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Modern Garden Designs Using Containers


We don't talk much about Modern garden designs in the Pottery Post blog but today we thought we would share some thoughts and see what you think.  Since modern garden designs are generally geometric, abstract, and use little plant materials they are not what most would consider when designing a patio or yard area.  Mostly contemporary they are designed in the minimalist approach where less is more.  The garden containers used now become the main focus with artistic touches or where opposite happens and the plants are the accent point and the pottery is mostly hidden and minor.


It's not that you don't like traditional gardens and landscaping it's that you desire a more simple, feel and look that reflects your personal desire for outdoor living.  Since many modern garden containers can be cold, abstract and plain looking they will need a plant that will add something to the design element.  Like for an example a concrete wok planter with no pattern or even rolled rim edges is fairly simple and plain.  But place a spiky cactus or succulent in the center and it can explode out the top creating a lively display.


Try to consider a Modern garden container  a joining of two design elements.  Simple, plain, abstract all matched with color, unique plants and minimal displays.  Usually you wont see a lot of plant materials mixed but a few displayed distinctive.  Plants are not just tools meaning just stick one into a pot and hope for the best.  Try to provide a variety of choices that make sense.  Example - different succulents, all colorful flowers or evergreens with no color.


Instead of just trying to fill space think of modern designs as an art form.  Maybe use a few garden containers that stand tall, proud and empty.  Display them as artwork instead of a garden planter.  A cigar jar shape usually fits this need.  Size matters here.  You do not want a small planter sitting in the center of a display that is undersized and gets lost in the surrounding plant materials.


Lastly, when starting out a great place to begin your planning is visualizing the term "Negative Space".  This means the space between things.  It truly creates a space for the mind and the eye to rest because it is the area where the lest is going on.  It allows you to be able to sit there and breathe.  There are no hard rules when it comes to designing this way.  Just take a deep breathe and get creative.


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Designing With Containers.

Here are a few simple tips to help when thinking about what type of potted containers you are going to tackle for your yard or garden areas.
Grow the tastiest and most nutritious fruits right on your deck or patio.  Start by planting a dwarf peach tree in a wooden box or terracotta pot.  Add three strawberry plants, and then dress it all up with a bunch of annual flowers.  Sit back and enjoy luscious berries in spring, peaches in summer and flowers all season long.  Nice pot eh?
Forget trying to get grass in shady areas.  Plant a rustic pot with shade loving fuschia, ferns and impatients.  Then sit back in a comfy chair with a glass of lemonade and watch your neighbors mow their lawns.


Lastly, does your porch lack pizzazz?  Fill a plain container with ivy, bright faced pansies, sapphire lobelias, and wine red geraniums.  In just a few weeks, the pot will be stuffed with blooms, enticing passerbys to stop and admire your creativity.
If you are ready for something different or more challenging, we offer lots of ideas right here in the Arizona Pottery Pottery Post Blog.  You can follow our simple instructions and ideas and delivery yourself with your newfound green thumb.


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Great Fall Pottery Decorating

Finding ways to decorate this time of year is easy and inexpensive.  Just select a clay garden pot, metal garden urn, or concrete garden planter,  fill with edible plants, herbs, leaves, branches, gourds and pumpkins.  It's so fun to do and we have a few cute ideas.

Vertical displays are making a big splash on patio walls and porch decorations.  We love the idea of stacking pumpkins between layers of branches & leaves.  To create topiaries, sandwich bay wreaths between pumpkins stacked in a sandstone urn, and top with a small pumpkin.  You can carve the pumpkins with different designs, you can then add candles or electric lights to help illuminate them.

Take a low garden tray or plant saucer, and fill with pre-moistened soil mix and fill with succulents.  Add them closely to each other so there isn't a lot of space between each plant.  Fill crevices with moss which thrives in well drained soil in sun or part shade as do the succulents.  Top with pumpkins for weight and interest.  Water when the soil dries out and leave outside until it freezes.  This looks lovely on a garden table.

Take garden planters and fill with the ever popular Mums.  Each fall all nursery and garden centers are full of them.  Use deep dark bright colors in red, orange and yellow.  Fill in around the containers with gourds, pumpkins and evergreen plants.  At seasons end transplant them to the yard or other smaller planter pots.  Enjoy for several more seasons until they outgrow their containers and then re-pot.
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What Is Your Garden Style?


Create the garden that is best suited to your surroundings.  Here are a few tips how.....
Gardening in containers can be as easy or as complex as you want to make it.  The possibilities for combinations are only limited by the gardener's imagination.  Just about any plant that grows in the ground will thrive in a pot, and it's worthwhile to note that some of the more invasive plants that you normally wouldn't introduce into your yard can be grown within the confines of a container.  Let's start with looking at your environment:
 14590Going for formal:  As far as choices, a formal area tends to be symmetrical in form with orderly rows of containers regularly spaced in traditional or classical garden planters.  Always neat, tidy the overall look can be very effective and impressive, it usually requires a lot of maintenance.  Patterns may vary from style to style but symmentry is preferred.  You don't need a huge formal home and garden area to achieve this effect.  The styling is much more important.
Going for informal:  In this type of setting, the plants develop their 14591 natural shapes and are arranged more irregularly or casually.  You will find more curved lines and shapes that flow and are not rigid.  Few straight edges or geometric forms will make up the planters with a more relaxed and comfortable feel.  This type is a lot less demanding with maintenance.
Other types would be Natural, Southwestern, country or modern.  Try creating an eastern garden with an Asian flair or a Grecian garden with pedestals and flowing ivy.  When it comes to style options you can go cottage, English or colorful
Here are a few things to ponder before you begin.
How do you currently use your yard?
If you have pets or kids will the design need to be safe?
What are you favorite plants?
What is your budget?
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7 Tips For Garden Design


