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Potted Herbs for Kids


As we have said in past posts here at Arizona Pottery, gardening with your kids or grand kids can be a wonderful experience.  So many great things will happen.  They learn, they appreciate, they get involved.  Best of all they are away from the television.  Woo Hoo!


One of the easiest ways is to have them plant and garden some fresh herbs.  They are easy to grow, fun to harvest, they get to eat them and you get quick results.  There are so many types of herbs that you can plant into flowerpots and have great success but we are going to pick a few that we think are age appropriate.


Rosemary is an easy one to start with because it is used in many kinds of meals.  It is a wonderful  addition to chicken, and pork and is used a lot in grilling, salads and baked potatoes.  This flavor is mild and yet pleasant.


Mint is an obvious choice.  It is perfect for desserts, ice tea and lemonade.  It grows fast, and taste yummy so we think most kids will love this potted herb.  

Dill is fun because of it's fine feathery fronds.  It looks fuzzy and kids will love that.  It also makes a great addition to dips for veggies which many children love.  This is a ideal herb for small kids to pot up.

Lastly we think Basil is a good herb to pot.  The flavor is very mild and the leaves a large and easy to pick.  Of course it's perfect when chopped and added to pasta or salads.  The colors are amazing and fun for the little one also.


So take your kids to the local nursery and have them help select the herbs we mentioned above.  Haul out some clay flowerpots and potting soil and let them help you get them started.  We think you will pleasantly surprised how much children enjoy this type of DIY project.

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Easter Baskets Clay Pots


Simple, Cute Craft Idea for Easter Basket or Decoration!
We see many craft ideas using clay flowerpots all over the web. But, we were drawn to this idea for its simplicity and ease.  We thought these clay pots would not only make a cheery Easter decoration but how about a homemade Easter Basket for young or old.

Start with our Italian Terracotta Flower Pots which are the most compact, smooth clay being manufactured today.  Purchase some pastel acrylic paint and paint the pots in a rainbow, solid or anyway you choose to decorate them.  Fill with shredded colorful paper available from most craft stores and fill with Easter goodies or treat. How much more simple does it get and look how cute it turns out.

Have them hide around your home for the kids to find Easter morning, give to a office coworker or friendly neighbor.  Include a seed packet so they can use the decorated clay pot to grow a plant with Spring right around the corner.

We also like the idea of having one already painted, then setting up a craft table for the grandkids on Easter morning while the adults prepare Easter Supper.  So many fun ideas from a few clay pots and paint.  Have fun!
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Fairy Gardens and Fun!

Everyone loves secrets!  Wouldn't it be exciting to create a Fairy Garden that is full of tiny secrets?  Here are a few suggestions.
Take a shallow garden pot, like a low bowl or a low cylinder dish and use that as the base for the Fairy Garden.  Make it as large or as small as you like.  We have even seen the top of a birdbath turned into a lovely display.  Filling the base with soil, is the easy part.  Just make sure you use a good potting soil and not garden dirt.  It's better if the container has a drain hole but not totally necessary.

Now comes the fun part.  You can place a layer of green moss around the top of the soil to create a soft cushion for all the "Fairies" to lay on.  Then start adding the fun stuff.  We have seen miniature doll house chairs, clay pots turned upside down for furniture.  Colorful glass marbles and decorative rocks.  Plant mini greenery and small brightly colored flowers.  Create a mystical and magical place for your fairies to come to.  The possibilities are truly endless when creating something so innocent and sweet!

Children of all ages love these types of garden/pottery projects.  Hide the container in a secret place in the yard or garden.  Place it on the patio or outside a kitchen window where you can watch for the fairies to land.  Create a playful place for kids to go to and dream about.  Be sure to take photos to preserve these types of memories.

Arizona Pottery is here to help made those magical moments happen.  Shop our website and find the perfect piece of pottery for the base of your Fairy garden!
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Garden Pots For Tabletops

It's time to spruce up your outdoor dining spaces with planted pottery as centerpieces.  It's easy and fun to do.  We offer a few suggestions here to help out and get your creative juices flowing!
The best place to start is by asking yourself a simple questions.  How long will I be using this container and need for it to look good?  If you want it to look it's best for a few weeks then you need to consider the type of plant materials your are going to use in the potted arrangement.


