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Give Terracotta Pottery A Second Look


Arizona Pottery has been in the pottery industry since 2000.  We have seen and continue to see all kinds of trends come and go when it comes to choices of garden planters.  Fiberglass, Poly Resin, High Fired, Low Fired, Concrete, Black Clay, Terracotta the list goes on and on.

Why did we start with red terracotta and it continues to be our best seller?  Because it is timeless.  Terra cotta pots have been around for ages and they tend to come and go in popularity but in this post, we want to discuss some of the pros and cons.

When it comes to cons when using terra cotta flowerpots and garden planters the list is pretty short.
* Dry out quickly.
* Breakdown over time.
* Become heavy once planted.
* Discolor over time
* Plain and boring

So let’s look at a few pros on why they are basically timeless and still popular.


Healthy for a plant’s, roots – Did you know that terra cotta clay breathes?  Yes, it is very healthy for all plants root systems.  Because the clay “breathes” it will also show the chemicals that are in your potting mix or fertilizer.  Every time you water the potted plant, the water soaks into the clay, eventually seeping out, the clay will start to show a calcium build up or white lines and markings.  This is loved and appreciated by many terracotta owners.  So much so that they try to age their planters by applying milk to the outside so that moss will grow and the pot will look aged faster than the natural process.


Terracotta planters are not known for being the heaviest garden containers around but once they are filled with damp potting mix, they can become quite heavy. This is great if you are planting a tree or shrub and the yard pot is placed in a spot where it will receive some wind.  Lightweight or Fiberglass containers will blow over very easily.  If you need added weight you can always put a brick or rocks in the bottom of the planter before adding the potting mix. Just make sure you have it placed where you want it since you won’t be able to move it easily.


One of the worse and most popular reasons for using terracotta is the aging process that naturally occurs.  Like we stated above green thumb gardeners won’t use anything else and rejoice in the aging process.  It is a sign of beauty and age that can hardly be duplicated.  If you are the type who likes their containers to look brand new then Terracotta is not the planter for you.


Yes, terracotta is ageless and is seen everywhere.  Maybe you need something different a bit more modern or contemporary.  Terra cotta pottery is considered traditional, timeless and naturalistic, all good things but maybe not your thing.  That is fine.  If you like the look of clay but not clay itself there are resin pots that are textured and come in the terracotta color that will stand up to an explosion.  Unless someone walks up and knocks on the planter they will not know it’s not the real clay of terracotta.


So, these are the best pros and cons that we can think of today.  How about you?  What do you like or not like about Terracotta garden planters and containers.

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18 Fruits You Can Grow In Garden Containers


Everyone dreams about growing fruit trees in garden containers.  How fun to see them grow, pick them when they are ripe and eat them in all their fresh deliciousness.  Imagine how fresh, no pesticides, how fresh no sitting in a truck and being transported these fruits will be.


You can grow a vase selection of fruits in garden containers.  Tree fruits, citrus & tropical fruits can all be grown not only in garden planters but indoors.  If you are up to the challenge growing your own food can be so rewarding. And, cheaper!


The first place to start is always finding a garden container.  Always go for planters with drain holes, make sure the planter is large enough and find containers that meet your decor needs.  Next is to learn how to maintain the type of fruit you choose and then find seeds or starter plants.


Below is the list of the ones recommended for containers:

Tree Fruits:

Citrus Fruits:
Dwarf orange
Meyer Lemons

Tropical Fruits:

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Potted Chickweed


What is Chickweed and why do I want to pot some?

Well, we had that same question and this is what we found out. Chickweed is a sprawling plants.  It has tiny green leaves with stems that have tiny white hairs.  The white flowers have 5 petals, though they tend to be deeply notched and can appear to be 10 petals upon first glance.

Chickweed is high in calcium, iron and magnesium, as well as Vitamins A & C.  It is packed with nutrition but admittedly the flavor can be a bit bland on it own but there are some great ways to include it in your meals.


