one side or the other.  Put the amaryllis in a warm spot with indirect light.  Water lightly until the flower bud and leaves emerge.  Once this happens, move the potted bulb to a cooler area and water regularly.  Keep the soil moist but not soggy.  Keep the potted bulb away from bright light to extend the flowering.
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