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When To Water Your Garden Planters?


You selected the perfect garden planter, you researched and purchased the best kinds of plants and now you ask, When is the best time to water?  Good question.  You want to make sure when it comes to watering your potted plants you get it right.  Of course we all know that too much or too little can kill most plants and make those garden planters look pretty bad.


First you must make sure that your garden pottery has drain holes. Even succulents & cacti don't like to sit in standing water.  Then early morning is the best time to water your planters.  This is because the sun is barely up and the temps are still pretty cool.  Now is the time that water can penetrate the soil and get down to the roots before being evaporated by the sun & heat.

Watering your planter early also means that the plants will have time to soak up and store some of the water before they are dried out and waiting in the afternoon.  Don't believe that spraying the leaves of the potted plants and then having the full sun hit them will scorch them or cause burning. That is simply not true.


The second best time to water your potted garden planters is late afternoon or early evening.  What you are trying to do is to avoid watering your containers in the middle of the day.  If you wait till early evening try not to get water all over the plants leaves.  Letting the water sit on the leaves can cause pathogens and disease.  So if you have a choice always go with morning or late morning.

Do NOT water at night.  You think it's a good time to water your planters so that they can soak up all that moisture but it really causes disease like stated above because there is not evaporation.


So to rap this up, here are a few last tips.

Don't overwater - look for limp or soggy leaves, rotting at the stem or tips browning.
Water consistently over the surface of the soil and not your leaves. When you water, water deeply.  The deeper the better for encouraging the potted plants roots to spread throughout the planter.

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Choosing The Right Plant For A Pot

Choosing the right plant for your pot.


When choosing a plant to pot up a great tip to keep in mind is to select a plant that highlights the strength of the pot and creates a balance.  

Check how fast the plant grows.  You don't want to put a fast growing plant in an undersized container.  It will become root bound and needs to be re-potted within a year.  You can continue to trim it but it will look like a small sock on a big food.  Out of place!


Check out the root system.  Is it trailing or short and stubby.  Make sure there is room to handle those roots without over crowding. Herbs tend to travel so make sure that you keep them in smallish containers and keep them trimmed that way they won't take over the whole yard but stay contained in the planter.

Short on cash?  How about using plants already around the yard. Bedding plants look good in containers.  Know where you will put the planter once it's planted?  Find plants that will like the amount of sunshine the pot will get.  This is important because a shade loving plant will not like being potted and placed in an area where direct sunshine will hit it.


Try using ground cover from around the yard to pot.  Forget-me-knots or campanula which tends to be invasive.  Do you plants bloom in colors.  Try limiting a container to one color for a unified look.  If you are into a more eclectic look then pack all colors into one pot and have an explosion of color to view.  


Harmonizing plants?  Well, it's pretty much up to you.  Do you really like one type of plants like succulents, cactus, flowering greens or all green and no flowers?  The more complimentary the planters look the more natural the grouping will appear. 

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Fall Fireworks

Trees, shrubs, and frost tolerant grasses and perennials ignite a passion for the glories of autumn when planted in your garden pottery & plant containers.
Wrapped in blazing gold and firey red with flickers of violet blue, an autumn landscape captures all the colors of a flame, and it's just mesmerizing.  Sit outside under a blazing tree canopy and enjoy a warm cup of coffee.  Don't leave your garden plants sitting empty.  Fill with fierce bold colorful plants and finish the look.

The variety of
potted plants make any patio or garden area inviting with this lovely glow.  Witch hazel draws the eye and feet to the sweetest surprise by creating a fire bowl, stuffed full of this plant.  Blue notes included Lambs ear, blue spruce and blue gray ornamental grasses. Gold spirea and golden mop cypress, potted, add bring yellow green pops so plant them in traditional terracotta or bold colorful garden planters.
You don't have to have a big plan.  Just go with the idea that right now a touch of color is enough to make you want to wander into your yard and adore the beauty.
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The Best Container Plants Part II

In this blog entry we continue with the theme of "the best container plants" by adding another 5 entries.   Hope you enjoy these suggestions.  Please let us know if you try any of these items.  Thanks!

6.  Phlox 'intensia Lilac Rose' can grow up to 12" tall and grows annually.  It spreads vigorously so is a good choice for a pot or garden container.  It's lightly fragrant flowers are lavender pink with a dark rose eye.  Blooming from spring to fall, these flowers are stunning is large containers and footed urns.  Give it full sun, it tolerates heat and humidity along with cooler weather.

7.  Mandevilla sanderi 'MonProud' (strawberry lemonade) This is a thirst quencher with bright colors and hot flowers.  A tropical vine that grows to up 8 feet long, this is a great addition for the sides of large planters where you want the vine to drape over the sides.  They should look like they are spilling out of the pot with colors of green, cream, pink and white.  It provides year round color when kept as a shrub.  Give it moist well draining soil.

8.  Scaevola 'Whirlwind Blue' is a sturdy fan flower with dainty looks.  A wonderful annual that grows up to 12 inches long and add bursts of color to any type of planter.  it can tolerate partial shade and like fertile moist soil.  We love the flat petals that look like little umbrellas.

9.  Vinca 'Merry-Go-Round' is a cheerful plant with tremendous color.  Growing up to 24" inches this can be used in very large planter pots.  It is one of the tallest, hardiest, and cheeriest of the vincas.  It's blooms in luminous red, purple, and liac will surely brighten a terrace planter.  The jewel toned flowers spring from bushy, glossy dark leaves.  Bring on the heat and sun and give it plenty of moist soil.

10.  Oxalis tetraphylla 'Iron Cross'  These shamrock shaped plants can stand alone or go lovely with a partner.  Starting out as a bulb they grow to 9" tall and makes full compact clumps that look lovely alone in small pots.  They also look great with added to larger color displays in bigger planters.  Plant them in partial sun with well draining soil and these are sure to please.  Children think they are fun because of the Iron Cross shape with leaves supporting four lobes.

Well we hope you enjoyed this 2 part series on great plants for all kinds of containers.  If you try any of them, please let us know.  We love to hear all feedback you care to provide.  Thanks!
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