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Around Your Yard In December

There are so many fun and interesting things that you can do in your yards & gardens now.  Below are a few suggestions.


Plant bulbs, daffodils are great to plant right now.  Don't wait until to late in the season.  By then the ground could be frozen and hard, making the chore much more difficult.  Cover citrus trees with frost cloth or old sheet when frost is predicted.  Care for your holiday poinsettias by removing decorative plastic or foil wrapping.  Keep the soil moist by watering.  Don't forget your indoor houseplants.  They need to be fertilized till the flowering stops.  Spread mulch over beds with bulbs, perennials, and shrubs to protect their roots during freeze and thaw cycles.

Cut branches for decor.  Trimming from trees and shrubs like evergreens, fir, holly, pine and redwood are ideal to use in garden pottery to create a decorative and lush display.  Make sure when trimming that you cut downward growing branches to foster spreading.  Look for holly berry branches so that you can add a touch of color.

Recycle leaves by raking them up and adding them to your compost pile, or spread a thick layer around your plants.  Top a potted plant if there are bulbs inside.  You can always store them in plastic bags and toss them around each month just like you would a compost barrel.  Next spring dump them into your garden soil to enrich it or mix with your potting soil when putting out your spring plants.

Grow Amaryllis now - These are some of the most elegant flowers of the holiday season.  Buy them as bulbs that you can plant in your own garden container.  The one shown is called a rose pot but we love the height with the tapered sides.  Click here to view the planter.  Bloom colors included red, white, pink and green.  Miniatures are available.  Enjoy a single amaryllis, or use several of the same type to create a living potted arrangement of color on a table or mantle.  Tuck in a few ferns and mosses to fill out the display.

Finally, don't forget to the feed the wildlife in your yard.  A birdhouse is always fun and will encourage the birds to make a home and stick around for the other seasons.  Place them in front of a window so that you can enjoy watching or by a patio where they will not be disturbed this time of year.

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December - What To Do?

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This is not the time of year to give up on your garden area and patio planters.  We would like to make a few suggestions on some simple things that need to be done and should be done to help keep things looking lovely.

Start by filling existing planters or new containers with succulents and cacti.  Pick from the wide variety available and create some interesting displays.  The local nursery in your area should have plenty to choose from.  Remember to mulch the top soil with fine gravel, faux rocks or garden mulch to help them survive thru the cold winter months.  Do not plant in a terracotta clay pot that will absorb moisture and crack if exposed to freezing temps.

Order pre-cooled bulbs that are shipped this month or next.  You can order them online or check with your local landscape company to see if they supply them.  You can force them to bloom by the holidays or store them in soil, a garden pot and in the dark so that they are ready to go next Spring.  They come in so many different color and styles that it's fun to experiment with different looks each season.  The paper whites are the most popular for the holidays but check out the suppliers to see if something new has arrived on the scene.

Christmas Cactus with orange, pink, red, white or yellow blooms, will flower this month.  Grow this long lived houseplant in bright indirect sunlight.  When it's flowering, water and feed it weekly with liquid cactus and succulent fertilizer.  Always start with a stunning glazed container that will compliment the blooms and add color and warmth to your home, especially during these cold, dark winter months.

Because it gets dark so early in the evenings, now is the time to line walkways and garden paths with outdoor lighting, garden luminaries or lanterns.  You can even use paper bags, filled with sand and place a tealight candle inside for special occasions or holiday celebrations.  Also, think about giving gifts that are alive and lasting.  Potted herbs, topiaries and terrariums are all popular and easy to do.  Browse your local book store garden section.  There are many new coffee table books this time of year and idea packed books for next season.  Collect some fresh ideas for containers, and plant materials to try out next year.

Decorate with natural materials collected from your own yard.  Branches, cuttings and twigs make great swags, and wreaths.  Combine silvery foliage and add depth and beauty.  Lots of pods, pine cones and nuts are great for filling empty garden plants with and they look decorative and festive.  Plant butter head and romaine lettuce seedlings for salads thru winter.  Use clay pot and keep in a sunny indoor window.  Easy and fun!
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