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Shrubs - Plain & Simple.


Versatile and varied, tubbed shrubs enhance any garden
planter.  Many offer a different look for each season, brightening the patio area with changing leaf color, showy flowers and colorful berries.  Others, by virtue of striking shape or dramatic foliage look like beautiful sculptures.  Even ordinary shrubs when planted in beautiful garden containers can really shine and look quite exciting.  All these shrubs provide a rich, textured background for blooming annuals and perennials

Though slow growing shrubs naturally last longest in containers, almost any shrub can tolerate garden containers in general for many years.  Start out with a container that's a few inches larger all around than the pot that carried the shrub home from the nursery.

You can plant shrubs at almost any time of year, though it's best to plant in Spring in cold weather areas.  Many plants are happiest in standard potting mix but a few can handle a heavier mix.

In general potted shrubs need a monthly application of fertilizer throughout their growing season.  Select containers that you love that add color, texture and design to the area you will place them in.  Watch the root system on the shrubs to make sure that when it comes to time to repot that you are on top of it and the root ball doesn't become to bound up. 

Great shrubs to use are boxwood, camellia, winter daphne, silverberry, Japanese aralia, fuchsia, gardenia, hydrangea, holly, juniper, oleander and oregon grape.  Check these out and find the one that best meets your needs.  Good luck
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Fragrance in Containers.

Gardening in containers is easy, and allows you to bring lovely fragrances up close, whether in a window box, hanging basket or pots on the front porch.  How about a wonderful aromatic garden pot large potted plants on your deck or patio? 
Annuals, perennials, and a few shrubs and bulbs provide strong fragrance and grow well in garden pots.  Here is a sample of plants you can fill your containers with that are unfussy and very fragrant.  Nothing left to do but sit back reap the compliments on your gardening success.

Scented Geraniums - they grow for their leaves rather than the flowers and are best handled as pot grown perennials left outdoors in summer and kept indoors when temps drop below freezing.

Use a herb set like the photo show and a number of different species.  Many gardeners enjoy collecting these under demanding plants with fragrances that include rose, mint, lemon and even chocolate.  The do best in pots placed in full sun in spring and 50 percent sun in summer.  Water them regularly and fertilize from spring to autumn.
Gardenias - is one of the most fragrant plants on earth.  It is a tropical shrub that serves well as a summer patio plant, but it needs a cool place to spend winter - indoors.  The best time to grow them is in early summer.  Water lightly during winter when the plants are indoors.  We love this potted plant and the fragrance is heavenly.

Bulbs - Plant fragrance hyacinths and paper white narcissus in pots in the fall.  Dampen well, the place the pots in a cold place for at least 6 weeks.  Like a garage or under a stairwell in the basement.  Move the pots indoors in late winter, and treat them as sun lovoing houseplants until they flower.
A quick list of some good smelling plants to pot are:  Flowering tobacco, Heliptrope, lilac, Sweet Alyssum, petunia, stock and pinks.  All are lovely in color and style and the fragrances are wonderful and potent.


It is also fun to combine fast growing annual flowers in 14" garden pots creating fragrant bouquets.  Put taller plants toward the center of the large pot and place smaller plants surrounding them plus add trailing plants toward the edges to create a delightful look.  Include more plants than you would in similar space in the ground.
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What To Do In June.

These fragrant Southern pass-alongs fill summer days with perfume.  Blossoms open white and then fade to gold.  Use these elegant shrubs in garden planters, or en masse as hedges in your garden.  They prefer rich, well-drained soil with lots of organic matter.  Place them along pathways, near windows or around your patio, where you can enjoy their fragrance.  If you don't care for their fragrance, locate them further out in the yard but enjoy looking at their lovely blossoms.

Other tidbits to ponder:

The summer solstice comes on June 21, marking the beginning of summer.  Minimize your exposure to sun.  Work in the yard in the morning and early evenings when the sun is cooler.  Avoid being outside between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Protect yourself for those times you must be outdoors.

Save money & water by hand watering your potted plants or using a drip systems.  Do not sprinkle during the middle of the day because more water will evaporate than can be absorbed by the soil and plant materials.  Other considerations can help like timers, hose pots & rain barrels.

Add blueberries to the large pots surrounding your garden.  These are some of the easiest berries to grow.  They love heat and grow fast.  Plant two or more selections for lots of fruit all summer long.  Five plants should provide plenty of berries for a family of four.

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