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Great Smelling Garden Containers


When it comes time to think about what you want to plant in your garden containers this season do you ever stop and think about the fragrance you want to plant?  Usually it's the colors, types and durability of the flowers or plants but not so much the smell of the flowers.  Well we want you to re-consider.

If you are going to the time and expense to buy and pot up a lovely garden planter we want you to think about using plants that look lovely and SMELL heavenly.  There is nothing nicer on a hot summer night to sit outside on the porch or patio after the sun has gone down and look at and enjoy the planters that surround you.  Each tiny element adds so much to your comfort and pleasure.

So, here is a list of some of the best smelling plants that are easy to pot, truly lovely to look at and availability to find at most garden centers.


Gardenias - If you haven't smelled on of these bushes then you are really missing out.  The fragrance it gives off is truly heavenly.  Even though gardenias need a bit of TLC they are easy to pot up and place around your home where they can be enjoyed.  Make sure to pot in a large enough container with good drainage and moist acidic soil.  Known for their stark white delicate flowers they are not only beautiful but undeniably have a strong fragrance.


Lilac - Another bush that can easily be potted and placed around the patio or porch.  While pretty easy to care for these potted bushes will need room for their roots to spread so don't skimp on a small container.  You don't need a large bush to get their lovely scent so try starting a bit small.  They really like full sun and moist well draining soil.  Their color is beyond wonderful.  Check it out!


Lavender.  Who doesn't love lavender?  A garden planter over flowing with lavender is really breathtaking.  The scent of lavender has been around for centuries and loved by many.  Their little purple flowers and spiky stems make any garden container looks vibrant and romantic along with that distinctive scent.  Don't over water these and keep the pots in full sun with good air circulation and you will have a welcome addition to your porch or patio display.


Lastly the one that everyone know.  Roses!  Who doesn't love the scent of roses.  They are symbols of love and come in so many colors and varieties that you could pot up 10 containers and still not try them all.  They do need a bit of work when it comes to pruning and watering but basically they like full sun and  moist soil.  If possible place the flower pot in a location where you can not only see the potted flowers but smell their sensual fragrance whenever possible.

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Fragrance in a Flowerpot


Planting fragrance in flowerpots is a easy way to surround yourself and your patio or porch area with lovely smelling flowers. Filling your planters with lush greens is lovely and appealing to the eye, but how many of the plants smell heavenly?

Make sweet smelling fragrance a daily delight. All you need to do is fill your planters with the suggested plants we suggest below and then place those garden planters in specific places where you can enjoy the fragrance.


The key is to use a variety of fragrant plants that release their perfume at different times of the year.  Just imagine your garden rising and falling thru the seasons, with flowers, foliage and scents every changing.  Soon you will find yourself stopping to smell the entryway planters every time you leave the house. Our sitting on the patio a bit longer so you can enjoy the sun and the scent.  All good things.


Wisteria is beyond heavenly when it comes to great scents.  It can grow large so you will need huge pots with a trellis or placed again a garden wall that it can climb.  The stunning colorful flowers are lovely enough but with it's vanilla fragrance you will get the best of both worlds.


Lily of the Valley gives off a big scent so don't be fooled by it's small flowers.  You can smell its scent even while walking by it no matter where it is placed.  How wonderful is that.  One bulb fills a 4" square space so make your planter large and plant 5 bulbs to get a great display of flowers and fragrance.


Bridal Bouquet (abelia)  In spring there is nothing more scented than this potted plant.  This strong fragrance can waft at least 15 feet away from the pot.  This plant is a scent factory that just keeps on giving.  It blooms from late spring to early summer with it's lilac scented pink buds and white trumpets.


Lastly, lets look at Black Negligee (actaea) with it's fruity smell.  It's foliage is purplish black, lacy and sexy.  By midsummer, tall wands are covered with small white flowers.  This one is exquisite and sweet smelling.  The perfect potted flowers for your garden.

Food for fodder is harlequin glory bower, Oriental lilies, Pink Dawn, Winter sweet and Sweet Box are all lovely smelling.