If your masterpiece needs to be a show stopper for a single event or for just a few days then almost any plant materials will work.  You may as well go for something outstanding for that one event.
When choosing plants for these decorative containers, consider the water they will need, the type of container size and style they will do best in and how much sunlight they will require.  Try to put the same types of plants together so that their needs are similar and taking care of them is easier.

Now is the fun time to select the container.  Try to protect your table surface with a saucer, pot feet or a piece of cork.  Use a decorative and colorful container when working with evergreens and one color plants.  When you are using a colorful bouquet of flowers then you can go with a plain container or terracotta color.  The plants and flowers don't need the added help of a bright container.
We like to use a piece of plastic wrap to line the interior of any container to help with water condensation.  Also consider the root system on the flowers or plants your using when deciding how deep the planter needs to be.  The main point to consider is how long you want it to last when making the decision on the arrangement.  Then let the container take the lead when it comes to how flashy to make the arrangement. 

Lastly, cover the soil so your guests aren't looking at soil while enjoying a meal.  Use faux rocks that well sell in the pot accessory section.  Pot Shards, colorful glass marbles are both wonderful and inexpensive.  We like to see tabletop planters decorated with flower picks, small children's toys, colorful ribbons, feathers or fruit.  The main idea is to have fun and get creative.

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Teach Children to Plant!

A garden is a great teaching time for children.  It brings science, math, nature, and art to life and it doesn't hurt that they get to play in the dirt.  Children will learn what plants need to grow by working the soil in the planters you have or in the ground.  They can use their hands instead of tools so it's not only fun but safe and they will enjoy the reward of a job well done when they see their plants blossom & grow.

The first step is to choose a site for the planters you will have them plant in.  Look for a area that receives full sun, is convenient so they can go out there on their own and is protected.  Don't think that you can just let them go on their own.  Provide adult supervision at all times.  Fill the bottom of the planters with soil for good drainage and then use potting soil, NOT SOIL FROM YOUR YARD.  Mix in a good fertilizer and your ready to plant.

Next is to figure out what you want to grow.  Is is flowers, veggies, a butterfly garden or sweet smelling blossoms that they can cut and bring indoors to enjoy.  This will help you decide on what kind of pottery to use, how large it must be and how many you will need.  You don't have to use huge garden planters.  Even small terracotta pots can hold a good bunch of fresh herbs.  Let the child help in picking out the pots.  They really enjoy this step and it makes them feel important.

Look in gardening books, check out seed packets at the local nursery and browse magazines to give them ideas.  Steer them in the direction you want them to go and they will think they thought it up all on their own.  You can always search the web for good tips.

Have a plan before you begin, then gather all your supplies.  Let the children get involved.  DON'T do it for them.  Guide them gently and everyone will have a great time.  Use this together time to teach them something and never assume they know what your talking about.  Incorporate small toys and figurines that they love.  It gives it a final touch and the child loves seeing their toys under a blooming tomato plant. 
Finally use your imagination.  This is a time of learning, sharing and creating memories.

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3/23/2012 10:15:54 AM 
shirley 3/23/2012 10:15:54 AM 
Really cute ideas that make me stop and think for a minute. The kids are grown but it's more fun with the grandkids anyway!!!

Fun Pot Ideas

 13129 Title
There are many fun things you can do with simple terracotta clay flower pots.  We have a whole section on Pinterest of craft project divided into sections for holidays, birthdays, teacher gifts, Valentines Day, & much more.  Check it out if you haven't looked at some of these easy and fun craft projects.  In this blog entry we will just highlight a few fun tips.  Enjoy!

Ever thought of using a clay saucer to hold a SOS pad?  It will keep it from rusting.  Just leave it besides the kitchen sink and place the damp pad on it and the clay will absorb the moisture and keep the pad dry.  Honest!


Use a clay saucer as a coaster.  Line the bottom with felt to protect your tables and glue it on. Paint the any color you want but make sure you use a waterproof paint.

Decorating for a holiday party.  Valentines Day, 4th of July, Christmas?  Paint clay pots in the colors that compliment the theme.  Fill with napkins, silverware, candy or colorful flowers that match.  They make great center pieces on the tables of any kind of function.
Fill terracotta saucers with sand and set around a garden party to be used for ashtrays.  Plant tomatoes in when you have no yard to grow in.  Fill with cotton balls, toothbrushes, potpourri or treats and use indoors.  Children love projects.  Have them paint them with any decorations, stickers or items they can glue on and then plant in them.  Fun!
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