When it comes to designing a garden there are many things to consider.  However, the top tips are creating something that makes you smile, is easy to maintain and easy to implement.  If creating this oasis isn't fun and enjoyable then what is the point.  You don't need a garden area right?  but you want one.  So, keep it simple and follow these easy tips.
1.  All enough room.  If you are limiting yourself to your patio area make sure there is room for entertaining.  Don't fill up every corner!  Keep an area for dining and sun bathing.  Open spaces create a feel of more space even in small areas.

2.  Plan for growth.  When selecting plants and containers make sure they won't take over the area your planning on spending time in.  Having a dense look is nice but not necessary.


  Keep all pathways open and uncluttered.  Make sure that any plant materials or potted containers you set next to your walkways won't obstruct the path.  This can be dangerous and uncomfortable for walking on.

4.  Watch your over hang.  If you use a gazebo or archway and cover it with plants make sure there is a height minimum of 7 feet.  This give room for plant growth and head space.

5.  If you love grass or have a pet, make sure there is at least a small patch of lawn.  This is fun for games, animals and visual effect.  You can even pot grass if you have a balcony or deck area only.  We love grass in a long rectangular planter.


  Create comfort.  Use art, birdbaths, statuary and other objects to create a decorative and personal touch to the garden area.  Large planters standing empty are lovely.  Statues tucked under large bushes or under a tree are nice added touches.

7.  Use plant materials that you love that add color, or fragrance.  Make them your favorites and ones you love to look at and enjoy.  Make sure to use some evergreens so that there is color and ornamental's available year round.
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To Cold for Containers? NEVER!

 13205 Title
 13206 Opening-Statement
 13207If a material looks good and stand up to winter weather, why not reuse it from year to year?  The reusable red bamboo poles in this pot offer a strong vertical accent, while living variegated boxwood provides more vertically and a striking backdrop.

Tall, bold gestures such as these are especially important in winter designs.  People aren't as likely to stop and linger when the weather is blustery, so designs need to read well from a distance.  For this container, wrap dried magnolia leaves around African knobs - all available at dried flower retailers and craft stores.  Reconstructing natural materials and arranging them in clusters is another great way to make designs pop.

The Pot used in this photo is from the Vietnamese Black Clay line.  It is high fired and can with stand colder temps.  It will not absorb water and therefore will not freeze.  With the bright colors in the plant materials a subtle colored pot can be used with great success.
This container includes Variegated boxwood, stained red bamboo poles, African knobs, Southern magnolia and noble fir boughs.
 13208Now to enhance your winter designs with unique containers:  Look to the colorful glazes and decorative etchings on pots as a source of inspiration.  The detailed carving on this container draws the eye up to the planting, while the mahogany-stained kuwa stems and black spruce boughs continue the progression up and out.

Luckily, creating winter containers doesn't have to mean gardening in frigid temperatures.  For this container, you can fill a plastic growers pot with potting soil and arrange the planting indoors.  Once the design is finished, take it outdoors and drop it into the decorative container.

One thing to consider when using a container like this granite one shown or one of our concrete planters is that once it's filled it will be to heavy to move around so make sure it's in a place you can leave it till next Spring.

This pot has Mahogany stained kuwa stems, reed bamboo, black spruce boughs, southern magnolia, incense cedar, driftwood and winterberry.
We hope this give you some great ideas.  Stretch your imagination, apply a few of these tips and you should experience great success.
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Winter Arrangements

This time of year you will see exterior creations overflowing with evergreen scent and colorful bursts of the unexpected.  Much of the greenery found in these containers are pieces located in your yard or garden.  Spruce and cedar branches are tucked nicely into wet floral foam along with pine cones and berry branches.  As the season progresses all you need to do is remove branches past their prime and you will still have a full arrangement left.


In these containers you will see many textures abound from spruce, silver fir, Port Orford cedar, juniper and 'Stoneham gold' cedar branches accented by orange-hue eucalyptus, caspia and Southern magnolia leaves.

You tend to think because it is so cold and out of blooming season why bother but as you can see, some attention to minor details can really make a huge difference.


Take a potted Fraser fir, merry with dried artichokes and pear gourds, dyed eucalyptus, caspia, astilbe seed pods, dried hydrangea blooms and pine cone garland and place in a decorative planter and you have a stunning - yet simple and easy to do idea.  Many of these products can be purchased in the floral department in major craft stores.  Be creative and try different dried fruit and veggies along with your greens for the most interesting effects.


If you are expecting holiday house guests then why not place a fun container overflowing with evergreens and winter plant accents for your garden, on the front porch and provide instant hospitality and a genuine welcome.  Use a vintage wheelbarrow, antique wash tub or kids sleigh.


Great Tip - Though howling winds, ice and snow are formidable enemies, many arrangements can last all winter.  To prevent containers from cracking as temperatures fluctuate, insert arrangements in place line pots at least 1" smaller than your container.  That way if the temps hit freezing you won't crack or damage your decorative container.

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