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Create A Small Fragrant Garden In A Pot


Who doesn't like sitting on a patio, porch or balcony, taking in the sights and smelling the wonderful flowerpots and window boxes you have planted with sweet smelling plants?  We do!!!  Creating a small fragrant garden in a decorative
planter is both easy, and rewarding.
First start by selecting the garden planter you are going to use. Make sure you know the size of the root systems that the plants you want to plant are. If they are long, then you will need a deep garden pot so that the roots don't get compacted.  If they are shorter you can go with a wide deep wok style garden bowl.  Place the container where it will get some sunlight but not full sun.  If weight is an issue then go with a light container like Poly Resin or clay.


Choose your plants carefully.  Try to not to
pot too many so the fragrances don't get mixed and are overpowering.  Just determine the type of fragrance you want and follow that lead.  Favorites are Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Plumeria, Gardenia, & Oleander. All easy to grow and all smell heavenly. Once planted, grab a cup of tea, sit back and take in these wonderful scents.
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Welcome Guests Properly

Easy ways to welcome guests into your home!

Everyone has guests come to visit from time to time.  You always try to do the right thing and have the home ready to greet them but other times you are so rushed and crazy that you only have time for a few small attempts.  It's not as hard as you may think to welcome your guests beyond the usual clean sheets & towels.

Add some fresh flowers.  Yep, simple eh?  A small vase on a night stand with a bouquet of flowers or a simple daisy in a bud vase.  It adds life to your guest room, color and of course smells heavenly.  Maybe move in a potted houseplants.  So many houseplants are know for their air refreshing properties.  Make it one that not only keeps the air clean but fragrant.  This is so much easier than healthier than a plug in.  

Keep an extra blanket and pillow in the guest room so that they have access to them at all times day or night.

Make sure the window opens and closes easily.  Get the WD-40 out if necessary to eliminate squeaks.   Stock the bathroom with travel size shampoos and soaps. I keep a tray full of travel sizes on the counter in the guest bath so that they can pick and choose as needed.  I also keep a potted plant on the counter to add life, and cleansing properties.  

Lastly, keep a few snacks in the fridge for grab and go's.  String cheese, apples, deviled eggs, carrots ticks, berries.  Put bowls of nuts on the table for snacking.

These are all just small easy things but they really do make a big impression. What better way to let your guest know how much they mean to you!

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Top Fragrant Houseplants!

 Fragrant Houseplants Gardenia

Add color and scent to your home during these long winter months, with these wonderfully scented potted houseplants.
Gardenia - Known for being one of the most fragrant flowers around, gardenia is lovely, but tricky. It's glossy green leaves put the spotlight on the single or double white flowers that emit a heavy, flowery scent.

potted Gardenia prefers a humid, very bright environment.  Water & fertilize and let the soil dry between watering in the winter months. Protect it from hot and cold drafts.

Potted Stephotis for fragrance

Stephanotis - If you have never smelt this plant you are missing out. It's delightful floral fragrance is wonderful and is used many times in wedding bouquets.  Lovely starry white flowers look like they were dipped in wax.  As an indoo
r potted plant you want to place it in a bright spot away from drafts.  It has a slow growth rate when potted and placed indoors.

 Indoor Potted Orange Jessamine
Orange Jessamine - This indoor potted houseplant makes a beautiful foliage when it now flowering so it's beautiful year round.  It's fragrance is heavenly when the white flowers bloom and smell like orange blossoms.  You don't need bright light but keep it away from drafts.  Perfect potted a kitchen counter!
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Fragrance in Containers.

Gardening in containers is easy, and allows you to bring lovely fragrances up close, whether in a window box, hanging basket or pots on the front porch.  How about a wonderful aromatic garden pot large potted plants on your deck or patio? 
Annuals, perennials, and a few shrubs and bulbs provide strong fragrance and grow well in garden pots.  Here is a sample of plants you can fill your containers with that are unfussy and very fragrant.  Nothing left to do but sit back reap the compliments on your gardening success.

Scented Geraniums - they grow for their leaves rather than the flowers and are best handled as pot grown perennials left outdoors in summer and kept indoors when temps drop below freezing.

