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15 minute DIY Project

It's so easy to take 2 flowerpots and 2 clay saucers and turn them into these terracotta outdoor candle holders.

2 terracotta flowerpots
2 round saucers
fine grain sand paper
foam paintbrush

Step 1 - paint the pot outside with patio paint.  Paint the inside and outside of the saucers.
Step 2 - Use the sanding block to gently go over the pot and saucer edges. There is no wrong way to do this. Simply sand until you are happy with the distressed look.
Step 3 - Flip the pot over and apply a thin line of adhesive around the base of the pot. Center the saucer and apply pressure.  

That's it!  Too cute!
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Drip Flower Pots with Candles

We search high and low around the web to find fun craft ideas using clay flowerpots. We love to pass these along to you since we think they are clever, decorative and fun to do.  Here is one from Beckie Farrant that is easy and just plain neat.

Supplies needed Large terracotta pot, Med terracotta pot, acrylic paints by Folk Art, river stone filler, primer & clear sealer. 

Start by priming the flowerpots.  The white background will really make your drips stand out.  You don't need to spray the sealer on the smaller pot because it will be mostly covered by soil.  Once dry, prop the pot off the ground with a tarp underneath.  Add some water to your paint to make it drippy.  Add a tablespoon to each bottle to get the right consistency.  Shake well.

Starting on the bottom edge, squeeze the pain on the edge and watch gravity do its job as the paint drizzles down the sides. Continue layering paint one after the other until you achieve the look you want.  Let dry for full 2 days.  Once dry spray with clear sealer for outdoor use.
Next add pot filler to the bottom pot.  Add the smaller pot in the middle and then fill up the large pot with soil making sure the small pot stays centered.  Plant your flowers. Then put pot filler in the small pot so you don't need to fill it with dirt. Fill the rest of the small pot with rock.  Add a battery operated candle inside a tall vase and place on top of stones.
That's it.  Light up for parties, place the flowerpot with candle on the patio or front steps to greet your guests. Just lovely and you did it all yourself.
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diy project candle flowerpot craft project using flowerpots garden containers home and gardening

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Tower of Plants

We saw this DIY project on how to make a tiered planter from terracotta saucers and had to share it here.  Because the instructions are a bit detailed, not complicated we will share a link below on the complete instruction sheet.

When you entertain in your home and are always looking for new and clever ideas, we think this one will fill your need.  By taking a few clay saucers and some nuts and bolts you can create this multi tiered pot stand.  Placed in the center of a dining room table, on a buffet table or a garden table it is stunning and commanding.

Place some plants
potted in terracotta on the stand and create different looks to compliment the different seasons.  Use this for Halloween and fill the pots with treats, use as a cupcake stand, and during Christmas fill the pots with candy canes and red & white plants.  Stunning!

Remember all you will need are terracotta clay round saucers, clay flowerpots with flowers and a few other items.

Complete instructions here:
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DIY Rope Wrapped Flowerpots

We love all kinds of craft idea using clay flowerpots and since we sell so many sizes of standard clay pot's you should be able to find all the pots sizes you need.  Here they take a flowerpot and turn it into something special by coating it with rope that is painted to match your decor.  This project is easy and fun to do and makes a wonderful gift.
Rust-oleum Chalked Ultra Matte Paint
Sisal Rope 1/4"
Arizona Pottery Clay Flowerpots
Painters Tape
Elmers Glue Spray

Turn the flowerpot over and spray a thick coat of spray glue around 2" of the bottom of the pot.  Start with the end of the rope and start wrapping around the pot without any gaps.  Then spray glue again about 2" or so up the sides and then wrap the rope some more.  When you get to the end spray another coat over the top to just make sure that the rope will stick.

Next take some painters tape and wrap it around the body of the pot at the area where you want the color added.  You can make as many patterns that you want.  Be sure and leave some of the rope in its natural color to add some beauty and interest to the final look of the planter.  Let them dry and then remove the tape.  Perfect!

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craft pots, roReape pots, painted rope pots, diy craft pots, crafty garden planters, craft projects.

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Easter Place Card Clay Flowerpots

Easter Place Cards Clay Flowerpots
You want this year to be extra special.  Not only are you preparing a wonderful Easter Supper but you have decided to put some extra effort into decorating the Easter Table.  Well, we are here to help. We though this idea was super easy and totally elegant.  
Not only is this DIY idea for a Easter Place Card inexpensive but it's easy to do. Take a clay garden planter and saucer.  Write each guest name with a paint pen on the side.  Fill the clay pot with shredded colorful paper.  Add a Chocolate Rabbit or Rooster as the centerpiece of the pot.  Be sure and use an over-sized animal to get the full effect. Then surround the chocolate animal with Easter candy treats. A clever touch is to fill the saucer with chocolate eggs.  It just looks adorable.  

Our clay flowerpots are inexpensive, made in Italy of the finest, most compact and smooth clay and come in many sizes to choose from. From small 3" pots to extra large planters, we sell all sizes of clay flowerpots and ship them across the United States.  

Take a few extra minutes this year and make your Easter table decorative & personal! We are here to help!
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St Patricks Day Craft Idea


Good Luck St Patrick's Day Craft Idea

Even though it's a few weeks away from St. Patrick's Day or even the beginning of Spring, we saw this clever craft idea using clay pots that would be easy for children to do.  This is fairly easy to do and would make a great gift for a school teacher, friendly neighbor or loving grandparents.  Get the kids together and give it a go.

