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February 2014 Checklist

February is in full bloom now and here are a few suggestions on what to do around the yard and garden area, with your potted and un-potted plants.

Tomato's in pots are easy and fun to do but if frost is predicted, cover the potted plants with frost cloth, burlap or sheets to help protect them.  Tomato plants need an early spring start to grow, so develop the roots, flower and set fruit before summer's intense heat.  Varieties that produce medium size fruits are more likely to develop mature fruit without cracking than those with big beefsteak fruit.  Make sure you have large enough plant containers and that each pot has a drain hole for good drainage.  You don't want standing water to sit in the bottom of the pot or the roots of the plants with rot.

Monitor weather and if frost is predicted, cover flowers, vegetable and potted citrus.  Fertilize the planters if you didn't do it last month, and feed with one third of the nitrogen required.  Continue to monitor and fertilize citrus, & roses.  Control Aphids to prevent populations of these tiny pests from getting out of control.  Fruit sweetens the longer it stays on the tree, so let it hang as long as possible.  Many varieties can be harvested thru May.

Pull weeks to prevent them from taking over your garden planters.  When the wind picks them up and they land on top of fresh pot soil, they will grow hardy and can become quite the pest.  If you stay on top of this the weeds will eventually migrate elsewhere and not come back as often.  If you haven't planted Aloe, then now is the time.

It is easy to propagate.  Dig up overgrown clumps and gently separate entwined root systems into fresh potting soil.  Make sure the pot you select is large enough for it to root and grow in for at least one season before you divide it again
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February in the Garden.

Here are a few suggestions for things to do in the garden or around the yard this time of year.
Sow seeds for lettuces like bibb, butter crunch and romaine.  Use large garden pots with lots of loose soil.  Start seeds like broccoli, cabbage,and cauliflowers indoors.  If you have warm spot like on top of a refrigerator this is really good.  New seeds love the warmth.  You can also sow beets, bok choy, carrots, chard, collard greens, cucumbers, green onion, radishes, spinach, and turnips.

Cut back on the ornamental grasses that you have potted around the patio.  Cut back bamboo, bull grass, bush muhly, deer grass and pink muhly to about 1 foot high.  This will help with regrowth once the weather warms up a bit more.  This is also a good time to plant some Eremophila or has big red blooms and will bloom from now into March.  The foliage takes on a purple cast in cold weather and if you plant it in a bright white garden pot it is totally stunning.

Take some time and learn about low water gardening.  Find rain barrels, native plants, gravel mulches and low bowl like terracotta containers.  Look for garden shows to attend, magazines to read and websites to visit.  The main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself.

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Whats happening this February?

 13335 Title
Ever heard of a Valentine's day Shrub?  This winter
produces a show of red rose, blooms that nearly obscure the plant's foliage in February and March.  When no hidden by flowers, the foliage takes on a purple cast adding to the appeal of this lovely plant.  If you don't want to try it in your garden, how about potting it in a lovely red ceramic planter and giving it as a gift for the holiday?  Easy and unique!

Now is the time to cut back on your ornamental grasses.  All winter long they have provided your garden pots with color, and substance.  Shear them back before new growth comes in Spring and keep them looking neat and tidy. Once cut back they will start new growth spurts that will conceal the trimmed portion of the plant.

Right now is when you want to be thinking about sowing seeds or setting out your transplants of garden veggies.  Make sure your pots are cleaned out.  Use fresh potting soil and follow the directions on your seed packets.  Planting veggies in garden pots are fun and create a lovely colorful garden that you can have right on your patio.
Lastly, if you still have some hardy annuals potted sitting on a porch or 13332 patio you must continue to protect them from frost.  Here we show you have to take a tomato cage and drape it with burlap, sheets, old blankets etc to protect it from the cold elements.

Cover at night and remove in the morning so it can get some light and sun.

By taking these few cautious steps you can prolong the life of your annuals and keep your garden and patio areas looking lovely.  Next Spring and Summer are right around the corner!
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Grow Roses Now!


Add organic matter, such as composted manure or chopped leaves, to help the soil retain moisture and improve drainage & fertility.  Look for roses at your local nursery or buy online.


When designing a plan for your garden.  Don't forget to plant in garden planters - not just in the ground.  This gives you portability and makes moving the plants into direct sunlight a breeze.  It also provides another opportunity to decorate and add to your charms landscape - while using beautiful pieces of pottery.  Large colorful ceramic pots are a added bonus and if you color coordinate with the roses you select, the finished product can be stunning!


Blueberries are easy to grow and now is the perfect time of year to add them to your yard or garden planter.  For the most fruit, plant at least two different selections.  Blueberries prefer slightly moist, well-drained, acid soil in a sunny spot.  Mulch these plants also.


Amend this soil now in areas where you plan to plant veggies, herbs or flowers this spring.  Work the soil when the ground is dry.  Add organic matter to improve fertility and drainage.  Include sulfur, lime, or any needed nutrients as indicated by a soil test.  Good hand tools will make this job easier.

February is a great time to prune ever blooming roses whether potted or in the ground.  Begin by removing dead and weak canes.  Then cut healthy ones to a height of 24".  This encourages vigorous new growth.  Climbing roses should be pruned after they flower.  Twist existing canes around supports, along fences, and across arbors so that part of the cane is horizontal to coax blooms.


This month is a time of hope.  You dream and plan for what is to come in your yard and garden area now.  Make preparations when the time is right and the payoff will be huge.

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