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Dramatic Garden Focal Points


When your garden area calls for more than the usual and you are searching for a dramatic touch, we have a few suggestions!
To make a dramatic garden effect you need to go above and beyond the norm.  Include supersized garden containers that are massive & stunning in size and beauty.  Bright colors and fun designs are all acceptable but size alone can make a pretty powerful statement.

Fill them with right color, and textured plants and flowers.  Mix the different plant materials so that the pot overflows with character and interest.  The point is to think BIG.  Even a modest home can handle this kind of a dramatic statement.  Here are a few tips

Use unusual art in the garden area.  Use a step ladder to display and raise pots off the ground and give the garden height and beauty.  Place garden statuary, garden sphere's in bright colors and tuck clay figurines around the planters to add charm.   Make the display big by adding a lot of small items if necessary.

When using a large garden container made of concrete, sandstone or a heavy glazed clay, you want to take some points into consideration before you start.  Look for sun exposure.  Will the plants get direct sunlight or do they need partial shade.


Since these types of pottery containers are heavy you won't be able to move it or even rotate it for that matter, so the location is very important.  Then think over sized?  You are always advise to choose a proportion container but in this case we want you to go for the dramatic!
For a large planter to looks it's best you need to select plants of different sizes.  Place the taller in the center and surround it with smaller plants that will not over-take the larger centered one.  Finally always place plants that "fall" or drape over the side of the container.  If they are hiding an ugly pot all the better.  You must remember that it's the overall effect you are going for.

Last thing is to protect your containers. Make sure there are no cracks or chips that may cause the pot to deteriorate faster.  Keep the outside clear of moss and cleaned off.  Using large pots is fun and easy to do.  Just follow the simple tips listed above and you will create beautiful planted pots.
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Focal Points in your garden

Whether it's a view, a specimen plant, or a favorite vessel you want  people to notice, focal points draw attention and lead the eye from one distinct area or object to the next.  They pull you in for a while before you're lead off to enjoy other parts of the landscape or, better yet, another captivating combination.  Without them, your garden is absent of focus and direction.

Container combinations are often the focal points in many gardens.  Their artistic and architectural features act as punctuation marks to make one pause; to add emphasis; or to establish an end to a particular area, a grouping of plants, or a garden destination.  Containers can bring a sense of unity to areas.

Sometimes part of your landscape just needs a little extra spice.  Container plantings can offer a quick fix by directing attention their way, making the sometimes lack-luster garden act as the backdrop.

Get the best of both worlds with high impact, low input plants!

The large, low profile glazed bowl (shown above) works well, providing the right level of interest.  Succulents are all about high impact with low input.  The textured paddle plant (1) grabs attention even from a distance, while the vertical African milk tree (2) adds needed height.  A smaller succulent grouping balancess the design without competing with the focal point.  (3)  Midnight Aloe  (4)
 Peacock echeveria  (5) Dwarf Jade.

The bowl is large and glazed with a rough texture.  It is sturdy and can handle the large plants shown.  The rock top-dressing really helps to keep the soil moist during the warmer months and also adds charm and texture.

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