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Decorate Your Fall Planters With These Items


Right now it's so easy to take lovely branches, berries, nuts & fruits and make great colorful holiday displays with them.  You don't even need to know how to arrange flowers.  Arizona Pottery suggests that you take a garden planter and fill with these items and create a lovely fall arrangement.  Here's a few suggestions.
To get this look at left all you need to do is take a Arizona Pottery Cache pot and fill with these easy items.  Make sure the planter is at least 12" wide, select a muted color like the white shown.  This is not the time for bright colorful containers when you are planting with bright bold plant materials.  Fill the center with a piece of floral foam.  Secure with floral take and then fill with a mix of branches, boughs, greens, reeds and sticks.  Creating a rough mixture is the look you are trying to achieve.

When it comes to the front door the look shown to left is easy to achieve.  Potted Kale is colorful, large, lush and can create a warm lovely display.  Mixing the potted cabbage with colorful pumpkins in white, green and oranges really make a fun and bright display.  We have a blog entry on just this type of cabbage with great photos and information.  Check it out here.  These giant rosettes of frilly leaves are beautiful and ornamental.

To create these simple displays you can use foliage from maples trees where the leaves are bright red and lacy.  You just have to arrange them in groups by sizes and colors.  The firery red is a great focal point for any display where you use a Arizona Pottery container.  Use feathery green branches covered in different shades of colors.  Just keep adding branches till you get the fullness you are aiming for.
This time of year it is really easy to decorate when you use the items that are found in your garden or yard areas.  Arizona Pottery containers make it super simple.
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Front and Center Garden Pots

Dressing up your front doorway with pots, flowers, and shrubs of foliage and color is fun and a creative way to add to your home's personality.  Potting in front is a way to express your tastes and suggests how the rest of the house is decorated.  Here are a few quick and easy ideas.
Try to achieve 3 basic objects.  Focus the viewers eye on the front door entrance, create an environment that says welcome and match the entryway planting to your home's style and your personal taste.  Try to choose plants and the containers that hold them based on your home's style.  For instance:


Colorful ceramic is great when you need brightness.  Use terracotta for traditional and simple plant materials.  Use terracotta for a more casual look because their lines are cleaner and less decorative.
Try to use containers that fit the size of the area surrounding your entryway.  Flank the front door with urns, or line the steps with smaller pots and planting containers.  If landing space is limited, think vertically by using on or two hanging planters.

Try to create an arrangement of mixed plant materials that vary in height.  Use plant stands to raise
pots off the surface and add some added character.

If you unsure about the design, work with similar plants and pots so you can create some unity.  By flanking the entry way with large flowerpots, you create instant curb appeal.  When placing pottery at the top or bottom of steps they create focal points.  A large, stunning pot containing a plant with good architectural qualities will certainly draw the eye.

Used in pairs, pottery containers make good punctuation points when placed on either side of a gateway or entrance.  A pair of terracotta pots containing standard box trees flanking a doorway transforms the entrance into something very stylish.  Similarly, a pair of pots on either side of the bottom or top of a flight of stairs is very effective.
When arranged in groups, garden pottery tend to look best if they are different sizes, especially if the plants at the back are taller than those at the front.  In formal settings, a series of matching containers with similar content ca be placed at intervals along a front path or lined up in front of the house.  Easy Peasy!!!!

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