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Moving Large Containers


As a very first step to consider before buying, planting & placing large garden containers is where do you want them to be placed.  It's totally practical to place the pots before you fill them with gravel, pot shards, potting mix and plant materials.  The added weight all these items will add make it cumbersome to move the pot after added.  If you have to move your garden pots after then here are a few tips to help.


When it comes to moving large garden pots for whatever reason may arise you can use wooden dollies made for this purpose, they make plastic saucer with wheels on them or purchase a pot lifter that we sell that works very well.  All are great for moving large pots but just make sure they can handle the weight before trying any of these methods.


Sometimes you can use a hand truck to move heavy pottery so that you are not putting all the weight of large planters on your back.  You may need to ask a neighbor or yard person to help out.  If you have to move it up or down steps try using 2 wooden planks to form a ram you can slid the large container down or up on.


We have even seen a piece of cardboard placed under the flower pot making it easier to slide the pot along a patio surface.  All in all the most important point is to place the planter where it needs to stay before you plant it.  And, of course don't water it right before moving so that the potting soil is lighter and not weighed down from the moisture.

Once moved, leave the plant alone so it can climatise to the new location.  This is not the time to trim or cut back a potted plant.  It has already been thru enough of a shock, having been moved.

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Roses in Garden Containers


Let's say you have limited growing space.  Maybe you live in an apartment or condo and you have always wanted to grow beautiful smelling roses. You have never had the yard or garden area to grow them and wish you could.  Well, potted rose bushes are easy to do and once and for all you will have your mini sweet smelling rose garden.


Roses are very diverse with many varieties.  Many of them can withstand cold temps as well and warmer temps.  When purchasing your rose bushes to pot read the tags or talk with the local nursery to find the ones that are best for you area.  A favorite for potting is miniature roses.  They are easy to grow and are perfect for small rectangle garden planters on a terrace or balcony.  They usually don't grow more than 18" high so they will work everywhere.

If you tend to lean toward the exotic, they are hybrid teas that pot up nicely.  They have long, straight, sturdy stems and look lovely when planted in a colorful garden planter or pot. These rose are popular because of their large blooms.  If you prefer a more bushy rose bush then we recommend Patio roses.  They are compact and really like to be potted in your garden container.


When selecting a garden container try to go a bit bigger than you thought.  Some roses need deep planters because they have a hardy root system.  The mini varieties not so much.  When selecting the container make sure there is some room to grow so that you don't have to re-pot in one season.  Make sure it has a drain hole.  You do not want these roots to sit in water.  If they do they will rot.  You need well draining potting soil specifically for roses if you can find it.  If you buy the rose bare root, pre-soak them for a couple of hours in a bucket of water to loosen them up and make them adaptable.


See how easy that is!  Now you can select some beautiful garden containers and planters in colors and styles that you adore. Fill them with the type or roses you desire and create that rose garden you have always wanted.  

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Grapes In Garden Planters


Let's grow some grapes in a garden planter!  Doesn't this sound hard? We agree! But, surprisingly if you follow some specific guidelines it's not all that hard at all.  This is the perfect project for people with limited patio or porch space.  Apartment dwellers, condos or small houses with small yards.  Give it a go and see how you do.

One of the most important things to remember when starting out is to select a nice large and sturdy garden container.  This is not the time for starting with a undersized garden planter.  On the other hand you don't want the plant to be swimming either.  You should shoot for a deep (18 to 24" wide container and 18" to 24" deep.  We recommend you use a planter made out of terracotta.  This clay pot is meant to breathe and is the healthiest choice for the plants root system.  Of course that doesn't  mean you can't use glazed, ceramic or concrete planters. They will all work find as long as they are large enough.


There are many types of grape vines so we recommend asking your local nursery professional what is best for your area.  You can go online for lots of information also.  Unless you have the room for a trailing grape vine we recommend you start with a dwarf variety.