At Arizona Pottery we love all kinds of holiday crafts using small clay flowerpots. They are perfect for little hands to work with, aren't very expensive and are very easy to turn into easy Holiday DIY gifts & crafts.

Supplies needed are easy and inexpensive.  Masking tape, clay flowerpots, chalkboard paint, gold spray paint and chalk.

Click here to purchase real terracotta clay pot in all sizes.
Click here for complete instructions from start to finish.
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Gilded Terracotta Clay Pots

Take old worn out clay pots and turn them into something beautiful again. It's easy to do with gold leaf.  It only takes a few steps and a steady hand so here we go.  Found on

Terracotta pots - new, used, large, small - whatever you want.
Gold or Silver leaf found at all craft stores
Size - the glue to adhere the metallic leaf with
Spray sealer for the leaf - found in the same area as the leaf.

Normally you would follow what the leaf directions are for applying. But, in the case of clay flowerpots which are porous you will have to adjust.  The easiest way to do this is brush on a length of glue at a time & immediately apply the leaf.  Don't wait to apply the leaf to the size because it will dry almost immediately.  Continue around the entire rim of the pot until complete.

Try not to brush the glue over the existing leaf as it will dull the shine. After all
pots are gilded, coat them with the spray sealer. If you like the worn look on the bottom of the pots don't spray that part with sealer because it will clean the look of the flower pot up.

That's it.  Plant and enjoy!  Perfect for a holiday table or wedding reception.  Elegant and classy!
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Turn A Flowerpot Into A Candle

DIY Turn a Flowerpot into a candle for Chiristmas

We love our clay pot craft ideas and are constantly searching the web for new ideas. There are so many creative people out there and lots of easy, fun ideas.  Here is how to make a broken clay pot into a decorative candle that can be used during the holidays or when changing out the applique, would work great with lots of other holidays.  Give it a go and let us know below how it worked for you!

When the winter evenings are chilly, this decoration warms the heart.  Choose a motif with a rustic country look. With a small tealight candle in the center, the design lights up with a winter glow.  The motif is a paper napkin, decoupage onto the inside of a flower pot.  Perhaps you know someone who can cut you a couple of unused pots this way or you can find a broken pot.  Either way has the pots for all your craft needs.

Supplies needed:

- clay flowerpot
- paper napkin with your choice of design
- acrylic paint matching the design on the napkin
- acrylic paint in white
- paper napkin applique' glue
- snow paint (paste)
- paintbrushes
- tealight or battery operated candle

Base coast inside the flower pot with white paint and let dry.  Paint the outside of the flowerpot with the color of your choice and let dry. Apply the napkin to the inside of the pot.  When the glue is dry, apply textured snow paste to the details of the napkin where you wish.  Let the past dry overnight. Place the tealight inside!  You can find this craft idea and more at
Share with us below on how you did!
A DIY Tealight Flowerpot Candle
Hope you liked this craft project. Stay tuned we have plenty more!

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Live Succulent Christmas Tree DIY

 Make a Potted Succulent Christmas Tree
Making a container Christmas tree out of potted succulents is smart & lovely!  Check this out from Garden Delights.

Supplies needed:
Small 3 ft tomato cage
Floral wire
Wire Cutters
Needle nose pliers
Six bags of moss
Long handled wooden spoon
Floral Pins
Terracotta Flowerpot & saucer

Spray bottle
So, here we

Turn the tomato cage upside down.  Gather the legs to a point and bend the wires together to secure. Wrap floral wire around the gathered legs to keep them together.

Make a netting of floral wire by wrapping it vertically around the tomato cage.  After the vertical wires are in place, weave through them horizontally. This netting will provide support for the moss.  You should now have a tree form.

Fill a bucket with warm water. Add the moss and soak till saturated.  Squeeze out excess liquid.
Add handfuls of moss into the form starting at the top. Use the wooden spoon to help push into crevices.  Hide all the wires.

Place the moss tree upright in your chosen container.  The moss may drip so make sure you planter is large enough and you have a saucer underneath to catch drips.  Make sure everything is balanced before you start adding succulents.

Use a pencil to pock a hole in the moss and insert the stem in, securing it with a floral pin.  Finish covering the form.  This potted tree may be heavy so have someone help you move it to where you want it displayed. OR better yet, place it in advance and cover the area with a blank till you are finished making it.  Spritz when completed. You now have a live Christmas tree!

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DIY Project - Gilded Terracotta Flower Pots

Here is a clever way to dress up your terracotta flowerpots that may be looking a bit worn. You can use old or new pots, either way the gold leaf will dress them up and give them a cohesive look. We thank for this clever idea.

Terracotta pots
Gold or Silver leaf - available in sheets at most craft stores.
Size - the glue to adhere the leaf to.
Spray sealer for the leaf.

Normally they recommend following the instructions when applying the leaf to items but in this case, because the flower pots are so porous, the size dried immediately. So they recommend you apply a length of glue and immediately apply the leaf. Don't wait. It will dry immediately. Continue around the entire edge of the clay pot until you are complete. Just try not to brush the glue over the existing leaf as it will dull the shine.

Once all the pots are gilded, coat them in a spray sealer. If you want to retain some of the natural patina that accumulates on the worn pottery, avoid spraying the sealer there.

We think these gilded flowerpots would be perfect for a holiday table, a wedding display, or a New Years Party. Simply elegant! Give it a go and let us know how you do?

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