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First impressions are always important.  When it comes to the front door of your home there is no more important way to greet your guests and makes a good first impression than to pot up some plants and have a colorful, fragrant display.  Unfortunately many people tend to neglect their front doors.  The old adage out of sight, out of mind comes into play here. Here are a few suggestions that may make creating a welcoming easy and doable.


Patriotic:  this front entrance and walkway screams patriotic pride. Glossy red double door, white trim and pots of blue hydrangeas.  They all come together to show their patriotic pride.  Perfect for the start of summer.


Tropical Beauty:  A vibrant orange of the sunrise turn this door into a welcoming oasis with tropical palms and red flowers in neutral pots. This front door garden decor scream tropical.


Big Pots:  When it comes to garden containers bigger is always better. More room for the plant and flowers to flourish but large garden pottery always makes great impressions.  With trailing vines and colorful plants bursting out of these planters you will have guests commenting on what a wonderful first impression you have made.


Our last suggestion is the holidays.  With so many wonderful holidays celebrated in the United States you will have plenty to chances to create the holiday spirit and feel with potted plants, pumpkins, christmas lights, valentine hearts, 4 leaf clover and more.  Have fun now and make your entry welcoming and playful with items from each holiday.  This is the most imaginative time to decorate.  Go for it!

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Create This Garden Planter!

This metal container is contemporary and useful.  It can sit outside and only looks better as it ages.  We carry this same design in sandstone if you would prefer that material.  Filling this pot with succulents really accents the look.  This type of a display is perfect in direct sunlight because not only the planter but the plant materials can handle the direct heat.  Using succulents like this makes the container basically worry-free.

Below we tell you what items were used.
1.  Minature pine tree. Crassula tetragona
2.  Coppertone Sedum.  Sedum nussbaumerianum.
3.  Crassula.  Crassula pellucida
4.  Silver Spoons echeveria
5.  Trailing jade Senecio jacobsenii
6.  Flower dust plant kalanchoe pumila
7.  Hobbit dwarf jade Crassula ovata

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Decorate Your Fall Planters With These Items


Right now it's so easy to take lovely branches, berries, nuts & fruits and make great colorful holiday displays with them.  You don't even need to know how to arrange flowers.  Arizona Pottery suggests that you take a garden planter and fill with these items and create a lovely fall arrangement.  Here's a few suggestions.
To get this look at left all you need to do is take a Arizona Pottery Cache pot and fill with these easy items.  Make sure the planter is at least 12" wide, select a muted color like the white shown.  This is not the time for bright colorful containers when you are planting with bright bold plant materials.  Fill the center with a piece of floral foam.  Secure with floral take and then fill with a mix of branches, boughs, greens, reeds and sticks.  Creating a rough mixture is the look you are trying to achieve.

When it comes to the front door the look shown to left is easy to achieve.  Potted Kale is colorful, large, lush and can create a warm lovely display.  Mixing the potted cabbage with colorful pumpkins in white, green and oranges really make a fun and bright display.  We have a blog entry on just this type of cabbage with great photos and information.  Check it out here.  These giant rosettes of frilly leaves are beautiful and ornamental.

To create these simple displays you can use foliage from maples trees where the leaves are bright red and lacy.  You just have to arrange them in groups by sizes and colors.  The firery red is a great focal point for any display where you use a Arizona Pottery container.  Use feathery green branches covered in different shades of colors.  Just keep adding branches till you get the fullness you are aiming for.
This time of year it is really easy to decorate when you use the items that are found in your garden or yard areas.  Arizona Pottery containers make it super simple.
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Wake Up Your Winter Garden

 13102 Title

When people first plant a garden or patio area with planters, they don't worry about how that area will look come winter.  You rarely go outside let along walk through the back yard.  You will find yourself huddled indoors with garden catalogs or photos of new pottery you want to purchase next spring.  Then boom!  One day you see a neighbors patio area or you visit family and notice that someone has taken care of their planters and created a winter garden look.  Now is your time!


The easiest thing to do is start with one key area.  Instead of taking on the whole yard, why not start on just your patio area.  Start indoors and see if you view that area from any rooms like a family room or living room.  If so what is it that you see.  Just a portion of it or a few areas.

Once you select an area think about what kinds of planters you will need to add some color.  Go with high fired glazed pottery that can handle the cold months.  Select some great grasses and plant materials to fill them with.  Try Winter Jasmine, Witch hazels, colorful berry bushes and laurels.  The whole idea is to create some colorful drama that will be set against a winter white background.


You may want to take into consideration the bark of certain plants or trees.  Once the leaves fall you will be looking at what is underneath.  Are the branches straight as an arrow or curved in an interesting pattern?  Try to picture your potted plants with snow on them.  Will they droop over from the weight or be able to support it?


Decorate with some ornaments like birdhouses and statuary.  The wildlife will appreciate you placing a birdhouse or feeder for them and then making sure that you keep it filled, and cleaned.  Take a concrete statue and place it in an area where you can see it from the kitchen window.  Place under a lush evergreen for cover and beauty or leave sitting on a vacant patio area where it will be loved and admired.  Many garden ornaments can stay outside from one season to the next so don't strip the garden area once summer is over.


Any of these tips can be used as a starting point for a winter garden.  Let your imagination run wild and look at what others are doing to gather some great ideas.  Don't miss the opportunity to create something beautiful just because it's cold outside.

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Use Pumpkins In Your Fall Displays

We thought this would be a great time to share a few projects that you can easily create with pumpkins, squash and garden pottery.  Have fun!

There is no need to greet guests with sad, empty exterior planters just because the weather's turned.  Once flowers die off, create a lush, welcoming display with cold-hardy foliage and decorative gourds.  Start by planting a backdrop of evergreen dwarf spruces as well as kale, which should survive the first frost.  Then pile on gourds and squash like the ones shown in the photo.  Keep in mind that edible varieties will last only a few weeks.  Sprigs of eucalyptus and fir supply the finishing touches.


Another alternative to a inexpensive and creative container can be squash or gourds.  A buttercup squash can serve as a stunning cachepot for succulents.  Fill it with crassula and echeveria to re-create this arrangement as shown.  Just trim the squash's stem, then position a small pot of succulents on top and trace around it with a marker.  Cut along your mark and scoop out all the pulp, then insert the pot.  Easy!


Gourds come in all sizes and shapes and colors and easily become seasonal vases.  Cut a hole big enough to accommodate a couple of florist tubes.  Insert flower stems for a unique bud vase and use to decorate inside or outside your home.  Lovely!


This last project is neat because it uses a pumpkin as a planter and it makes a lovely display that can be used indoors or out.  Cut out two top quarters of a pumpkin, leaving the stem and a narrow strip as the basket handle.  Zigzag the bottom edges, and hollow out the base.  Place a block of west floral foam inside.  Position two glass votive holders in the foam and surround with a bevy of fall blooms and leaves.  Place on a table in the dining room or living rooms.  This makes a festive fall display of color that is inexpensive and easy to do.  Have fun!
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