Plant in spring or summer.  Don't use garden soil but instead look for a potting mix that drains well.  Mix a good fertilizer into the soil to begin with and use according to the mfg.  During the growing season it is best to mulch the top of the garden planter or use a pot topper like garden stone, colored marbles or clay pot broken shards.  They will help to keep the moisture from evaporating so fast in the heat.


Let the potted plant grow freely and no pruning till late winter.  By not pruning you will develop a strong root system. Come winter you should move the potted grape vine into the garage or preferably indoors.  Reduce watering and no fertilizer.  

Give it a go and let us know how it goes.

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A Pottery Collector Of Garden Planters


Many people find that for one reason (poor clay soil) or another (no space) that they have to become creative when it comes to planting a garden.  So many folks tend to take for granted the space and conditions they have when deciding what to plant and where to plant.


Mixing up different types of plant materials is common when limited for space.  Having succulents, orchids, calla lilies, cactus all sitting side by side is normal.  If you like the color of a certain plant you just tend to bring it home without having any kind of plan.  As soon as you run our of room you will become more selective.


Hanging pots as a vertical garden, or wall garden has become very popular with people becoming more creative and creative when it comes to planting a garden with no space to spare. When making a plan try to figure out where the sun or shade hits and plant accordingly.  


When it comes to collections of different planters, try grouping them for maximum impact instead of scattering them around, where they may get lost among the leaves etc.  Guest can view the entire garden from a deck or patio area which makes it easy and fun when showing off a new pot or garden plant.  Use bare walls on the outside of your home to showcase collections of unusual containers like tea-pots or old shoes.


Place potted trees where you may need a privacy screen or a unsightly view.  Place roses in garden pots where they add a wonderful scent and color to that garden area.  

When it comes to containers - use anything you like.  Mix terracotta with ceramic, rectangles with bowls and clay with lightweight poly resin.  There is no right or wrong here, just get crazy with it.

Hope we helped give you some ideas so you can become a pottery collector of your own!

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Tips On How To Repair A Cracked Garden Planter.

Tips on how to repair a cracked clay garden planter

Letís learn how to repair a broken pot.

Sorry to say that it is usual to crack or chip a clay flowerpots at one point in your garden adventures.  Well, if your damage isnít all that bad, you can repair the pot and return it to a fairly normal condition.  All you need to do is try a few of the tips listed below.  Think about it, what have you got to lose?

Choose a epoxy glue.  You mix the two compounds Ė one part glue, one part hardener, before you cement the pieces.  Read the package instructions for mixing, then apply the mending goo to both parts before joining them.

Fit the pieces together and tie the pot so that itís securely held in place.  Use a cord or rope for large pots, try plumbers tape for smaller ones.
Wipe off any glue that spills out of the cracks when you fit the pieces together.  Sand off any extra reside that you want to remove.

Once the pot is sealed you can stain or paint the pot to try to hide the cracks.  Make sure you use a paint that is for terracotta flower pots.  There are many colors available.  Many times you wonít even bother painting them since once the flowerpots are planted in the plants will grow over the sides and hide many of the issues anyway.

The point is, donít give up.  That garden planter you purchased was expensive and you donít have to toss it out.   Give this a try. What have you got to lose!
Repair a cracked garden container
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3 Creative Garden Planter Ideas


Using a wheelbarrow for a garden planter
 is so easy to do and just adorable. We saw this on Midwest Living website and wanted to share it with you.  Filled with seasonal mums, purple flowers kale and purple tinged leaves of bugleweed, this idea is clever.  Place in your yard where it can be seen by visitors and passer-buys.  Perfect for Fall!


Colander Garden Container - A vintage colander makes a great
container garden.  It already comes with drain holes!  This one is extra cute planted with parsley and polka dot plant. If this pot was filled with herbs it would be perfect on a kitchen counter. Placed on a patio or garden table it adds color and charm to any area.  If you have a metal container, get paint for metal at any Home Depot store and paint the colander a bright color.  Bold colored planters are perfect in any yard!