Use a herb set like the photo show and a number of different species.  Many gardeners enjoy collecting these under demanding plants with fragrances that include rose, mint, lemon and even chocolate.  The do best in pots placed in full sun in spring and 50 percent sun in summer.  Water them regularly and fertilize from spring to autumn.
Gardenias - is one of the most fragrant plants on earth.  It is a tropical shrub that serves well as a summer patio plant, but it needs a cool place to spend winter - indoors.  The best time to grow them is in early summer.  Water lightly during winter when the plants are indoors.  We love this potted plant and the fragrance is heavenly.

Bulbs - Plant fragrance hyacinths and paper white narcissus in pots in the fall.  Dampen well, the place the pots in a cold place for at least 6 weeks.  Like a garage or under a stairwell in the basement.  Move the pots indoors in late winter, and treat them as sun lovoing houseplants until they flower.
A quick list of some good smelling plants to pot are:  Flowering tobacco, Heliptrope, lilac, Sweet Alyssum, petunia, stock and pinks.  All are lovely in color and style and the fragrances are wonderful and potent.


It is also fun to combine fast growing annual flowers in 14" garden pots creating fragrant bouquets.  Put taller plants toward the center of the large pot and place smaller plants surrounding them plus add trailing plants toward the edges to create a delightful look.  Include more plants than you would in similar space in the ground.
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Outdoor Dining - work the elements!

An outdoor dining area must look inviting from afar so that you're drawn to it as a destination".
  Outdoor dining can be a feast for all the senses.  The taste of food, the tune of the wildlife, fragrance of flowers and warmth and charm of potted plants.


Of course as with anything, you need to find the right spot.  A place that is convenient to the kitchen or tucked away in a secluded corner for peace and privacy.
  The key is to make the most of what you have.  Start by working with what you have and then expand to adding potted plants, lighting, or a structure like gazebo.  Do you need to protect your table from the elements or are you lucky enough to be able to sit out under the stars?
Are you looking to feed a crowd or just a quaint setting for 2 on occasion?  There are some guidelines on how to set a table up.  A 26" bistro table will seat two, a 48" table will seat 4 to 6.  Tables stay put but chairs get pushed around so make sure there is plenty of space to accommodate that.  A rule of thumb is width of table plus 3 feet on each side.  This is enough room to get in and out of chairs comfortably.  Plan carefully!


Strive for a sensory experience.  Have lots of potted plants that you can move around to accommodate the table set-up.  Plant them with fragrant fruit trees, and luscious smelling plants and flowers.  Use palm's to block unsightly neighbors and to break up the noise of traffic.  Planted pottery is portable and is very easy to move around and set up the look and feel that you want easily. 


Make sure your furnishings all match and are comfortable.  Try to follow a color theme by matching the potted plants with the cushions on chairs or the tablecloth you cover the dining table with.  Use candles, fire-pits, hanging lanterns and music to set the stage and enjoy your hard work and labor.  It's your home and you should be comfortable.
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Abundant Indoor Blooms

Success with African violets and their cousins depends on consistent moisture and light.  Everyone loves African violets for potted indoor flowers, but you may want to try some of their relatives.  Read more below.....


There is not a big difference between growing potted plants outdoors versus indoor, except that the ones inside tend to be mostly greens and very few flowers.  Violets tend to be the exception.  Most varieties come from tropical climates so they love the indoor temperatures and warmth.  When people think of violets they tend to think about how difficult they are to grow.  Well, that's not the case at all.


There are many points to consider when growing African Violets in lovely garden pots.  A main consideration is the color of the blooms.  They come in so many shades that it is difficult to select just one.  The green foliage is also varies depending on the plant that you select.  You may want to contrast the color of the bloom with a colorful pot.  Example: purple bloom with bright pink planter. 


When it comes to space needed these plants are easy.  They usually never get any larger than a foot wide.  Which ever size you go with just make sure that the planter pot provides enough room since they don't like to be cramped.  When it comes to watering you don't want to over water so use a water gauge if necessary.


During the winter, most homes with forced air or any other drying heat source has relative humidity of 15% or less, ver close to levels found in a desert.  Misting plants by hand offers only temporary results, and mineral deposits in the water will leave spots on the leaves.

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