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Feel Invincible With These Potted Veggies

It's so easy to pot up a few healthy vegetables.  In today's world you need all the help you can get when it comes to feeding your family healthy food. Well here's a few types of vegetables that are easy to grow yourself.

Energizer:  Carrots are rich in carotenoids, plant compounds that are shown to improve blood sugar control to ward off tiredness.  Who doesn't need that?  People with a higher carotenoid intake had slimmer waistlines, plus less subcutaneous fat - the jiggly surface kind - and visceral fat - the hart harming type.  So, get a nice large clay planters and get going.


Detoxifier - Radishes help cleanse the body of energy draining toxins. These veggies are natures top source of glucoraphasatin, a unique phytochemical that boosts the activity of detoxification enzymes in the body.  They delivery molybdenum, an antioxidant mineral that helps fight free radical damage.  Go to your local garden center and get them

Immunity booster - Turnip roots and their greens are high in vitamin C. This powerhouse antioxidant strengthens immunity, wards off weight gain and eases anxiety.  The credit goes to C's ability to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

These are just of the few vegetables that you can pot and grow at home. Not only will they add food to the table, create better health, and add color and fragrance to your garden or patio area, but they are fun to grow!
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Feeding container pottery.

We know this is not the most exciting topic but it really is important if you want to experience better success with your potted plants.  These few tips can really take the experience of container gardening from a dud, to ta da, so read on......
It is not generally understood that most potting composts contain 13384 sufficient food for only 6 weeks of plant growth.  After that the flowers will slowly starve unless more food is provided.  There are several products available that are easy to use and a breeze to find. 

A slow release plant food in granules is easy to use, available everywhere and really reliable when added to your potted containers.  For these to be the most effective the soil you plant in needs to remain moist.
Slow release plant granules really are the best to use.  Just one dose can keep your potted plants and flowers looking wonderful for many months.  Just follow the manufacturers instructions for recommendations.  They come come in different forms also, like liquid, pots, pellets etc.  Just go to your local nursery and read the containers or ask for help.  It is worth taking the time on this step.
 13385A slow release plant food can be added to the potting mix before filling the container.  When adding it to soil sprinkle i on the surface and then use a small hand rake to mix it into the soil or compost.  They should be pushed down below the surface by about 1". 

Give your potted plants and flowers the best chance of growing lush and bountiful by using a simple fertilizer in the potting mix and see what works best for you.  It's easy and fun to do.
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