Salads - Combine chickweed leaves and flowers with other greens for salads. Pick young tender leaves because as the summer wears on the stems tend to get a bit stringy in texture.
Smoothies - Because it's bland adding it to fruit smoothies increases the nutrition factor without getting in the way of the fruit tastes.
Pesto - Chickweed makes a delightful and easy pesto.  Make a bunch when it is plentiful and freeze it for tasty meals.


When it comes to planting it in a flower pot it - you would want to treat it like any herb.  Use well draining potting mix, plant in a garden container that has a drain hole. Fertilize as directed and water the roots not the leaves or flowers.  It's really lovely in a garden planter and will add beauty and lushness to any garden decor.  Since it does start to trail you may want to add it to the outside of the pot and put taller plants in the center.


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DIY Flowerpot

This eye-catching painted terracotta flowerpot has a wonderful pattern to it that is easy to do.  Here are the steps below:

10" Terracotta Flowerpot
Hobby Knife
Multi surface primer
Exterior water based polyurethane
1" painters tape
Paint Brush
Exterior Paint
Flowers of choice
Start by priming the pot.  Follow the primer container.  Then create the pattern on the pot.  Tape off the lines with painter's tape.  Trim off excess tape with hobby knife. Paint over the tape creating the diamond pattern.  Once the paint dry's, switch the tape to create a diamond and then paint.  Remove the tape and seal the pot with a polyurethane.  Use 2 coats.  Fill the pot with beautiful flowers and ta da. Done.

All from Home Depot.
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Crafty Idea - Flower Pot Candle Planter

Saw this online and had to share.  If there is one thing that can set the mood for outdoor entertaining, it's candles. Flickering firelight on a warm evening, after the sun goes down and the day comes to an end, can set a relaxing and romantic mood.  Whether you are enjoying the quiet space by yourself, or entertaining under the stars, here is a great DIY idea for a stylish outdoor candle using pots.
Simple idea:  Make a flower pot candle planter with two terracotta pots, some pebbles, annuals, and a pillar candle.  Easy Peasy!
Flowers and candles are meant to go together if displayed out in the garden.  Fill your pot with whatever blooms you like, as long as the plant material stays below the candle height when lit.  This makes a gorgeous table decoration for outdoor meals.
What you need:

2 terracotta flower pots - one large and wide and one small and tall.
Wood Block
Annuals in 4" nursery pots.
Small River Stones
Pillar Candle 
Set the wood block in the bottom center of the large pot.  Place annuals in nursery pots into the larger pot, around the wood block. Set the smaller pot on the wood block and fill with 1/3 river rocks.  Set the pillar candle on the river stones and set out in the garden.
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Potted Sunflowers

Sunflower Seeds are tasty on their own and add delicious crunch to cereals, salads, chicken dishes and yogurt parfaits - and now research shows they can keep you energized all day long!

The reason:  A single handful (2oz.) prvides a full days dose of vitamin E, and Yale researchers have discovered that folks who get their daily RDA (22.5 IU) of this powerful nutrient from food, not supplements, have more energy and endurance.  Keep them on hand or better yet, grown your own.  It is easy and fun to do!

Sunflowers are easy and inexpensive to grow!

Place seeds 1" deep and 6" apart in average to rich soil.  Plant in full sun, where they will not shade other plants.  Water well and keep the soil failrly mooist until the seeds sprout.  The seeds should be ready to harvest in 70 to 90 days, when the back of the flower head has turned mostly brown.  Cut the head off, leaving a few inches of stalk.  Hang to dry in a well ventilated area.  Extract the seeds by rubbing two flower heads together.

East raw or roast lightly in the oven.


When planting them in pots, make sure the pot is large enough to hold the top heavy plant.  Put one plant per pot so there is plenty of room for root growth.  Try placing a plant stand with wheels under the pot so that you can move it around to where the sun is.

Sunflowers are useful, lovely and easy to grow.  Give it a try!

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