Here is a tried and true garden idea.  Take old tires, paint they a eye catching color and fill them with potting soil and bright colored flowers. Mount on a barn, shed or patio wall where you need some extra charm. These make great garden containers and can be potted as easy as a planter.
There are a ton or more fun items that you can turn into garden planters. Old file cabinets, vintage crock pots, a child's toy wagon & much more. Just get imaginative and your yard and garden areas will look original, playful and colorful.
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Empty Pots - Yeah...Empty Pots!


 30046-Empty-PotsHave you ever noticed how beautiful a pot can look left completely empty in the garden?  Perhaps you think that a garden pot left empty is sad and not very appealing?  You believe a pot is meant to contain something, like soil with flowers, or water turning it into a fountain.  Most pots call to be filled. They have drain holes encouraging you to plant a favorite flower or shrub in them and they can provide super drainage.  All good points!
 30047-Empty-PotHowever, there is something special about a pottery left empty.  Especially when you display it along an entry way to a home or deep in the center of a lush garden.  Need something to add color, place one under a green tree and leave it empty.  This emptiness draws your eye to it and let's your imagination soar.  You wonder why? Why was it left empty.  Is it being displayed like a piece of artwork?  Maybe you are just leaving it empty temporarily until you figure out what you want to plant in it.
Just know in your heart that it's OK to leave a garden pot empty.  You don't always have to do the norm.  Take your time deciding.  Let it sit in a place where you can view it from inside the home and take your time deciding what to do with it.  Purchase a bright blue pot and surround it with blue glass that reflects the light.  Add water and make it a water feature or leave it empty and just admire the color and beauty of the lines.
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Lovin The Fall Foliage

It's that time of year when the "jewels" of color are starting to show up.

You don't need a lot of space to get big color. By planting one of the trees listed below you are well on your way to achieving stunning color.  Amber, scarlet and plums will all show up and be hard to overlook.  Many of these types of trees fit perfectly into small gardens and are wonderful planted into large garden planters.


If you plant them now, these trees will develop a strong root system in the cool months and thrive when the weather warms. 

When it comes to selecting the type of planters to use we have a few tips to share.  Even though "Terracotta Clay" is lovely and makes a wonderful compliment to the bright colors of the trees, these are not our first recommendation.  Terracotta is meant to breathe and there for will break down over time.  This means if you plant a tree into a terracotta clay pot you will eventually have to re-pot it.  Since it can only get bigger this could become a problem. 


Ceramic pots or planters that are high fired would be a much better choice.  These planters will never break down unless they are cracked or chipped.  Then the water you use on the plants or trees will find that crack and get inside the clay and eventually erode it.  You will also have a larger selection of colors, finishes and styles to choose from. 
So, check out these tree suggestions below and let us know how they work for you.


  Unusual fan shaped leaves become glowing yellow in fall and linger a long time.  When leaves finally drop, they do so almost all at once, creating a golden carpet atop lawns or paving. 
These trees can reach quite tall but if planted in a garden pot it will stunt the growth of the tree and keep it on the smaller side.  Place the tree in full sun and enjoy these lovely leaves.


Japanese Maple:  Prized for their graceful shape, delicate leaves, and diminutive stature, these slow growing maples can reach 20 feet, but most of the popular varieties are less that half that size - perfect for containers in entryways and patios.  They also are great for backdrops for ferns and azaleas, or under stores for oaks.  All provide vibrant fall color, red leaved varieties that intensify, turning from red to scarlet.


Favorites for pots include lacy dissectum and burgundy red dragon.
When planting either of these trees above here are a few tips:
Plant in a pot with drain holes.  Use a planter that is atleast 2 inches larger than the root ball of the tree.  Use a well draining potting mix and water deeply after planting.  Repot the tree every other year if necessary and feed with fertilizer according to package instructions.

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