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Indoor Cat Garden


If you have little furry cats around you house, then this post if for you. In Arizona it is dangerous to let you cats outside, so our cats are considered indoor animals. That means you have to be aware of any potted flowers or plants that you bring into the home.  If you want to
pot up some plants it is best to google it to see if they are toxic to cats or not.


When it comes to cats wanting to use your potted plants as a litter box we suggest you cover the top soil with pot shards, colored rocks or toothpicks.  Anything works that the cats don't want to touch their feet and makes them uncomfortable.


Now we want to talk about the substance of this post and that is to create a indoor cat garden just for your little furry indoor friends.  By planting things like cat grass you can cure their craving for greens. This gives them a chance to eat the leaves that are both healthy and tasty to them without any issues.  But don't just pot up food, make it decorative and fun so that everyone not only the cats get to enjoy looking at it.


Here are some plants that we recommend.  Cat grass, Catnip, Parsley, Mint & Rosemary all work great.  Select a low bowl garden container so that the cats can reach the plants without having to climb or jump.  Make sure the flowerpot is wide and low so that it can't be knocked over.  

Top the soil with decorative rocks and little figurines to create a cute look that is both playful and functional.  The rocks will keep the cats from using it as a litter box.  Place the pot in a sunny window and keep the soil moist so that the herbs will grow and not dry out.  Then stand back and watch your little ones gather and enjoy!

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Winning Window Box Planters


It is so easy to take a simple looking home front and turn it into something super special with a window box garden planters.  It adds color, beauty & function to the outside of any home.

Window box planters are the easiest way to add some pizzaz to your home exterior where you may have large windows that can use some trim & detail.  Window box means just what it says. A box you attach to a window preferably on the front of your home that holds colorful flowers and trailing vines.


Large windows both tall and wide offer the greatest possibilities for climbers scrambling all the way up the sides, tall bushy plants inside these, curving down to even smaller plants.  Change it up with the heights and colors of the plants to add the most interest.

Trailing plants are vital, spilling out of the window box planter and cascading downward to add further depth to the display.  They add an exotic touch and help to balance the look.


Speaking of climbers and trailers, it's interesting to experiment with mixed plant materials for unusual effects.  For example, two different types of climbing vines may be placed close together to scramble up through one another.  Perhaps the ivy with handsome glossy foliage, and a sweet pea to twine up through it.


Lastly, ask yourself if you were walking by your house what do you think would look great?  Then ask yourself if you were sitting inside the house looking out what would you like to see?  Make sure all your hard work can be seen from both view.

Even if you have no yard at all you can still look out your window at stunning flowers blooming and lush greenery.
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A Tower of Herbs!


These herb towers are perfect for that person who only has a small space to plant!  If space is a consideration, don't miss out on growing fresh herbs yourself.  Just try this simple idea and the benefits are HUGE!
Tools & materials:  5 - terracotta clay planters, potting mix & herbs!
 30046This planter has rosemary, sage, parsley, thyme, oregano, basil and chives.  All easily available at garden nurseries and all wonderful used in cooking.  Of course you can use any herbs you desire and there are some pretty great one that are both unique and tasty!
Simply place the largest planter in the location selected from the herb garden.  Center 1 small pot within, upside down with at least 6 inches of space around the inverted pot.  Fill the ring between the two with potting mix.  Repeat to create a second layer with 2 small pots, with 4" between them.  Place a final pot right side up on the second inverted pot and fill with potting mix.  Plant the herbs of your choice in all three layers.  FUN!
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Feat of Clay!

Turn inexpensive terra-cotta clay pots into fun, functional patio decor. All you need is glue!
Make end tables and planter pedestals by stacking containers and saucers in creative combinations.  Sketch out possible combinations, or play with pots you already have on hand, to find a design you like.  Once you have the necessary pieces, assemble them without gluing to make sure the result is what you envisioned.
Use craft adhesive to attach pieces.  Run a solid bead on each surface to be glued.  Then let the assembly dry complete.  Use a pottery sealer if desired.

