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DIY Rope Wrapped Flowerpots

We love all kinds of craft idea using clay flowerpots and since we sell so many sizes of standard clay pot's you should be able to find all the pots sizes you need.  Here they take a flowerpot and turn it into something special by coating it with rope that is painted to match your decor.  This project is easy and fun to do and makes a wonderful gift.
Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint
Sisal Rope 1/4"
Arizona Pottery Clay Flowerpots
Painters Tape
Elmers Glue Spray

Turn the flowerpot over and spray a thick coat of spray glue around 2" of the bottom of the pot.  Start with the end of the rope and start wrapping around the pot without any gaps.  Then spray glue again about 2" or so up the sides and then wrap the rope some more.  When you get to the end spray another coat over the top to just make sure that the rope will stick.

Next take some painters tape and wrap it around the body of the pot at the area where you want the color added.  You can make as many patterns that you want.  Be sure and leave some of the rope in its natural color to add some beauty and interest to the final look of the planter.  Let them dry and then remove the tape.  Perfect!

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Make A Mosaic Flowerpot

 Decorate a flowerpot with mosaic pieces

Stop crying over broken
pottery or porcelain. Instead, recycle the shards of a plate or vase to create these unique garden planters.

Before you begin, seek out your raw materials at flea markets or garage sales. You'll find chipped and cracked pieces are dirt cheap, but perfect for your purposes. To keep things looking good, stick a common blue-and-white look. Or, if you are a bit braver, create your own color scheme. The instructions below explain how to create these eye-catching pieces.


Wear protective eye wear while creating your mosaic pieces. Break plates or fragments by covering with a thick cloth and hitting with a hammer. Use a tile nipper to trim pieces to size. Apply china repair adhesive to the back of each piece; press against the
 flowerpot. Allow glue to dry overnight.

APPLYING THE GROUT. Apply premixed grout from a hardware store or home center to the entire surface of the clean, dry pot. Make sure you completely fill between the shards of pottery for a unified look. If you prefer, leave the rim exposed for decorative contrast.

SMOOTHING THE GROUT. Use a tile float to smooth and even out the grout. Allow the pot to dry for several hours. A hazy film of dried grout will appear on the tile. Carefully wipe away this film with a damp sponge. Rinse out sponge as needed.

WIPE GROUT FILM OFF TILE SURFACES WITH A DAMP SPONGE. Allow the new beautiful flowerpot to dry for a week. When you are sure the grout is completely dry, seal with a grout sealer. In addition to their service as homes for blooming plants, these pots are ideal for parties, or as potting shed accessories to hold pens or hand tools.
DIY craft using garden terracotta pottery
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Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft Project

 DIY Pinecone Christmas Tree Project using flowerpots
This Christmas craft project is really easy and oh so cute!
Use these little clay flowerpot crafts to decorate around your home with.  They are just adorable and can be stored from year to year.  A child friendly craft!
Materials:  Pine cones, small terracotta flower pots, green acrylic paint, white acrylic paint, stickles (glitter glue), white or red pom poms mini starts & craft glue.

Directions:  Paint pine cones green, let dry.  Paint tips of pine cones white, let dry. Add stickles to white area to make it look like snow.  Add mini pom poms to trees. Top with a little star.  Glue pine cone to terracotta flower pot.

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Tipsy Pots

You will tumble head over heels for this leaning tower of clay pots.
A cinch to create and ultra frugal to make, this unique garden planter commands a second look.  Fill the clay pots with herbs or colorful ornamentals and create a unique display.
Pick a level spot in your garden area.  Drive a 66" piece of re-bar 2 feet into the soil. Surround the base with newspaper to prevent weeds from growing.  Then place a 12" round clay pot at the base, threading the re-bar through the drain hole.

Fill the pot with soil so that the next pot has something to rest on. Press the soil down and water till firm.  Take a 10" terracotta clay pot,
tilt it so one side of the base rests on the soil below.

Thread the next 3 pots and tilt them in opposite directions so the weights are distributed evenly.  Add plants to the tipsy pots.  Make sure to leave 1 1/2" space at the top of each pot.  That way, when you water, the soil won't run off.  Finally add a layer of much over the newspaper on the ground.
Now, enjoy watching your flowers bloom!
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