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Create an Evergreen Garden

Evergreen garden plants come in many shapes, sizes and shades.  Grouped in #containers they will provide you with year round interest and color.  Include some golen or variegated foliage among your evergreens and choose contrasting leaf forms to make a striking group.  Plant any time of year.
Materials needed:
Terracotta pots of various sizes
Crocks or similar material for drainage.
Equal  mix loam based compost and container compost.
Plant saucers if needed
Slow release plant food granuals

Plants materials:
False cypress
Berberis darwinii
Berberis thunbergii
Large shrubs such as this conifer, should be potted into a large container.  Place plenty of crocks or drainage materials at the base of the pot drain hole.  If the plant is at all potbound, tease the roots loose before planting in a new pot.  Fill around the rootball with compost pressing it down firmly around the edges of the pot.
Smaller plants like the bergenia should be planted in a pot slightly larger than the existing one.  Place crock pieces in the bottom, position the plant and then fill around the edges with compost.  Repeat with remaining plants.

Plants will stay moist longer if they are stood in saucers of wet gravel.  This group of plants will do well positioned in partial shade.  Water regularly and feed with slow release plant food granules in the spring and autumn.
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Autumn Containers Using Evergreens


The planters below are filled with confires like Hinoki cypress which adds a wow factor to the pot.  Don't let your pots just sit empty this time of year.  There are so many different plant materials that you can fill them with that add depth, interest and color.

The flowering blue star creeper and grass like Japanese sweet flag grass play supporting roles but are important to the interest and overall look of the planting.


By using conifers in large garden pottery you can interplay the evergreens with other plant materials.  Try to use a large enough pot to make the desired effect.  Select a pot that has a bold and bright color to it.  Nothing pastel will work here.  You want bold fall colors with deep tones and glossy finishes.  Then plant your main evergreen plant.  Fill in with flowering plants like the cool seasonal annuals shown in the photo.  Use at least 2 or 3 with contrasting colors to add depth.  Flowering plants may fade over time but they are easy to replace and should last through fall and well into winter.


It isn't always easy to decide what plants in stunning garden planters you want to leave out.  Obviously you will need to continue to water the plant materials.  Not as much as growing seasons but unless they are sitting out unprotected and can absorb any rain that lands on the plants you will need to keep the soil from drying out.  Therefore, the planters need to be high fired, glazed and waterproofed to with stand the freezing temps.


We would still recommend that when it get's that cold you empty the planters out and store them if possible.  Any standing water will freeze and could possible crack the pots.  Do NOT use terracotta clay pots.  They are low fired,, meant to absorb water, breathe and will crack if exposed to freezing temps.

Don't leave your beautiful garden and patio areas bare this time of year.  Purchase a bold colorful planter, fill it with evergreens and keep a colorful display all year long.

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