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Re-Create This Garden Planter At Home

These intricate plants make a impact up close!
In this container combo, a lovely ceramic planter pot showcases interesting plants with variations of color that could never be seen from a distance.  Whether it's the variegation in the tiny leaves of the rupturewort spilling out of the pot, the ultra-fine cut leaves of the scented geranium, or the hint of pink in the pedilanthus, these details are best viewed and appreciated from the comfort of a favorite patio chair.
1.  Variegated rupturewort (Herniaria
glabra 'Sea foam').
2.  Paddle plant (kalanchoe thyrsiflora)
3.  Variegated pedilanthus (pedilanthus tithymalorides)
4.  Fernleaft geranium (pelargonium denticulatum)
5.  Red Stemmed pilea (pilea)
This potted display is best in full sun.
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Make This Planter - I am easy!


This foliage based, classic rendition of the thriller, filler, and spiller design included an upright architectural eye catcher, its billowy surround, and its cascading skirt, each with leaves distinctive in color and form.

This container is very large and made of real terra-cotta clay.  Fill the bottom with pot filler and then add the potting mix soil.  Start in the middle with the tallest plant then the sides and last the drape. 

This project is easy to do and stunning in size and effect.

The tallest center plant is:  Australia Canna
The middles greens are: Fishnet Stockings coleus
The cascading plants are:  Dichondra Silver falls

The best conditions are full sun to partial shade.

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Make This Garden Planter!

A planter bowl of mixed plants almost always looks better than the same number dotted around in individual pots.  Garden center and florists often sell mixed garden bowls, but you can probably make on more cheaply using a container that you already have.  Or, you can enhance the process of creating one by purchasing a new bowl from Arizona Pottery.  It's always fun to find new plants to use.
What you will need to create this look:
* A large ceramic or clay garden bowl with drain hole.
* Bark chippings or pot filler.
* Compost
* A collection of mixed foliage and flowerling plants.
 14507 Steps-Showing-How

Step one is easy.  Cover the drainage hole with crock pieces, bark chippings or pot filler, which we sell in our pot accessory section.  Partially fill the container with compost.

It is a good ideas to have a showy centerpiece plant - then insert an empty pot temporarily in the center so you are sure to leave enough space of other plants.

Place the other plants around the centerpiece pot, rearranging them as necessary while still in their pots.  Do not start planting in the compost until you are happy with the results.
Then remove the plants from their pots and plant.  Finally, insert the centerpiece.  If it is going to be there for some time, remove it from the pot and plant directly into the soil.  If you are likely to have to replace it after a few weeks - as is common with flowering plants once they finish blooming - keep it in its container.
 14509 Plants-And-Flowers-Used

Here is a great tip.  for a lively, varied mix use a combination of small bushy, vertical and trailing plants.  Tradescantias are a good choice for the last category, particularly since they come in a wide range of bright colors, including greens, creams and bronze.
Plant any time of year.
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Re-create Garden Planter Look!

Planted containers are useful for reinforcing or complementing colors used in the garden.  It's a simple way to add a unique bit of flair, which you can change from year to year.  This combo emphasizes shades of maroon and gold by pairing them with a lush green background that makes the color pop.
1.  'Indigo Spires' Salvia (Salvia 'Indigo Spires')
2.  'Ace of Spades' Ornamental Sweet Potato Vine (ipomoea       batatas)
3.  Superbells Plum Calibrachoa (Calibrachoa)
4.  'Careless Love' Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides)
5.  Zinfandel Oxalis (Oxalis vulcanicola)
What we love about this potted display is the fact that it is so packed together.  It looks out of control and wild but stunningly beautiful.  Try mixing it up with different textures, compelling colors, outstanding pottery and different plant materials.  Don't over think your potted displays.  Be creative and have fun.
A mistake that is often made is just using flowers.  Don't forget there are unique plants and foliage that can enhance any arrangement or potted display.  Move beyond the basics you see at your local nursery center.
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 Comments (2) Last comment made 
7/24/2012 4:21:48 PM 
the pottery lady 7/24/2012 4:21:48 PM 
priti - thanks for the kind words. potatoes are known for being easy to grow but i have no experience with them. i am sure there is plenty of information on the internet. fruit is fun and easy to grow.

priti 7/24/2012 3:35:04 PM 
i''ve been wanting to plant a gdearn for a long time now. i would plant bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, and a bunch of herbs. have you ever tried growing potatoes? we love potatoes, but i am not sure how hard they are to grow. i''d also like to grow some fruit. i really wish i had an apple tree!i also wanted to let you know that you are one of the bloggers that i have passed the versatile blogger award to. please stop by my blog to "pick it up." :)lacey

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